-Due to technical difficulty the original recap of this episode did not post correctly so I did not include photos.

The episode begins with Savaii returning from tribal council. Ozzy expresses to the rest the tribe his anger over the blindside with Elyse. He tells his tribe he’s done playing the alliance way, and that from now on he is a free agent and that he has the hidden immunity idol.

Later Ozzy apologizes to the rest of the tribe for how he behaved after tribal council.

Redemption Island. Ozzy is there with Keith for Savaii, Sophie and Rick for Upolu, to watch Elyse take on Christine. The challenge this week is shuffleboard. After some back and forth, Christine secures another win. Elyse is sent home.

Immunity Challenge the tribes have to assemble a wheelbarrow, then move it through an obstacle course collecting coconuts, then build a slingshot and shoot coconuts at targets, first team to knock down all their targets wins.

Mikayla uses a one handed approach to sling the coconuts and misses the targets over and over despite Coach instructing her to stop.
Savaii comes up the winner this week.

Coach feels it is Mikayla's fault they lost and campaigns to have her voted out.

At tribal council Mikayla is voted off and sent to Redemption Island.