Would an episode of the “Miami Housewives” be complete without a swanky party to set the scene for multiple showdowns? We were treated to three arguments tonight at Alexia’s event, all of which amounted to nothing and the tension will surely continue to grow as the season goes on.

“My name is Elsa, no mama!” Elsa does not like Elaine Lancaste, the drag queen who has been bashing Marysol. When Elaine attempts to join her for cocktails, Elsa gives her the look of death and proceeds to tell her off. Unfortunately, Elaine doesn’t understand a word she’s saying. Did you? Bravo didn’t subtitle Elsa tonight, I assume to let us judge if Elaine understand her or not? Probably not, but she did certainly know that Elsa was being unpleasant.

I hope she heard Elsa threaten to hit her with her pocket book. Elaine didn’t really do much to fight back; just informed her to “check the celebrity page.” I didn’t know what that meant, nor did I know what Mama Elsa was saying about her “rrred rrrag.” It was hilarious none the less, and even more so when Elsa couldn’t get off the couch, fell back in her seat gracefully screaming “don’t touch me!” I have to hand it to Mama Elsa for being the comic relief of the show, she always makes me laugh, and no matter what she’s fighting about, I’m on her side.

When Leah sits with Marysol and brings up the Gala invitation and how she’s been hearing that Marysol thinks she doesn’t like her, Marysol finally tells her the simple truth. She was offended by the green card comment Leah made regarding Phillipe. Leah is such a harsh person, she always says either the wrong thing or just a little more than she should. Either way, she never misses the opportunity to offend or use a sarcastic or passive aggressive put down. Instead of apologizing or saying it was just a joke, Leah takes it too far by saying yes it was a joke, and don't play the victim with her.

Leah says Marysol is always sad about something. Had she stopped 5 sentences ago it would have been fine. But she presses the issue, and appears bitchy as we’ve come to expect. If you offend someone (and actually care,) then calling them a victim and accusing them of always being sad is not going to resolve anything.

As Karent arrives at Alexia’s party, she’s already been forewarned about the approaching confrontation. She’s all smiles: the tension rises as soon as she arrives. The women are really out for blood with this woman. In no way am I on Team Karent, but it’s become apparent that the ladies are picking apart everything she does and becoming shit-talking mean girls. All of the points Adriana has for Karent are valid, I totally agree with everything she’s planning on telling her tonight. The fight does not go as planned; she barely get to make any of her points, thanks to Alexia going psycho on Karent!

As their conversation begins, Adriana lists Karent’s faults: she is oblivious to circumstances, bulldozes through situations, always needs the limelight, and should not have beat her to that tweet. That’s all that Adriana gets out because Alexia arrives and completely dominates the rest of this discussion. She thinks that Karent is the one causing problems, and that she came just to ruin her party. Alexia doesn’t permit Karent to utter one word and even screams at her for not letting anyone speak.

Karent was truly attacked by these two, and I was surprised at Alexia. They tell her she’s a copycat, she has to earn her place in the group, she’s fake, and to stop putting on a show. When Karent says that she has been praying for Alexia’s son Frankie, Alexia loses control. With all that she has been through with her son, it’s hard to judge her reaction. I do think she overreacted, mainly because I don’t think Karent was trying to cross a line or throw her son’s name around. Karent was being attacked and tried to defend herself, but that comment got her kicked out of the party. Adriana calls it a “low blow:” I don’t think that was the intention.

Smiling and kissing her way out, Karent tries to leave in a dignified manner and makes everything worse. Lisa later says that the ladies are attacking Karent because they know she won’t fight back. I think they’re attacking her because she has consistently pissed them all off, but there is some truth to what Lisa says. They have all developed a mean girl pack mentality and constantly rip Karent apart.

Poor Joanna, looking at Romain’s computer out of pure curiosity and finding the unthinkable: an email of texts with the infamous dancer he’s been accused of seeing in the past. The incriminating texts start with flirting and progress to promises of getting together; even vacation plans. Joanna is crushed and Marta is quick to accuse Romain of cheating all along. For her part, Joanna feels a need to determine what actually happened before she breaks it off. Wishful thinking? Denial?

Aside from the enjoyable opportunity to watch Joanna attempt to cook, I understand why she isn’t quick to break up with him. She wants to know the truth before taking such a step. If he did cheat it’s over, but she needs to talk to him first. I don’t know why the romantic dinner was necessary to have that conversation, but the frantic risotto-making was pretty funny.

Romain comes across as honest; he was planning on leaving Joanna back when she was being selfish and they weren’t spending time together. He claims nothing happened: seems like Joanna is buying it. Based on this dinner, I think they will stick together and try to make it work.

I’m sure some of you wouldn’t have given Romain a second chance and don’t believe him. I think for Joanna, she made the decision to give the relationship another shot because she truly believed him: it sounded like the truth rather than an excuse. So, is Romain worth a second chance? Let me know what you think here.

The preview for the rest of the season looks fantastic: lots of fighting and tears. A huge smack in the face for Joanna, someone pushed into a pool, and plenty of parties with rabid confrontations await. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, and I’m glad I gave this show a second chance.