7:00AM Early wakeup call from BB today for the Veto Competition.

Rach and Shelly in the kitchen and Rach made a slop cake. Talked about how the sink was full of dirty dishes and said who are these people who don't wash their dishes? Shelly concurred. Adam came into the kitchen and pondered breakfast. Kalia in HOH room, pacing around, saying to herself that she is the best player ever in Big Brother and that she would give up everything and talking about being on slop after the POV event she is guessing that it is a veto where you have to give up items to stay in the POV comp. She then sits down and looks to be praying for a bit, then it talking out loud, softly, to herself, saying she will make it up to Jeff...so she goes on whispering what her real plan is. Camera cuts to BB bathroom where Porsche, Shelly, Lawon, and Rach are getting ready, most of them using the mirror. Rach goes into the purple room with her makeup bag. Back to the BB bathroom, Porsche, Lawon, Dani, and Shelly joking around, then silence again. Rachel is talking to the camera (talking to Brendan)in the purple room, getting herself psyched up for the comp.

Elsewhere, Dani joins Kalia in the HOH room and Kalia starts to tell Dani about last night she said about the POV (in the DR?) and we get trivia.

8:00AM...Trivia. Time for the veto competition!

10:15AM Feeds back....Jeff has won the veto!

Rachel, Jordan and Shelly in HN room, Rachel is upset she lost the veto. Rachel mentioned Jeff is coming off. Jordan thinks she will be the replacement. Shelly says she doesn't want all the screaming and yellings. They are talking about dropping balls. Rachel says she kept dropping it in the beginning. Shelly says her husband is going to be embarrassed. Jordan assures her he will not. They both agree that Adam did really well (he came in second).

Up in HOH Kalia and Dani talking about Kalias talk with Rachel last night. Kalia says she told her she was going to let her play veto and not backdoor. Dani says actually we wanted you to play in the veto to embarrass you and OMG you are first in jury again. And thats so weird you are the first in jury again. Laughing about Rachel. Kalia says this is what she wanted she wanted Jeff to come off the black. Dani says its her HOH and she backs her up. Do whatever she wants to do. Dani says if it was her she would never put up Adam. Kalia says who else would I put up. Dani asks if she can talk to Adam before she puts him up. Kalia asks why. Dani says more of less to smooth it over with

2:30PM Rachel goes to HOH to talk to Kalia. Rachel tells Kalia if she puts up "the right person" so she doesn't get evicted, she's not coming after her and will work with her. Kalia asks who the "right person is" and Rachel says she doesn't know because she's not HoH. Rachel says if she puts Adam up, she'll go home. Rachel tells her that she has an opportunity to turn things around and even make things better with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says this could be your chance to go far. I will not come after you and neither will
Jeff and Jordan. Expect the unexpected. Rachel says she's not mad that she nominated her, but, If I come back, it will be guns blazing, and I promise you, I will come back. I came back last year and I'll come again. Kalia is telling Rachel she is playing her own game, not Daniele's. Daniele tells me what ever I do she will support it. Rachel says this game changes from day-to-day. Kalia is looking at the TV watching kitchen, but tells Rachel she is looking at the wall thinking about what she is saying. Kalia asks Rachel if she will go after Daniele. Rachel says Yes, I understand she is your friend.
If I go out, I WILL come back. If it's a competition I will win it, if it's Pandora's Box, someone will open it. I will work with you, you keep me in this house. I'm telling you. It doesn't have to be a season where we knock each other out. Kalia says she believes her but she can't guarantee she wouldn't go home anyway. She says she needs to talk to the people who are voting. They leave with a hug. Rachel says "awkward hug," but Kalia says it's sincere. Rachel leaves and Kalia talks to the camera. "I can’t just jump alliances, can’t do that to people that are with me. I believe her but if she comes back like she says she is." Kalia looks at her pictures of her family and asks what she should do.

