There’s some new donkey bootie in town in the form of new housewife Kenya, former Miss USA winner, here to grace us with her un-graciousness. Tonight, we meet Kenya and check in on the ladies to see what they’ve been up to, and where this season will take us. The preview for the new season is action-packed, and this was a great first episode to get back into the lives of these crazy housewives. 

Nene’s ex-husband, Greg, got his sexy back, and he’s determined to win Nene back. It seems like Nene wants to get back together with Greg too, but Nene is always a closed book when it comes to certain things, like her love life. Unless it’s her opinion of another housewife, we often don’t know what Nene is really thinking. Greg wants a key to the house and Nene, wearing a Hulk Hogan wig/bandana combo, isn’t having it. She’s moving to LA to film her new show, “The New Normal.” This was all filmed before “The New Normal” started production, but after Nene was on “Glee.” The rich get richer, and Nene is very rich. There’s nothing better than a Nene zinger, and as the Kim bashing began I felt right at home. Nene can’t help herself; her trailer on the set of her new show just happens to remind her of the trailer that Kim grew up in. Here we go; they're back! 

Kandi has found love and moved into a huge home with her boyfriend, with a guest house bigger than the main house. They said that right? I’m happy for Kandi, and I remember her boyfriend Todd from last season’s Africa trip. Moving in together, hmm, I’d love to see a Bravo wedding special! I predict the end of the next season will be Kandi’s wedding, we’ll see. 

Kim is pregnant again, and Sweetie is back. Did you watch “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding?” If you did, you might remember that Kim and Kroy’s landlords (also their interior designers) were trying to evict them for unpaid decorating bills. They even came during the wedding, in which Kim had security guards placed to kick them out. Those same security guards also kicked out Kim’s mother for using the bathroom in the house, but that’s a whole other story! So Kim and Kroy must move in less than two weeks. What kind of moving company charges $82,000? No matter what she does, I always wonder what the hell Kim is thinking, and what planet she’s from. Maybe try another company Kim, rather than give up and wait to get evicted. The highlight of this season will most definitely be Kim’s crazy bangs in her talking head interviews.  

Is Phaedra the craziest of all? Last season she decided to become a funeral director, and now she wants to specialize in pet funerals. The self-proclaimed “Vera Wang” of funerals meets a really freaky vet in hopes of getting referrals for her business. Apparently Phaedra’s pets as a child were thrown in a creek, so she wants to service those that consider pets like their own children. 

The worst couple ever is back, Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia’s ex, Leon from “Cool Runnings,” wants his daughter back in school and for Cynthia to stop home schooling her. I couldn’t figure out the real reason why she was being home school, especially after she walked in the room declaring she has wanted to go to school all along. I guess these are rich people problems that I don’t understand. 

Kenya, the new housewife is a former Miss USA winner, she’s an actress, model, director, producer, and bragger. Umm, did she say singer too? I’m happy with the addition of Kenya, as of right now, because she is definitely set to add lots of drama this season. She even added the drama in episode one! I can’t be mad at someone who lets us know in the opening credits that she is not Miss Congeniality. That can be interpreted as follows, “I’m a rude bitch.” Yes you are Kenya, and thank you! I love someone that can rattle Cynthia up a little bit, especially when she’s in her Tyra Bank’s top model mode. Kenya was really mean to all those girls auditioning, but so what. Every new housewife needs to make a splash in the beginning; you have to make a bold impression. Was she supposed to be nice? Absolutely not, she doesn’t want to see coochie crack, and she’s not afraid to say it. The best part was that after they told her how rude she was being, Kenya makes a nice speech that totally upstages Cynthia. Cynthia makes an identical speech, prefacing it by making sure everyone knows it’s her school, her territory. 

From that alone, I know this is going to be a good season, no, a great season! We may be slowly losing Nene as she appears less and less on the show, but I think we’ll be OK. Nene’s very rich and Hollywood is calling, plus no one will really film with her anymore. Although I did see her and Kim exchange greetings in the preview, that will be sure to melt my heart. I’m looking forward to what Kenya has in store for the ladies, and with Kim around, it can never be boring. 

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