The set up:  The Cylon War has already begun.  In installment one, we find rookie pilot William Adama, played by Luke Pasqualino, headed out of training to his first assignment as pilot.  Naturally he is top of his class.  However instead of the anticipated, prized viper he gets an aging raptor that doesn’t have jump capability, and a co-pilot named Coker, portrayed by Ben Cotton, who is counting down his 47 days remaining in his mandatory second tour of duty.

I’m not going to tell you how Adama gets his ‘Husker’ call sign, but you will pick up on it in episode one. 

In installment two, Coker and our hero, Adama, are given a ‘milk run,’ only to discover once they are out of dradis range that the mission is more than it seems, as is their cargo (and nope, I’m not telling you about that – I’m a mega BSG fan and want you to check this out.)

Will new viewers care about Ensign William Adama if they didn’t see Commander/Admiral Adama later in life?  And will the writers and producers of "Blood and Chrome" be able to make those viewers care? From the lack of success of "Caprica", it will be a tough sell. 

Unlike "Caprica," this series takes us back to the familiar arena of space, vipers, and battles.  My hope for this series is that we move away from the science fiction soap opera drama Caprica brought us and move back to what made the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series so great.  My fondness for BSG wasn't because it was science fiction: rather because it was well written, produced, and acted as well as very character-driven science fiction. BSG brought us more than just a battle of the week and gave us the effect that the devastation, the lack of hope, and the constant fight brought to soldier and civilian alike.  Ronald D. Moore’s knowledge of the navy and military added a gritty realism to the series. 

For this viewer, if "Blood and Chrome" returns to this realism (or as Moore used to put it, Cinema Verite, a documentary style of filmmaking)  as well as the character-driven plots without the soapiness that bogged "Caprica" down it might just work. However, like "Caprica," it may be difficult for someone not versed in the BSG universe to hop into the show and understand some of the importance of the twists and turns that occur. 

The production quality of this program is on par with "Caprica" and "Battlestar Galactica."  It’s a bit early to judge the writing or the plot hole/storyline/character ‘misses’ just yet.  There is a rumor that at least one member of the cast of Battlestar will make an appearance in "Blood and Chrome". 

"Blood and Chrome" is presently scheduled to premiere on the SyFy network in April 2013.   According to Battlestar Wiki, re-imagined BSG creator Ronald D Moore is not involved in this particular series due to a contract with Sony Pictures. And of course, the music for "Blood and Chrome" is by BSG fan-favorite, Bear McCreary. 

The series is created by David Eick, executive producer of the re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica" and Michael Taylor who joined the BSG writing team during season 3. His writing credits also include work on various Star Trek series and "The Dead Zone." The internet series will consist of 1 episode with 10 installments; unlike "Caprica" where the first half of the series was released on DVD prior to its airing. The webisodes might be enough to generate word-of-mouth among diehard fans.  On the other hand, fans who endured numerous delays when BSG originally aired are already frustrated over the continued downtime this series has experienced; this may only serve to drive some viewers away before the series ever airs.  And, are the webisodes airing too far before the series starts?  It is November.  The ten installments should be complete by the end of 2012, leaving viewers itching for the rest; a wait of three to four (or more?) months before the scheduled airing. 

For those like yours truly who cannot wait, you can find information on the program at http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Blood_and_Chrome. Yes folks, there is an entire wiki site devoted to "Battlestar Galactica" including the original series, the re-imagined series, and the "Caprica" Sequel. Everything you ever wanted to know is on this site.  Warning for those with slow connections:in my experience, it does sometimes take a bit to load. You can also follow along on Facebook and Twitter at @battlestarwiki or @BloodandChrome where you can keep up with updates on the program and get information on when new episodes are posted.  And of course – right here at JokersUpdates.com.

Episodes are available on Machinima's MachinimaPrime YouTube Channel . New episodes air on Fridays. 

This fan – cannot wait until next week! Discuss your enthusiasm here.