Rica and Dan Hamilton are grieving at sunset over the death of their daughter Lizzy who fell from a tree and broke her neck. The child lies on the dining table. Dan wants to call the police to report the death, but Rica stops her husband telling him to wait. They've sent away the paramedics and are waiting for the sun to set. While keeping her husband from the call, they hear a sound from the dining room. They run in to see that Lizzy's body is not there. Stepping onto the front porch, they find Lizzy on the swing - very much alive.

The next day they are taking Lizzy to a doctor to ensure that she is, in fact, well and healthy. As they walk towards the doctor's office, a car speeds past hitting and killing Rica.

Before investigating this accident, Audrey tells Nathan that she wants to go to Colorado to find information on James Cogan, the Colorado Kid. Nathan doesn't want her to go alone, and Audrey tells him that Duke is accompanying her. Nathan is not impressed but proceeds to investigate the death of Rica Hamilton with Tommy. He finds that Dan Hamilton doesn't seem overly grieved and is concentrating more on a phone call than on his dead wife. He sends Tommy to follow Hamilton. Tommy observes Hamilton withdrawing a large sum of money and delivering it so Tommy and Nathan theorize that he is paying his wife's killer. Nathan tells Tommy to follow Hamilton and he heads back to the station.

At the station, Nathan finds Jordan. Jordan tells Nathan that a member of the Guard, Grady, went missing around the time the bolt-gun killer came to town. A photo of the killer in action reveals Grady's watch, so they think Grady is the killer. Jordan tells Nathan that she’s going after Grady and while Nathan says its police business, Jordan points out that Grady is one their own. She’ll bring Grady in.

In Colorado, Audrey and Duke discover that June Cogan, James Cogan's mother, is now in a home for the aged. She has Alzheimer’s and believes that her son, James, is only 9 years old. They visit her there where she recognizes Audrey as Sarah, another of Audrey's past. She is upset that Audrey (Sarah) is there as she had promised never to return. June Cogan asks why Sarah (Audrey) has changed her hair color. Sarah's hair was red. Duke, while watching this interchange, steals a photo album belonging to June. Back at the motel, Audrey and Duke examine it and discover that James Cogan married someone called Arla in 1983. They later learn that Arla has killed herself after James disappeared.

PhotobucketAt the Haven morgue, Nathan and Tommy find Hamilton threatening the doctors to prevent an autopsy on his wife. As the sun sets, Nathan and Tommy witness as Rica comes back to life. Hamilton explains that he was told to put the money in the locker and wait till sunset. He tells Nathan that Lizzy's accident was real and they received a call telling them she'd re-awaken at sunset. He was told he had to pay to get Rica back. Nathan receives a report that the car which hit Rica Hamilton is owned by the Coopers who Hamilton explains are his business partners.

Jordon calls on Dwight to help find Grady. Dwight is a surprised when Jordan asks for his help. They go to see the Troubled man that Grady was sent to bring back to Haven. He tells them that he went to meet Grady but the cops showed up so he ran. He’s been waiting for the Guard to contact him ever since.

Nathan and Tommy head to the Cooper house suspecting them of being Troubled and killing people to charge for their reanimation. It is approaching sunset as they arrive to find Cooper dead on the floor from multiple stab wounds and his wife hysterically asking why her husband hadn't come back to life. She had sent the paramedics away because she had a call promising her husband would be back if she paid. Nathan realizes that it must be an employee of both the Hamiltons’ and the Coopers’ and with some investigation discovers that the housekeeper, Moira, worked for both families.

The two paramedics are arguing. Joseph, the boyfriend of Noelle doesn't want her to continue working with Moira. Noelle explains that Moira is her sister. Moira enters telling that Noelle has to leave with her now as the police are onto them. Noelle tells Moira that she doesn't want to do it anymore. When Joseph steps in to support Noelle, Moira shoots and kills him. Noelle tells Moira she'll to go with Moira if she can just touch Joseph. She kneels down beside him and holds his face between her hands. The bullet that killed Joseph is absorbed into Noelle. He lives, but she is weakened by reviving him. She leaves with Moira.

Nathan and Tommy follow up on a lead that Moira and Noelle own a cabin at Trepingas Cove. They head there and begin searching the summer cabins. Noelle and Moira head to that cabin because all the roads out of town have been blocked. The two sisters argue over continuing the blackmail routine. Noelle doesn't want to do it anymore but Moira feels the money they are getting from the deal is owed to her. She complains that Noelle can only save one person a day.

PhotobucketIn Colorado, Audrey is discouraged and feels like she’s been wasting what time she has left. Duke tries to cheer her up by telling her that no matter what she decides to do, he will be there for her. In the heat of the moment and after drinking several beers, Audrey and Duke kiss. Things heat up, but Audrey pulls away stating she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by complicating it. She heads to bed alone.

PhotobucketThe next day, Duke comments that he wonders what Audrey would look like as a redhead like her predecessor, Sarah. This gives Audrey the idea, and donning a red wig, she and Duke return to visit June Cogan. June, again recognizes her as Sarah and asks why she came back. She tells Audrey/Sarah, that James doesn’t know Sarah is his mother and that she’s raising him, as they agreed, as her own son. James Cogan is Sarah’s son.

Back in Haven, Dwight calls Nathan to tell him that Grady died on Route #17 a while ago, so he is not the gun-bolt killer. He and Jordan found the body in a burned out car. Jordan tells Nathan that a cop was the last to see Grady alive, but Nathan is aware of no police activity out on Route 17.

PhotobucketAudrey and Duke return to Haven and immediately get a call from Nathan asking them to meet him. He sits inside Tommy’s car to get the GPS coordinates and sees that Tommy’s car had been to Route 17 around the same time as Grady was supposed to pick up the Troubled man. Nathan and Tommy find Noelle at the next cabin, though Moira is off scavenging through other cabins for food. Tommy is defensive about Nathan going into the boot of his car for a blanket for Noelle, saying Nathan is better with people, so he, Tommy, would get the blanket.

Once outside, they put Noelle is put in the car and Nathan asks Tommy to check inside for anything that might say where Moira has gone, then he looks in the car boot where he finds a bolt-gun. Tommy returns and shoots Nathan. Noelle runs off in the confusion. Audrey and Duke arrive and find Nathan dead on the ground. Tommy blames Noelle saying she shot him while Tommy was in the house. Both Duke and Audrey are shaken by Nathan’s death but Duke clearly does not believe Tommy.

Photobucket“To be continued….”

Those last three words are three of the most hated things in my eyes. I hate having to wait a week to find out if they find Noelle and if she revives Nathan. It’s a matter of time because they’ll have to find her before sunset and get her to Nathan. They’ll be working against Tommy who clearly won’t want Nathan revived. The thing is, that the series wouldn’t be the same without Nathan or Duke or Audrey. Those three, and the little love-triangle they represent, really hold this show together for me. Alas… a week to wait.

Part 2 airs on Friday, November 9th. According to the description, “Audrey and Duke return from Colorado. Audrey, Duke and Tommy tried to find the woman with the resurrection touch.” We know that Tommy is not really working on that for the same reason.