3:30PM Kalia meets Jeff in the kitchen and again tells him that she will NEVER put up Jordan. Jeff says he felt that if he lost the PoV, he was going home. She says no, no. Jeff says they will be up to talk with her later. Jeff says Jordan didn't come up before because she got mad the last time and she was afraid she'd say the wrong thing, she was having a really bad day, being hungry and everything. The agree to talk later.

Elsewhere, Dani and Porche in the candy room bonding over their hate for Rachel. Dani tells Lawon that she thinks the twist is that the evicted housguest comes back as a saboteur of some kind and doesnt get to win the game, just mess with the house...

6:00PM Porche and Adam in Candy Room. Porshe filling him in on why she and Rachel aren't speaking. Basically telling him that Rachel never thanked her for voting to keep Brendon and Rachel just used her for a vote and disgarded her.

7:00PM Kalia is talking to Porsche in the HoH bedroom. Kalia is hinting around to putting Porche on the block as sa pawn. Porche says she would vote however Kalia wanted her to if she was not on the block. Porche hinting around to put Shelly up but Kalia keeps unintentionally cutting her off talking about having the votes to keep Porche. Rachel interrupts the conversation by coming in to use the bathroom.

12:00AM HG all toast Adam for his birthday!

12:15AM Jeff and Jordan go up to HOH to talk to Kalia. The conversation went like this:

Kalia - I really wanted to talk to you both way before nominations because I knew what my plan was and I didn't want you to think that I was trying to backdoor her or get her out. I knew I was taking a risk but I needed you to play the veto and win. And I want her out. I was scared if you won you would take her off. I never intended to and won't put up Jordon.
I won't backdoor you or use you as a pawn.

Jeff - But if Rachel had won, I would've been out, give me that.

Kalia - I'll give you that but Rachel was my target. I knew she would be so out of it this week so I needed to get her out this week. Next week she'd be gunning. I needed strong people to play in the veto. I completely understand y'all being mad at me.

Kalia - If you look at the veto, if it had been anything else besides what it was, like give up stuff...

Jeff - Was it worth upsetting people though?

Kalia - I didn't realize how upset you would be. I guess I didn't see the bigger picture.

Jeff - Well what does your picture look like now? Because you know Rachel is coming back.

Kalia - Well I was looking at what is, not what might be. We don't know how it actually will happen. She may come back in for a day or a week or for the game.

Jeff - Well you did the opposite of what you were suppose to do. You put up two strong players. I told you I was getting myself off the block. But you made me dance for my dinner. So expect next week for Big Jeff to make you dance as well.

Kalia - No, I know. I just want to protect you (talking to Jordan). Even if there is beef or anything I still care about you and would still keep you safe, even if it doesn't make sense. I'm trying to think from both sides instead of just mine. So I understand if you are mad at me but it was genuinely my goal to get Rachel out this week. Last week was Brendon, this week is Rachel. And then I had some things that happened that made me wonder if people were really not checking for me. Like telling you what Dani was thinking last week, rectifying a wrong from before.

Jordan - Well we had already talked to Danielle about a one week deal, so we knew we were safe.

Kalia - I know, but I was trying to do what I could do. But in the past two HOH's it was obvious the other side of the house doesn't want me here.

Jeff - How many times have I put you up? Zero.

Kalia - That was week 2, I'm talking about the last two weeks.

Jordan - You should've just asked us. We hear all kinds of things that's completely different.

Jeff - I hear people tell stories that are completely different from one minute to the next. Just come and ask me. I don't listen to other people's stories at all. I told you to watch out this week. I think it was a stupid game move, that's just me. I would've watched what I did. I think Rachel's coming back. If I didn't take myself off the block. If Rachel won, I would be going home, it's simple as that.

Jordan - You should communicate with us, not other people. Everyone is just floating along and taking things out of context.

Jeff - I told Danielle I'm tired of this effing crap. I'm so tired of people skating by. If I get kicked out because of
this battle...I don't even play this game. Everyone's running all around playing telephone.

Kalia - If next week would you be interested in doing that, getting rid of floaters?

