There’s something about the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that makes it one of the most thrilling of all the franchises. The drama is always high stakes, and these are the richest of the rich housewives (not including Nene Leakes of course,) dealing with major issues. Drugs, lawsuits, divorce, not being invited to parties, these are all real problems, and seeing how the filthy rich deal with them, I guess is what makes it fascinating.  Of course it will take some time to get into all the juice, this episode was slightly dull, but no worries, I’m into it! 

I recently watched a few of the final episodes of last season, but not the reunion. So when this episode started and Lisa and Brandy were on one team, with Adrienne Maloof on another, I needed those reunion show flashbacks to remember that they were even fighting. Adrienne had been accusing Lisa of putting her in the press and selling stories, and I remember Lisa bashing Adrienne’s shoe line (Maloof’s Hoofs.) Lisa and Brandy were together on that couch, and they are now together in an alliance. Lisa shows Brandy around her new home, Brandy fake flirts with Ken, and that’s about it. Lisa is having an anniversary party for Villa Blanca and is not inviting Adrienne, why should she? I’m not acting like this is the real world and she’s not inviting her because she doesn’t want to, I know it’s to add drama to the show. 

As Adrienne and Paul are having lunch, Taylor calls to ask her to go shopping because she gained ten pounds. You knew it was coming, she mentions the Villa Blanca party that of course, they both have to attend. Oh, wait, you weren’t invited? Oops! Adrienne is nothing but embarrassed that she wasn’t invited, she’d rather resolve issues and save face. We’ll get back to Adrienne, as she does the best thing ever at the end of the episode!!! 

New housewife alert, Yolanda Foster. She seems nice enough, we learn that she’s super romantic and reads love letters, and that’s about it. So far I liker her, and the previews show that Yolanda has a lot to offer in bitchiness so I look forward to that.  

Kim and Kimberly are prom dress shopping at Kathy Hilton’s house? They should have explained that a little further, were those dresses brought there for her to shop or were they Paris’ old dresses? Kim looks great, one month out of rehab, and we learn that her and Kyle have a strained relationship right now. 

Portia planning her birthday  party and inviting her own guests was adorable. When she invites Lisa (darling) she unknowingly puts Kyle in the position to have to invite Brandy. Brandy apparently still has issues with Taylor and Kim, or they have issues with her I should say. That’s always the problem of a party host, especially when you are contractually obligated to invite your co-stars. 

At the party, Yolanda is introduced to everyone, and is non-threatening to Kim, so she likes her! Brandy, as usual, makes a weird inappropriate comment to Yolanda about having slept with everyone already. At first I thought she was talking about Yolanda, but when retold it seemed like Brandy was talking about herself. You have to help me, do I like Brandy or not? I like when she calls people out for the most part, but more often than not it seems just for show. Making lewd comments is great and it has my full support, but doing so to get a rise out of others negates the whole purpose. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to know Brandy a little better this season so I can make that determination. Do you like Brandy? 

Kim wouldn’t commit to going to Portia’s party, and it was back to her old ways. None of her excuses were fully formed or thought out, and it ended with her not knowing if her kids would want to go. Kyle should just give up on this, she’d be better off not inviting Kim to make her want to go. I was surprised when she was the first guest at Lisa’s party, she must not have been invited!

Well this episode was slightly boring, until the grand gesture. Adrienne wasn’t invited to Lisa’s party as we know, but she wanted to send flowers. So, she sent a parade float of strange tropical flowers to the party. This was amazing! I loved it! It was a way of saying Hi, remember me? Lisa was not pleased! 

Well Adrienne gave Lisa a big fuck you, and we then so an explosive preview for the entire season. It’s going to be amazing. Did Camille all of a sudden become evil? They sure made it sound that way. All of the husbands are involved, lots of name calling, accusations, lawsuits, threats, and ultimately Adrienne and Paul’s divorce. 

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