Will Frank make it through another week in the house?

There was light rain this morning.

At 12:13 Dan and Dani are finally up. Dan tells Dani how he told Jenn that he is 50/50 about Frank and
he will see if Jenn says anything to Frank about that today.

At 12:47pm the Houseguest are put on a "Backyard Lockdown". The Houseguest do not talk much
during the "Backyard Lockdown". Dan and Danielle are by the pool, Frank is working out, Ian and Shane
are playing pool. While on lockdown outside production ask the Houseguest to clean the entire bathroom
today including the mirror.

1:38pm "Backyard Lockdown" is over and the Houseguest are free to go inside the house.

Joe tells Dan that he has been in alliance with Shane all along. He says that Frank told him that Jenn has
his back 100%.

Jenn goes and talks to Dani to see where she is at with things. Jenn asks Dani if she can trust Dan. Dani says one of the reasons she trust Dan is because of what he did for Jenn by saving her with the "Power of Veto" after Jenn had saved him last week. Jenn tells Dani that Frank is wanting her to talk to Dani and sway her vote.

Later Frank attempts to flirt with Danielle and tells Danielle that if Shane did not have her on lockdown that she would have to look at for him.

Danielle will not be swayed and wants Frank gone.

The rest of the night was spent with the houseguests just having general chit chat.

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