This iconic group certainly put the “fun” in Dysfunction and thank goodness they do! This seemly exaggerated look at today’s Modern Family may not be as exaggerated as it appears on the surface.

The great thing about "Modern Family" is that you can watch it with your family and carelessly enjoy, giggle, laugh, and relax. It’s a truly unique show where each and every character is so well-crafted that the sitcom situations they get into are honestly believable. It certainly helps that the actors play their roles with every word and every body movement, no matter how seemingly subtle, to an outrageous, over-the-top level. Yet, they are charming, loveable characters who leave you craving for more of their antics.

It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to attempt to unveil the tip of the ice-berg that is “Modern Family.”

Jay Pritchett – Jay is played by Ed O’Neill, known for the iconic character Al Bundy. Think he’s been type casted? Think you can’t watch him on the tube without seeing him put his hands in his pants as he watches TV on the couch? Well, you’re wrong. Jay Pritchett and Al Bundy are unalike in many ways. Wait, I just lied to you. There is one exception: Jay’s wife, Gloria, is the boss, just as we all know Al’s wife Peggy Bundy, was. Jay is a successful business man, attentive father, and a real tough guy to the core. Well, I guess I stand corrected, because there was toughness about Al Bundy too.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett - This hot headed, vivacious, electric, Columbian is as hard to understand as she is gorgeous. Even though the pitch of her voice is enough to make you wish you were back in school listening to nails on a chalk board, she plays a character that is entertaining, and a laugh-a-minute to watch. She has Jay wrapped around her finger. Her son-in-law, Phil, has a little crush on her (I’m confident Claire either knows and doesn’t care or is completely oblivious,) and Cameron is her "BFF," but her son, Manny, is really the parent in their relationship, or so he tries to be. Gloria just announced she’s pregnant.

Claire Dunphy – Sadly, my children will tell you that I’m most like Claire. She’s a Type-A control freak who burns the candle at both ends yet still finds herself unappreciated at home. Claire recently ran for City Council because she saw a need for a stop sign in her neighborhood. Sadly she didn’t win the election. Don’t give up, Claire; you were born to be a politician.

Phil Dunphy – He is Claire’s husband. That’s all. What? You were expecting more? If you watch the show you’ll know what I mean. Phil is an accident waiting to happen. Who am I kidding? Phil is a walking accident. If something can go wrong, it will. However, the brilliant thing is that even though you see it coming, you literally can’t look away. Despite the fact he comes across as an awkward oaf, he has a very romantic relationship with his wife. In fact, he was almost arrested for breaking into the wrong hotel room on Valentine’s Day. Yes, he’s Claire’s puppet, but is he really, or is that just what he wants her to think?

Mitchell Pritchett – Mitchell is the sensible one. He is cautious, level headed, intelligent, and successful but he puts a capital “O” at the beginning of the word “Over-protective” Dad.

Cameron Tucker – Cameron is the love of Mitchell’s life, and his life partner. Cameron should be nicknamed “Bubbles” because his character literally bubbles off the screen when he’s in a scene. Now that I think of it, I don’t think that is an original thought: I do believe his character has indeed been referred to as “Bubbles” in the past. He’s fun, light-hearted, and full of energy. If you have a friend who feels everything their child does (and they do for their child) is done with perfection, you have a tiny glimpse into the complex character that is Cameron.

Manny Delgado – Dear, sweet Manny is wise far beyond his years. He gives Gloria and Jay a run for their money, but not in the typical teen way in regards to discipline. Manny is a good kid who stays clear of trouble. The rules he puts on himself are far stricter than anything his parents could conceive; not that they’d have to. I’m pretty convinced we’ll find out one day that he was his own parent because of some crazy mix up like the movie "Freaky Friday." Manny is very concerned about the new addition to the Pritchett family; so concerned he even made his parents attend a parenting class.

Haley, Alex and Luke Dunphy– Beautiful Haley is the oldest of the Dunphy children. She’s the classic, too attractive for her own good, teenager. Despite her lack of sophistication, she did get accepted to college. Alex is the family genius. She’s the intelligent geek who found out last week that her boyfriend is probably gay. Lastly, there is Luke. He is shrewd, clever, and a prankster; his father’s side-kick in the truest sense, but not as awkward. It’s hard to tell if Luke is sharp in regards to the human psyche or just lucky. Either way, he is getting exceptionally good at mind games, making the adults think twice about their choices.

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