Hey, I’ll take what I can get. To ease into a life with no “Real Housewives of New York,” some extra footage helps me transition. Most of this episode was comprised of silly scenes, but it did answer one major question I’ve had all season long. Where’s Luann? Well apparently she was on the cutting room floor, and her attempts at storylines were all saved for the “Lost Footage” episode.

What kind of place was Carole picking up her mail at? I had no idea that there are P.O Boxes at random thrift stores in Manhattan. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable having diamonds delivered to that address, but Carole is so bohemian and cool that everything she does is so Carrie Bradshaw. Carole and Lenny were very sweet together, and I wish we would have seen more of Carole running her Downtown errands this season.

Sonja’s date with Richard was also pretty funny. I loved her list of demands if they were to date, including surgery to stop him from snoring. He’s not allowed to use her toilet, or share her bathtub, and never feed her in public. Despite all this, he says he loves her which in turn makes Sonja want to shit her pants. We didn’t see much of Sonja dating this season, and I guess poor Richard didn’t make the cut.

OK, what was up with Luann’s pointless meeting with “Sporto” to build her brand? Her attempt at having a storyline for the show was obviously just that, a fake storyline. I wonder what the woman taking notes was actually writing, because Luann brought nothing to that meeting. She wants to create a lifestyle brand for women that’s affordable, stylish, and high quality. She had no idea what she was doing. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing the Countess in a room similar to a Modell’s stock room, with umbrellas and sports gear on the walls, taking about her Jimmy Choo’s and travel accessories. She had no clue what she wanted to do, and absolutely nothing came out of it. No wonder it wasn’t a part of the show, nice try Countess. In all fairness, Luann did just launch a jewelry line that is definitely more her style. When I think of Luann I think of big chunky necklaces. I’m happy for her; hopefully she found her “Skinny Girl” brand.

When Ramona meets “Carlyle on the Green” owner Steven Carl to go over Sonja’s contract, we find out what Ramona truly thinks about her favorite business woman, herself. People are floored by her when she goes over contracts. She’s sexy, she’s pretty, and when it comes to business, she’s even deadlier. This guy must have been blown away at how business savvy Ramona is. Ramona is so lucky to have a friend like Sonja who thinks as highly of her as she does of herself. I love business Ramona in action! What I’ve learned from business Ramona through the years is not to let anyone else speak. No matter what, just keep talking. After all, she’s “business 101, 102, 103, to infinity!”

Why was Luann giving Noel such a hard time about eating his pizza? First he was eating the slice wrong, then he shouldn’t be eating it at all because it was too heavy, then it was time to leave before he could even take a bite out of the second slice! It was a weird short scene, but it was nice to see Luann’s kids all grown up. Seeing them together as a family, made me miss the first few season of the “Housewives.” In the first 2 seasons especially, the show spent a lot of time in Luann, Ramona, and Jill’s homes with their families. This last season, for the most part, the show was filmed at restaurants and events. We never really spent any time on Heather or Aviva at home, and never even saw Luann or Ramona in their homes. It’s a big change for the show, and I miss the Manhattan apartments and the ladies being home with their kids. It kind of makes me miss Jill chasing Ginger around her apartment, yelling at Ally, hanging out on her couch. We lost the family aspect of this show, it’s all about meeting at restaurants and that takes something away from this particular franchise.

There were a few extra clips from the reunion also thrown into this episode, the first being Carole taking George up on his offer for a squirting orgasm. Would she rather that, or be the fourth housewife to sleep with Aviva’s ex-husband Harry? She hesitantly chooses Harry, which brings up (yet again) Harry saying he slept with Luann and Sonja to Heather. Heather admits he said it to another man sitting at the dinner table, Sonja is so happy to have caught Heather in a “lie,” but it honestly makes no difference. Next we go back to Aviva’s dad George being thrown out of Ramona’s charity event. Heather’s humblest opinion is that he shouldn’t have been there. Aviva is adamant that he shouldn’t have been thrown out by Ramona’s “goons” who were in fact waiters. George shouldn’t have gone, Aviva shouldn’t have sent him. The whole situation is unfortunate, poor George was shocked to be thrown out and being hesitant to leave just escalated the situation. There’s no getting through to Aviva, and now we’re just beating a dead horse. Finally, Aviva says the person who behaved the worst was her, she’s happy to see herself on TV and learn from her mistakes. Whether she’s sincere or not, she makes a compelling apology that Ramona will not accept. Her vicious blogging and tweeting are unforgivable, and the “Lost Footage” adds nothing to this ongoing feud.

Well there wasn’t much else to this episode other than a few extra funny moments. As the excitement for “Atlanta Housewives” and “Beverly Hills Housewives” grows, there will be a hole in my heart nonetheless. Whether I laughed at them or with them this season, I’ll miss each and every lady.

So what did you think of this season, are you going to miss the Manhattan mom’s as much as I am? Let’s talk about them HERE.