Where do I put these keywords in HTML?

When you first see HTML, it may look like Greek but it's truly simple! Somewhere near the top of the page you'll see <html>. Beneath is <head>, and we're interested in the code under that <head>. You must check/edit/or add the following tags if they're not there (simply hit enter after <head> and paste one tag per line):



  1. <meta content="Description of article in two concise sentences. Use your keywords." /> Replace the words I used in the content description. This is what search engines may display when  listing your article if they can't find a relevant section of your page's visible text that does a good job of matching up with a user's query.

  2. <meta name="keywords" content="SEO, SEO principles for writers, SEO in HTML, what is SEO?" /> Again, replace my words with your own list of keywords. Feel free to list up to 20 here: each must be used at least once in the article.

  3. <title>Basic SEO Facts for Writers</title> - check that it matches exactly your article title. If not, edit. Search engines use this title for the link to your article.

You're now done with the <head> section: move along to <body>. Your article and pictures are under it. We've discussed keyword use in text, but not in pictures. Be sure and name your pictures wisely! (a6569_2012.jpg doesn't mean a lot to that search bot.) In HTML, there is an optional ALT tag that goes inside your picture link. Not just used for SEO, this is the only way the blind have to know what's in your picture: their page readers look for Alt tag text. (If you run your cursor over a picture and see text, an 'Alt tag' was used.)

ALT="picture description here" - this is an ALT tag. First you must locate all the pictures in your code: they begin with the <img> tag.

<img src="SEO_2012.jpg" width="240" height="420" /> -- typical picture code. To add the ALT tag above, simply paste it after <img ...

<img ALT="picture description here" src="SEO_2012.jpg" width="240" height="420" /> Done!


One last consideration. If you write for as many boards and blogs as I do, think about the author's name you use for those articles or blogs. Often it's easiest just to leave your user name and click 'Publish,' but is it the smartest? Do I want "Jokerette" or "Cat LeDevic" to have credit for this article? No brainer, really.

For all Joker's writers (all writers, period!) I'd suggest you begin using your own name. (When you send links to a prospective client and they see "Kwren11" as the author, confusion WILL ensue.) Joker's Editor permits you to change author's name: I highly suggest you do so!


NOTE: different sites use different methods for article submission. Joker's highly-SEO-conscious system administrator created the Article Submission app and ensured that article titles are automatically set for you. Under the 'article box' is a 'keywords' box: you must simply enter the proper keywords (separated by commas) in it. He also created a 'tags' box under where you post in the forums: put a list of (comma-delimited) keywords there too. Each must be used within your post: those Googlebots  you see on "Who's On" look for those words/terms as they crawl the site.

For more information, here is a great writer's basic guide to SEO - may all your articles and blogs reach millions of readers!