What a party! Well it’s evident that these ladies can’t seem to control themselves, tempers flared tonight, and the shit finally hit the fan. Karent was the center of most of the drama, but walked away without any blood on her hands, that takes talent!

Joe Francis may be a scumbag, but he’s not an idiot. At least he picked up on the fact that Karent caused the entire scene with Joanna by not only asking him if he slept with the Krupa sisters, but by also going and telling her what he said. Well Marta admits that she did sleep with Joe, and Joanna feels like an idiot for defending her for an hour. They all blamed Joanna’s behavior on her drinking, she really went off with no regard to the fact that she was at Lisa’s party. Once Joanna realizes that Marta is guilty (maybe she is too,) she drops the subject and in a split second moves on to the next subject, Marysol wearing a fur wrap.

Last week I asked if Joanna would have said something about Marysol wearing fur, or if she would have kept her mouth shut. I guess she would have caused a huge scene if given the chance, but Marta whines and she drops it. “If you have passion for animals, you confront people.” Marta basically begs her not to say anything because it’s Lisa’s night, and Joanna is left having to keep her mouth shut, until another opportunity presents itself.

Adriana and her nipples finally show up, fully equipped to talk about her favorite subject: Karent. Anywhere she can get in a little Karent bitchfest, she’s there! I haven’t seen her talk about anything else all season, and she had no control over her boobs tonight, she was basically topless. Apparently she’s friends with Joe Francis too, and they decide that Karent is the devil, or as Adriana likes to call her, “a carrot up your butt.” Joe finally reveals that Joanna was a host for "Girls Gone Wild." Wow, no wonder she doesn't want him there, she probably doesn't want anyone to find that out.

So Lea has an enemy at the party, Beau. Beau (from Big Brother 6 no less) was snubbed by Lea at a club, and he hates her. He takes the opportunity to confront her, and Lea’s defense is that she probably wasn’t wearing her glasses. Finally James, AKA Elaine Lancaster, gets into a heated pointing fingers match with Beau, eventually leading to Beau getting pushed in the pool. The water splashes the DJ equipment, and Lisa goes nuts. The party is ruined, there’s no music! She flips out at everyone for their vile behavior, and blames Lea for being the common denominator. She brought Joe Francis, and she got into the argument with Beau.

As Lisa defends her party and pleads with her guests to have some class, her nipples are popping out everywhere as well. She spent the entire episode with a blurry circle following her chest, and it’s pretty funny when she’s the sane one. Lisa slightly blames Karent as well, Beau is her friend and she thinks he is her guest, but Karent claims he’s not and she has nothing to do with it. Karent is just there to smile her joker grin.

This is when the party moves into the kitchen. To be even more inappropriate, and to ruin the party even further, Adriana decides to confront Karent about the article. She whips it out and starts screaming. Karent, of course, say it with me, denies everything! Nothing is accomplished in this argument, because Joanna comes over and decides to take over the fight. She flips out at Adriana who tells her to “Butt out,” they scream at each other for a while until Adriana walks away. Joanna, in her dancing with the stars outfit, chases her down the long hallway, screaming about being in the business for twelve years, and then BOOM! Adriana turns around and punches her in the face!

They called it a punch, I thought it was a slap. They replayed it at least four times, I still can’t tell. I’m going with a punch, because I’m sure Joanna knows what happened to her, but she recovered so quickly it makes me think it was barely a hit. The ladies go after each other, pushing and clawing, being broken up by a broom. Adriana’s boobs are flying everywhere, and I have no idea why this even happened.

For whatever reason, Marta gets really upset and decides she hates Joanna. She starts crying and Joanna threatens her that she may lose a sister. I have no clue why she’s upset, and why they’re having this little fight either, It seemed to me like Marta just wanted attention in all of this, but Joanna calls her a traitor. She takes comfort in the maid, who speaks to her in spanish, and Joanna claims that Marta doesn’t even speak spanish.

To conclude the party, Lisa and Lea seem to come to a mutual agreement to like each other. Lisa claims to finally understand her sense of humor, and she finally has decided to like her. She says she wants to be her when she grows up, despite the fact that Lea is wearing a feather boa and looks like Miss Piggy.

Marta calms down and Joe Francis tries to rekindle his romance with her, he’s all over her in a really creepy, gross way. He says he knew her when she was 16. On “Watch What Happens Live,” Joanna says she was actually 13, and that he’s a child molester.

The party may have been ruined by bad attitudes, boobs, and physical violence, but Lisa seemed over it in the end. She was more upset about the pool incident than the punch, maybe she just wanted everyone out of her house.

Next we go to Lea’s All-Star Gala. More drama and fighting ensues, of course. I really love this season so far, I was delighted to get an extra episode this week. I can’t wait until the next party! So, what did you think of the party, and was it a punch or a slap?