Photobucket Halloween never got scarier than the old haunted house movie. Haven brings back the haunted house with season 3’s “Real Estate.” One of the best episodes of Haven to date, this episode was filled with the usual hair-raising intrigue.

When teenaged Tina runs into the newspaper office where the Teagues are holding a Halloween party, the festivities really begin. Tina tells Audrey that her boyfriend, Chad, and she went into a house where scary things happened. She got out but Chad is still trapped in the house. Audrey, Duke, Tommy, and Claire head there with Tina to investigate. Audrey calls Nathan at the station and tells him she’ll check it out with Duke. Nathan is unhappy that Audrey is still avoiding him when Jordan enters the station. He ends up having a nighttime drink in the cemetery park with Jordan.

When they arrive at the house, Clair and Tommy wait outside with Tina while Audrey and Duke go in to find Chad. They are barely in the door when lights begin flickering and the house rumbles. Audrey decides to check in with Nathan but sees she has no service on her phone from inside the house. Still, Nathan gets a call sounding like Audrey and heads to the house too. Jordan follows him.

Duke and Audrey continue their search noting that the house is filled with mirrors. Audrey looks into a mirror, collapses and flashes back to being Lucy. Lucy is pulling down on a picture on the wall and entering a small room that the picture triggers. Recovered from the flashback, she and Duke see bloody footprints on the floor. They follow the prints and find Chad dead and half in a wall behind a bookcase. The house rumbles. Tommy, Claire, and Tina run in at the sounds and when Tina sees Chad’s body, she screams and runs towards the front door. The others follow her but when they get back to the front door of the house, it’s gone. The windows seal too. They break into two pairs to search for Tina. Audrey and Claire head through the main floor and Duke and Tommy head to search the upstairs.

As they are walking through the maze of hallways, Audrey and Claire hear a sound and see a shadow. They chase it into a room but there’s nothing there. Another sound behind them and they turn to find Nathan. He has just arrived but the front door, he just came through, has already gone.

Back at the Halloween Party and the newspaper, Dave and Vince suspect there’s a problem. They find out that the house is on Marsden Road and knowing the house they head there. They call Dwight, The Cleaner, who meets them there.

Duke and Tommy search upstairs and hear a scream. They run to investigate and find Tina dead on the chandelier. Below Tina’s body stands Jordan. Audrey, Claire and Nathan join them. Jordan points out the message on the floor. “This is your fault.” Distrust is rampant as Jordan was found with the body but Nathan steps in and tells them, “She’s with me. She didn’t do it.” Jordan is shocked to see Nathan working with Duke and Duke is shocked to see Nathan working with Jordan.

Outside the house, Dave, Vince, and Dwight meet and prepare to head into the house but the door slams on them. They realize they’ll need another way to help. Vince and Dave tell Dwight to build a bomb to take the house down. They know the problems inside and believe that a bomb is the only way to stop the house. They believe their friends will all be killed.

Once alone, Nathan asks Jordan why she’s there. She explains she followed him and asks why Duke is there. She distrusts Nathan and Nathan tells her he is a part of the Guard and that he would be arrested if anyone found out that he was a part of the prisoner escape. He tries to explain that it started out as part of an investigation, but it was beyond that now with her. Jordan doesn’t listen, slaps him and runs off. Over the intercom, Duke and Tommy hear the conversation and hear Duke telling Jordan that he is now one of the Guard.

While Audrey and Claire are continuing their search for an exit, Audrey sees the picture on the wall from her flashback. Audrey pulls the painting down and she and Claire enter a small bedroom. There are three skeletons there: two children on beds, and the mother with a note and a gun between them. The note says, “I want you to watch. This is your fault.” Audrey and Claire determine that these are the Holloway children and their mother. The mother shot the two children and then shot herself. They were trapped and this was their only escape.

