The previews for Lisa’s big lingerie party have been epic. Joanna gets slapped, and someone gets pushed in the pool. This is where all the fighting and drama we’ve been waiting for finally take place, and tonight’s episode was just slowly getting us there. It was, what I like to call, the getting ready for the party episode.

We begin with Lisa trying to get an RSVP out of Lea, with no luck. If she gets everything done that she needs to do to survive, she might go. Lea is also preparing for her big “Queen Latifah Gala,” and I wonder how she would feel if she couldn’t get an RSVP out of Lisa. Fortunately, Lisa doesn’t seem to mind, after all she has 800 guests coming. No, really, 800!

As Lea does her seating chart, some of the ladies gather and more Karent gossip ensues. I can’t figure out how Lea can even lift her arms or hold her neck up in all that jewelry. Adriana, who doesn’t even know that Lea is seating her at the same table as Karent, is so mortified by the article she just read where Karent calls her cast mates “Botox for brains” and “classless fame addicts.” That sounds like projecting to me, if Karent doesn’t have the most Botox on this show (Elsa excluded,) then I haven’t been watching enough Bravo TV to know Botox when I see it.

More gossip about Karent, this time with Alexia and Marysol drinking sangria poolside. Marysol compares her to a clown she had as a child that used to give her nightmares. Did anyone else think of “Poltergeist” when she was describing a clown that came after her at night, falling out of her bed in horror? Now that clown reminds her of Karent’s face. Alexia is fixated on Karent being the “new girl” and how horrible she acts socially. At this point, the punishment is starting to outweigh the crime, yes Karent is annoying and I see why they don’t like her, but they are spending more time talking about her than she has spent acting badly. They’re starting to go overboard, and I’d hate to see Karent come out on top just by making the other ladies so crazy that they end up being the bad guys.

What did you think of Joanna’s anti-fur PETA ad? This scene was definitely thrown in to this episode to emphasize Joanna’s activism and how much she hates fur. At the party when Marysol shows up in fur, we all say, “Uh-oh” after having seen this. Seeing Joanna in that big hairy wig crotch was hilarious, and I thought the ad was pretty funny.

Karent tells Joanna that the entire article twisted her words and the whole thing was misconstrued. She was misquoted, and never called them “Botox for brains.” In fact, she administers Botox to her patients. What? She’s a dentist! I doubt the reporter put all those words in her mouth, of course things do get twisted, I’ll give her that, but there must be some truth to the article.

Yet another gossip session about Karent takes place lingerie shopping with Ana and Adriana. I can’t wait to see what Ana ends up wearing to the party; the poor woman was so uncomfortable just thinking about wearing lingerie in public. Adriana is so obsessed with bashing Karent and talking about this article. She really has nothing else going on. I would look forward to when a confrontation finally does occur, but I know that Karent is just going to smile through it and nothing will be accomplished.

Finally we get to the party. Most of the ladies chose dominatrix-style lingerie, while Marysol went like Marilyn Monroe. She wore a fur wrap, which Joanna and Karent see from a far and Joanna gets upset. Karent flies over to Marysol to tell her that Joanna hates fur, and hopes that it’s not real. I loved Marysol calling Karent a carrier pigeon, delivering a message that she’s in trouble. No one asked Karent to be the messenger, and she was just trying to cause drama. I wonder if Joanna would have said anything herself. Either she has class and wouldn’t have said anything, since she was at a party and shouldn’t be calling people out. Or, she may have said something, we’ll never know since Karent decided to be a shit-stirrer.

The real drama arrives on the arm of Lea Black. She brings Joe Francis to the party, as if that makes any sense. They’re such good friends that he goes everywhere with her when he’s in town. She also brings her friends James, who is apparently Elaine Lancaster sans drag. Joe claims to know Joanna and her sister from ten years back when we put Joanna on TV for the first time. He also says he dated them. Karent asks if that means that he slept with both of them. He says, “Yes, but not at the same time.” Next thing we know, Karent is going over to Joanna with Joe Francis on her arm, and breaks the news that he says he slept with her. She does this in front of Romain. I hope Joanna sees that Karent isn’t a real friend. If she were, she wouldn’t so publicly drop a bomb on her, in front of her fiancé, with that big stupid smile on her face.

Well, all hell breaks loose and Joanna goes nuts. She denies that she dated him, had sex with him, and says that he’s scumbag, a liar, and belongs in jail. Poor Romain violently sucks on his straw sizing up Joe Francis, and doesn’t say much. I felt really bad for him, and all he really said was “You talk too much, dude.” Joe is brought over to Lisa to talk about how beautiful her home is, while the situation hopefully diffuses. So, Lea brought the guest that started the drama, Karent reveals the info that causes the drama, and Joanna is left a screaming mess; her big defense being, “I’m still tight so obviously I’m not a fucking whore.” Is this party ruined yet?

In the end Marta looks so guilty, and Joe Francis is most likely telling the truth. She definitely slept with him, and maybe Joanna did too, that I’m sure we won’t find out anytime soon. Do you think they did?

We’ll see the rest of this party on Sunday night, so we don’t have to wait a whole week to get our fill of Miami drama. I can’t wait to find out why Adriana slaps Joanna, and see all this lingerie drama play out. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you as excited as I am for the rest of this party? Let’s discuss HERE.