First off I want to apologize for taking so long in writing this article. Truth be told, I’ve been at war with myself all week as to what I wanted to say about last week’s shows. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a very peaceful, tolerant, and placid person. In fact, I made a New Year’s resolution to abolish the word ‘hate’ from my every day vocabulary because I think it is overused by society. Just take a moment and ask yourself how often you have started a question with, “Don’t you hate it when…?” or even said the simple statement everyone seems to utter, “I hate when that happens.” You know what I hate? I hate the big things in life that deserve that word; for example, cancer and other diseases that tear families apart! Anything and everything else is usually just bothersome to me. I try to take life with a grain of salt and not let the little things irritate me. You’re probably asking yourself why I’m telling you all of this. The answer is quite simple. Last week’s shows infuriated me! Every time I sat down to write I would fill with such rage and start shaking so uncontrollably I could barely type.

What I did manage to start writing after Monday’s show was this:
My main objective watching tonight was going to be trying to focus more on Brooke Burke-Charvet. Yes, even though I’ve never mentioned her in my other editorials, she does exist. She is forever flabbergasting me. Tonight it was her horrendous lop-sided beehive hairdo and gaudy striped dress. Then she asked a completely inappropriate question of Kelly as to why she had asked Val to wait in her dressing room.

That was my intention. That is until I felt guilty for getting such joyous pleasure watching Carrie Ann fall on her ass. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you really must! I always thought Bruno should have a seat belt attaching him to his chair because of his frenzied flamboyant critiques that has him nearly knocking Len out. After Gilles and Peta’s Rumba, Carrie Ann shouted, “Let the baby-making begin!” and then somehow, fell off of her chair with her legs in the air. I was doubled over in laughter and had to wipe tears from my eyes. Tom and Gilles ran over to help her back up and then Gilles gave her a steadying hug and kiss. Len was beet red from laughter, but Bruno had to steal some of the spotlight by bending over the top of the desk backwards to garner a kiss from Gilles, too. Tom told her, “When you said ‘Let the baby-making begin’ I didn’t think you’d get in position!” My sense of humor is not like the majority. In my opinion, sitcoms are pure stupidity, but give me a real-life unexpected pratfall where someone doesn’t get hurt, and I bust a gut.

Then I started work on the dance recaps. Unfortunately, I’ve decided to bypass my normal recaps and focus more on what really grabbed my attention on Tuesday night’s show and what has made me so enraged. Even now, reading over what I had typed the night before I should have seen it coming but I was still blindsided. Admittedly, Derek sparked off my ire by arguing with Carrie Ann about his lift being a ‘catch’. Derek should know just as well as I do that in the DWTS ballroom a lift is when a dancer is in contact with their partner but has no part of their body in contact with the floor. He needs to stop thinking that just because they treat him as the golden boy he can do no wrong and is somehow in charge.

Speaking of ‘in charge’ brings me to my wrath. The judges are in charge. They are paid to judge the dances and score them based on their individual criteria. Len bases his on technique, Carrie Ann watches for lifts and Bruno focuses on the entertainment value. The stars work their tails off to earn the highest points they possibly can from the judges so they don’t have to rely so heavily on their fan bases.

I’ve thought for a long time that Bruno needs a good old reality check slap upside the head. People do not tune in to watch him and his over-the-top critiques or his yearning desires. This season he has taken his position of power too far. I didn’t think he could be any cruder than he’s been in the past, but Tuesday night he outdid himself. How dare he ask for a towel from Gilles? As I watched Gilles strip off his towel and stand there in his skivvies, my mouth dropped open and my fury raged out of control. Poor Gilles has been sexually harassed by Bruno on a weekly basis and can do nothing to put a stop to it. If he objects in any way, he’ll be hurting his future scores. As we all know, better scores are given when the judges are pleased. I think it’s horrendous that he’s had to endure this treatment just so he can try to fulfill his goal of winning a mirror ball trophy.

I am appalled at Bruno’s behavior! He’s getting away with it because he attempts to put a comedic spin on it. I don’t find it funny, not in the least! I see it for what it truly is – a classic case of workplace sexual harassment! Even more sickening is the network’s apparent approval of his obnoxious conduct by using it as a promotional package for the next show.

My biggest wish at the moment is to see Bruno get dragged onto the carpet in front of the producers, sincerely apologize to Gilles and the rest of America for his nasty behavior, then let the viewers vote on whether he should be replaced.

These are my opinions: If you agree, disagree, or have some of your own, I’d love to hear it here. Speak up!