Stacey arrived at Redemption Island and was reunited with her ally Christine.

At the Redemption Duel Stacey and Christine informed the two members of Savaii (Dawn and Whitney)
that had come to observe the Duel that Coach was in charge of a final five alliance, and that once the merge took place that they should target Coach, followed by his main alliance partners Albert and Sophie.

The duel was a test of concentration. The two players had to drop balls onto a spiraling metal track
and catch the ball at the bottom. At certain intervals more balls would be added making it more difficult to catch the balls. First person to drop a ball goes home.

After four ball were added, Stacey let a ball drop while catching another, and Christine won her third consecutive duel.

At Upolu, the tribe discussed the Duel. Albert , Coach and Sophie were also unhappy with being exposed to Savaii as the biggest threats. To make sure they were safe they began to look for the hidden immunity idol clue.
Albert found one of the hidden clues, and he shared the clue with Sophie and Coach.
Coach found the idol and told Albert and Sophie he found it.

Immunity is up for grabs! Along with immunity, the winning tribe will get basket of fruits and vegetables, bread and cookware. The winning tribe also get another clue to find the hidden individual immunity idol.

On to the challenge.
There are 2 roasted pigs in front of the tribes.

With their hands tied behind their backs they must bite chunks of pork from the roasted pigs and then
spit it out into a basket. The tribe that gets the most meat in their basket after 10 minutes wins the challenge.

Savaii collects 22 pounds, 12 ounces of meat.
Upolu collected 12 pounds 14 ounces! Upolu wins immunity by 2 ounces of meat.
In addition to the fruit and vegetables, they also get all of the meat that they collected.

Dawn says it’s time to “break up that alliance between Ozzy and Elyse.”
Both Dawn and Cochran know they’ll be next to go so they decide it is
time to split up Ozzy and Elyse. They inform Jim of their plan. Jim talks
to Keith about the plan to vote out Elyse.

Keith talks with Whitney. Whitney doesn’t have a problem voting Elyse out.
Both Keith and Whitney want to keep the alliance with Ozzy so they decide
to let Jim, Dawn and Cochran vote for Elyse and they will vote for random people.

At tribal council the votes are in. 2 votes for Elyse, 2 votes for Cochran, 2 votes for Dawn.
The final vote goes to Elyse!
Jeff Probst says , “judging from the look on Elyse’s face, I’d say that was your first blindside”.
Elyse is voted out by a 3-2-2 and sent to Redemption Island.

Next week Ozzy upset over the tribe blindsiding Elyse annouces he is a "free agent".
With Ozzy being the only tribe member with a hidden immunity idol and being the
person who provides most of the food for his tribe I can not wait to see how this effects
the rest of the tribe when Ozzy is on his own.