Audrey has another flashback to Lucy. She sees that the Colorado Kid was there with her when they found the three bodies. Audrey returns to the present and Claire gets her out of the room. She’s concerned about that Audrey’s nose is bleeding and is unsure the flashbacks are good. Nathan rushes in searching for Jordan. Claire tells Nathan that Jordan is not her patient anymore because Jordan tortured a man for three days with her touch. (Jordan’s touch causes extreme pain.) Nathan doesn’t seem to care and runs off again to find Jordan.

Audrey and Claire find Duke and Tommy while going after Nathan. Duke tells Audrey about the conversation they overheard, the conversation between Nathan and Jordan. Audrey tells them Nathan is working on the investigation of the Bolt Gun Killer and doesn’t believe Nathan is turning against her. She steps out into to the corridor to search for Nathan and the door slams behind her. When it reopens, Audrey is gone and the doorway opens up on a different corridor. Duke leaves to find Audrey and Claire tells Tommy that the house is trying to separate them.

Jordan, still moving through the house, hears a nearby intercom ringing. She reaches to touch the intercom and a door opens near her pushing her down the staircase where she lays unconscious. Duke, in his travels through the house finds a gun lying on the floor in the middle of a room. He picks it up and continues his search for Audrey.

Audrey hears ringing and heads into a room to inspect. She hears Nathan’s conversation with Jordan over the intercom but she’s not falling for it. She calls out the source of all the problems. In a large mirror in the room, Roland Holloway appears. He tells Audrey that she is at fault for all the deaths. His obsession with the restoring and building this house for his family is his Trouble. He became the house. “The things you own, own you.” Lucy wouldn’t help him as he held his family captives in the house. Lucy was too late for them and he was forced to watch his wife kill their children and herself. The mirrors in the house are his eyes and the intercoms his ears and tongue. Now, he’s out for revenge and plans to make Audrey watch her loved-ones, all those in the house with her, kill each other.

Audrey heads back to the bedroom to find out how Lucy and the Colorado Kid escaped the house. Claire holds her back. She wants to accompany Audrey but Audrey tells her to go back to the others and stop them from hurting each other. Tommy goes Audrey with her instead. While in the bedroom, Audrey has another flashback. This time, she learns that the Colorado Kid’s first name is James and finds out how they got out of the house. When Audrey comes to, she and Tommy head to join the others.

Photobucket Claire, Tommy, and Nathan find Jordan unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Nathan takes Jordan and lays her on a sofa. When she comes to, he says he’s going to get her a cloth for a cut her head. The house pushes a gun out from under the sofa and Jordan picks it up. Claire walks in to talk to Jordan and Jordan aims at her. Duke enters and points his gun at Jordan. Jordan switches her target to Duke. Nathan enters and he puts his gun to Duke’s head. Only when Audrey and Tommy enter does the intensity ease. She explains that the house is alive and that the mirrors and intercoms are how he’s following them. At Audrey’s explanation, Jordan, Nathan, and Duke shoot all the mirrors and the intercoms in the room. Holloway appears in the last mirror and Audrey shoots it. A door appears and they realize they’ve weakened Holloway. He can no longer hide doors. They may be able to leave.

Nathan exits the room first. He walks through the house, shooting all mirrors and intercoms. Audrey and Duke lead the others out, shooting more mirrors and intercoms. Audrey reaches and opens the front door and meets up with Dwight who has the bomb ready. Nathan reaches them and leaps out. Audrey takes the bomb from Dwight and throws it in the house and they all run as the house explodes.

While the mysteries of the Colorado Kid (James Cogan), Audrey's previous identies, and the Bolt-Gun Killer continue to emerge with each episode, the love triangle has now, it appears, become a square. Nathan and Audrey are still clearly very much attracted to each other (fans of the show will notice there is a bit of similarity between James Cogan and Nathan?); Nathan and Jordan are heating up; and the relationship between Duke and Audrey seems to be building into something closer than friends. Fans, like myself, find this undercurrent of attractions a basic essense of what the show is about. Discuss your thoughts in the Haven thread of the SciFi forum!