9:00 am Shelly is up making coffee in kitchen and Rachel is up using the bathroom.

Rachel walks down hallway at the sametime Shelly is walking down the hallway to use the bathroom, they do not speak to each other. Rachel returns to bed. After using BR Shelly
returns to the kitchen to have coffee. All of the HGs are still asleep.

10:30am the HGs are awake (barely). Rachel in BR doing make-up etc. Shelly in BR getting ready to take a shower.

11:00am Brendan and Rachel take food to the purple room to eat and talk game and to talk about the other HGs.

11:30am HGs go up to HOH for HOH Lockdown where they all basically go back to sleep besides Kalia who is showering.

At 12:17pm there is Trivia until 1:05pm when HOH Lockdown is over.

At 11:30 everyone was locked down in the HOH Room. They all pretty much sleep, no one talks and Kalia took a shower.

By 1:00 pm they were released from the HOH room and all scurried around cleaning and getting themselves ready for tonight.

2:00 pm – We get trivia on the feeds so the houseguests can practice for the live show.

4:30pm – We get the feeds back for awhile and the houseguests are talking about the competition. They will have to wear water microphones and old clothes. Then they had a septic back up and the houseguests start freaking out, the green gunk that is being used in the competition was backing up into the showers and toilets, Shelly starts plunging the toilet and Jeff tries to clean the shower. Eventually all was cleared but it left a huge impact on the hamsters. They were like freaking out.

A great quote from one of the updaters today was “ Dani embraces life, Rachel expects life to embrace her, Jordan just wants to know what embraces means? I laughed at that one!
For the brief time we had feeds back we did see Adam say to Shelly … Hope you don’t miss me tonight when I am sleeping upstairs in the HOH, Shelly replied she hopes so. (MMM seems they might have a secret alliance!)

6:00 – 7:00 pm – Live show – The live show is recapped separately but my favorite part was Jeff in giving his good bye message to Brendon and asking for the instruction manual on how to handle her …. Lol that was great!!!

Watching the HOH competition being played out on the feeds it was difficult to see anyone really in the lead. You never got a good look at all the bowls from the same angle. Some people slid around, some fell, and all started complaining about the soapy rain getting in their mouths and choked a lot! Porsche, Jeff and Rachel seem to be neck and neck with Jordon right behind them most of the time. Dani was a good hostess getting people water and towels when needed. She also told people when they asked if they were behind etc.

10:20 – 1 hour and 20 minutes later Jeff won the HOH competition. The first person to talk game to Jeff was Dani who kept complementing him telling him he owned the competition etc.
Kalia told Shelly that Rachel was disgusting, how all she did was complain and how she needs to go. Shelly said she would talk to Jeff about it tomorrow.

Jeff got his HOH room . He got jerky, cornuts, rosary beads, jumbo chap stick and Chicago shirts. Everyone oowwed and Awweed on clue for the cameras. Once he read his letter from his family most left the room. He talked to Jordon and said he needed to find out about Dani’s veto pass and see if it is transferable so that 7 people play in VETO no matter what. He wants the chance to put Dani up if VETO is used. Adam came in and told him the only way to assure that Dani goes is to put her up so that if she wins the VETO she can’t take anyone off the block. (very true). Jeff just said to him that he had to think about it. Once he left he told Jordon that he wants it to seem like he is working with Dani since she still might be here the next week if she wins VETO.
Not much more game talk with Jeff this night. The comp must have exhausted everyone. Kalia worried about what to say to Jeff because she never not felt safe in the house. Porsche told her to just try to get him to put up Rachel. Shelly feels safe as does Adam. They both want Dani gone.

Everyone was in bed at 3:40 am with visions of VETO dancing in their head!
Who will Jeff nominate? Will this be Dani’s last week in the house? Will Rachel melt down again without her man? How will Kalia react being on the block? Who will join Brendon in the jury house? Only tomorrow will tell!

Thank you updaters. Thank you recappers for being so supportive. A special thanks to nch962 "N". Thank you for taking the time to provide this recap N.