Daniel and Ashley remark at how it’s so wonderful that Emily and Daniel have remained friends. Can you feel the sarcasm?

Kara has been left alone in the Grayson house and she begins to go through Victoria’s things. She finds a picture of David Clarke, her husband, Victoria’s former lover, Charlotte’s father.

Mason finds Murphy dead in his trailer and a cufflink is on the floor that conveniently enough has the initials “CG”. Ironic, isn’t it?

Declan and one of the cheaper, more competitive alcohol vendors, Kenny Ryan, are on the porch of the bar having a very engaging conversation that Charlotte interrupts as she offers to make swans out of paper napkins. When Declan asks why Charlotte isn’t at the wedding, she giggles as she says she’ll catch the next one. Love her. She’s probably right.

Conrad and Victoria have a very intriguing pre-wedding conversation when he furnishes her with a pearl-handled gun (my boyfriend would think this was the ideal wedding gift.) She then receives a call from Mason.

Daniel and Ashley sit attentively in the audience as Nolan and his date, Padma, enter.  They greet Emily and Aiden. Victoria walks down the aisle, unescorted, carrying some black flowers and wearing a taupe dress. Conrad remarks that he feared for a moment she wasn’t coming.

Flash forward to the reception. During the first dance, Conrad wants to leave. He can’t get enough of his new wife, can’t wait for intimacy. They are unaware but FBI agents (or a group of men in suits) are going through the Grayson’s home. Kenny, the competitive alcohol vendor gets credited with saving the bar. The new baby is also out and about, enjoying bar life at 3 days old (I think – he may be younger) with his parents and his grandma. Victoria and her son, Daniel, dance the traditional mother-son dance at the wedding and speak of how one day he’ll run the company. Jack questions Kara, and why she stayed away for so long. She basically changes the subject and speaks of how proud she is of her daughter, Amanda.

Daniel approaches Padma at the reception, and they are interrupted by Emily. Padma scurries away. Daniel asks Emily, in her smashing red dress which is ironically similar to the one she wore to their engagement party, to dance. So, naturally, Aiden, Emily’s date, asks Ashley to dance too. There are lots of whispers and sarcastic remarks.  Daniel is being reminiscent of his lost relationship with Emily and offers a decent hint of an apology.

The FBI agents crash the party and arrest Conrad for the murder of Gordon Murphy.  Apparently, the honeymoon is over because Conrad shouts to the crowd, throwing Victoria under the bus as he’s escorted out, Nolan and Emily grin happily watching the show.  As Padma and Nolan leave the wedding they argue because Nolan knows Padma asked for David Clarke’s personnel file.

Conrad is at the police station speaking with Victoria alone. He is menacing and threatening, exactly how you’d expect your husband of 30 minutes to behave.

Meanwhile, at the bar, the live news feeds show how Murphy is dead and Conrad has been arrested.

Charlotte returns home. Victoria is already there. Mason enters as well. He threatens to expose the kidnapping story so Charlotte behaves, going to her room as she’s asked, without question.

Daniele and Ashley enter. Daniel questions his mother’s motives; they leave. Mason is still there. Victoria tells Mason that Emily was a “Juvie” girl.

While in his cell, Conrad speaks with a woman who appears to be a part of the terrorist attack that ultimately caused Conrad to frame David Clarke. She offers a trade of continued secrecy and cover up for legal representation.

Daniel is ready to make his move; a vote of “no confidence” regarding his father, and tells Aiden.

Emily and Aiden watch Daniel and Ashley on the spy camera.

Charlotte greets Declan with surprise in her bedroom. Yep, they’re back together, just as I predicted; you heard it here first.

Kara chats with Victoria on the ocean view terrace of her bedroom. Kara remembers fondly how wonderful Murphy was to her, how they were going to go away together and be happy. Victoria reminds Kara how she offered her, protection, solace and security. Kara wishes Victoria goodnight.

Amanda meets Jack on the “Amanda,” his sail boat with their young son, Carl. He’s still 3 days old I think. They pop champagne, reminisce about childhood (which Amanda needs to be reminded of, because she’s not Amanda). Jack tells her of his positive talk with Kara, the crazy mother who tried to drown her (Jack doesn’t know), and Jack proposes. She accepts and their little world is good and still for an instant.

Victoria, who’s sharing her home with a psychopath, Kara, grabs for the pearl-handled gun as she hears a noise in her hall outside of her bedroom. It’s Conrad, who came home from jail without calling, and you thought it was Kara, didn’t you?

 And we close with Aiden and Emily in front of a roaring fire, sipping red wine, and reveling in their day. Emily is getting soft on Daniel, and Aiden is calling her on it. “Everyone you’ve ever trusted has betrayed you.” But Aiden assures her that he has changed. With that, he leans in. She makes a heavy sigh and asks him to leave. He giggles to himself in disbelief and also sighs.

After all, she’s had a busy day. She killed Murphy, framed Conrad, and met her crazed mother-who tried to kill her on the beach (but her mother didn’t know it was her.) She attended Victoria and Conrad’s wedding, and danced with her former fiancé (whom she obviously cares about on some level.) I mean, Daniel may be trying to over throw his dad, but we are talking about “Father Dearest” in the truest sense of the word, right?

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