Jeff - I've been saying that the whole time. In my season a floater took me out. I'm not naming names but there's tons of people floating.

Kalia - Why do you think floaters get to final 4?

Jeff - Because the two sides go to war and take out each other and the floater wins one comp and boom, there they are.

Kalia - I agree. But I think it's hard. I've learned this week that people will tell you whatever you want to hear.

Jordan - I know next week if I won HOH everyone will be up here on my side. But this week you're HOH so they're on your side.

Kalia - I agree. Now that I'm fully all in, I'm going to kill myself on comps. I got here and saw who the alliances were so I decided to join you guys
and decided to play with them and get to a point where I can show what I can do. So now I want to play. If I go home because of a mistake I made, at least I played.

Jordan - I would hate, even if I do get kicked out, to have to vote for a floater. Get the floaters out and then all of you can go to war.

Jeff - Everyone can make their own decisions. If you want to gun back, that's fine. But hopefully you'll know that I'm going to wave a peace flag with my HOH and get floaters out.

Kalia - Well I want to stay to my word and will not put Jordan up.

Jordan - Well I'm sorry for yelling at you and you have to do what's best for you and...do that.

Kalia - I will and hopefully it won't be like this anymore. Nominations came so fast, I woke up thinking it was a good plan to get her out and then I talked to you guys and decided maybe it wasn't a good plan.

Jordan - Just talk to our face and don't listen to people downstairs.

Jeff - Even if you think we're close with that person. I don't talk to anyone but Jordan.

Kalia - At this point it's so many people you never know who to pinpoint.

Jeff and Jordan leave HOH.

1:00AM Jeff, Jordan and Shelly in H/N Room:

Jordan: "You think people hate us?"
Jeff: "No....Probably. Some people."
Jordan: "What about viewers? You think they hate us?"
Shelly comes in and bashes Rachel.

Shelly: "I'm sure she's having a nervous breakdown. That's the only place she gets attention.(DR)" "She hasn't got enough attention, so she freaked out"
"I'm sick of it. There just comes a point, where it's time to go."
Jeff: "I can't deal with this *****."
Jordan: "It's stressing me out."
Shelly: "This morning...she got up and she's out there going..I swear to you it sounded like a 6 year old talking, she(Rach) said "I just need a hug!! I'm not a person without him!!! Maybe I can just get a phone call!
Jordan: "You think this is an act?"
Shelly: "Nobody can be like that."

Jeff and Shelly keep talking about how she craves attention, and wants a hug.
Rachel walks in. Talk changes to Kalia, and who she will nom, etc. Rachel says she said to Kalia "I promise you are not my target if you keep me in this house." "I'm not gonna lie to you and tell you I'm not gonna target Daniele when I am. But keep me in this game, and it's one less person that will be targeting you.(Kalia)"

Rachel basically talks about telling Kalia that she has to nominate someone that will keep Rachel in the house. She says if Kalia nominates Adam, Rachel will be evicted. Rachel told Kalia not to nominate Jordan.

Rachel: "I don't know, I don't know what she's gonna do."
Jeff: "She's gonna get 3 people mad, and not get anyone out at the end of the week."
Rachel says she told Kalia "I promise you I'm coming back."

3:00AM Adam, Jeff, Jordan in BY talking. going to upset 3 people. Jeff says that Kalia thinks the person returning will only be back in the house for 24 hrs. Adam hopes she doesn't do something crazy and put him up and Jordan assures him even if she did he would have the votes to stay. Jeff "She wants to get Rachel out" Adam asks Jordan if he thinks Kalia would put her up again as a pawn and Jordan says she could totally see Kalia doing that. Jeff says Jordan wouldn't be going anywhere. Jordan doesn't think Kalia will put up Porsche because she could go home instead of Rachel. Jordan thinks if Rachel did come back and win HOH Porsche would come running back to her. Jeff thinks Porsche could be influenced.

Will the HG finally realize that possibly a previous evictee may come back into the game and heed Julie's warning? Stay tuned......