This time I mean it, this really is the last episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” I promise! Bravo knows that we’re all addicts, and they are kind enough to give us one last hit off of the “New Jersey” pipe. The “Lost Episodes” allow us one last glimpse into the lives of our favorite ladies, some hilarious moments, and a few extra clips of reunion horror. So, let’s talk about a few great moments as we say goodbye (for real) to Tre, Jac, Caroline, Melissa, and Kathy.

It wouldn’t be a “New Jersey Reunion” without Andy asking Joe Guidice about his homophobic comments of the season. Every year we all watch in horror as Joe makes these horrific comments, you’d think he would have learned his lesson by now. Teresa’s pathetic attempts to act like it’s normal and that Joe is hilarious make her look worse than he does. I know that Teresa doesn’t really think it’s ok to say the “F” word or make jokes about a gay man’s “loose butthole,” but I know she is just trying to diffuse the situation by laughing. She’d be a lot better off apologizing for Joe’s behavior, rather than defending him by acting like she thinks it’s great. In the end, Jacqueline thinks it’s ignorance and not meant to be malicious, maybe so but that’s no excuse. Being on TV adds the responsibility to not be offensive, if Joe has so many gay friends as he claims, he should have respect for them and watch what he says. Next they talked about Milania stealing the show by always acting up. Teresa has no idea where she ever would have heard the word “hooker” before, she’s never used the term in her life. Of course Jacqueline chimes in to accuse her of having said hooker in the past. Ok Jac, relax. Although I’m sure she’s said the word hooker before, don’t act like you remember exactly when and where she did. Even though Jacqueline was really getting on my nerves during the reunion by not letting Teresa say a word without trying to call her out, I did love when she then said “paint a perfect life, perfect picture.” YES! She defined Teresa in that statement perfectly. Go Jacqueline! That’s exactly her problem, she’s so worried about her image and making her family look perfect that we all can’t help but be on the attack. She’s on TV, we see her, we see her husband and her relationships with her family, so we know she’s not perfect. If she didn’t act like she was, I don’t think we’d all have such a big problem with her. Sure my husband’s an idiot, he’s not homophobic but he does make stupid jokes about gay people. Sure, I’m at fault for some of the issues with my brother and I haven’t always been great to my sister-in-law. I did get paid for the articles I put in magazines, you would do the same thing. Thanks Teresa, none of us are perfect either, it’s OK!

Jacqueline was on the verge of putting down Teresa’s parenting when she was talking about Milania craving attention. I didn’t like that, she should mind her own business when it comes to Teresa’s kids. I don’t think anyone (whether you love her or hate her) questions Teresa as a mother. When comparing the situation to her daughter Ashley, especially, I have to laugh. When Ashley was on the show she was the most obnoxious brat, she was so disrespectful to her mother, and so I really don’t think Teresa needs any parenting advice from her.

Andy has confirmation from a report by the “Huffington Post” that Teresa was paid $6500 for an article apologizing to her cast mates. She denies it all, we roll our eyes. Of course she got paid! Talking about the article where she apologizes, Teresa says she didn’t write the cover which says “I’m Sorry, I Was Selfish.” Meaning, she’s not sorry, and she wasn’t selfish. This leads to Jacqueline reading her print outs of texts she sent to Teresa wishing her a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Not only did Teresa not respond, they also got into a huge argument. I’ve seen some of these texts between them that Jacqueline posted on twitter. Do you follow Jacqueline on twitter? She’s always involved in twitter wars with Teresa, who doesn’t ever respond, and she’s constantly exposing private texts and emails. Her high school mentality reminds me of her daughter Ashley, she has become a mean girl and needs to tone it down. I have more respect for Teresa, who may often be wrong in the argument, but doesn’t respond in public and, god love her, always has on that big smile. She may not admit fault, EVER, but I admire her for not giving into it either.

The segment about the cook-off was fun, and one of the rare moments to see Teresa and Melissa getting along. I really wanted Kathy to win just to see Teresa’s face. The cookbook author won of course, and all the food they made looked great and it was nice to see everyone getting along.

Well that’s the finale, to the finale, to the finale. It’s really over. Overall the lost footage added some fuel to the fire, and some funny moments as well. Before we say goodbye to the ladies, let’s gossip about them one last time HERE