Victoria lies in bed cuddling her pearl-handled gun while, newly released, Conrad nicks himself as he shaves. Amanda’s mother Kara traces her wrist, as she views the front page news article about Conrad’s arrest. She throws the paper to the floor. Emily is watching her from her laptop using the cameras that were planted in key locations around the Hamptons.

Emily closes her laptop to answer the door, Mason enters, he hints at the irony at Emily living in David Clarke’s home. Mason presents Emily with an Allenwood photo, and Emily concludes that Mason is assuming Emily and Amanda are lovers. Emily threatens him with libel.

Victoria places her new best friend, her gun in her purse, and is startled by her house guest Kara. Kara announces she’s leaving on the next flight but she will need Victoria’s help, Victoria offers to purchase the ticket.

Emily is at breakfast with Aiden speaking about the limited time there is for Daniel to take his rightful spot at the head of Conrad’s company. Emily lets Aiden know that her mother did book a flight out of town and she’ll be returning to Colorado Springs. Aiden shows Emily sympathy knowing Emily would have liked to have had more of a relationship with her.

Amanda and Jack share some precious moments with their baby. Mason calls Amanda and invites her to lunch. He says he just met with Carl’s godmother, Emily.

Conrad is on the beach, his “little spot at the end of the world” enjoying some quiet time. Victoria joins him and he tells her he knows his marching orders are coming. He asks her if she plans to go “toe to toe” against the initiative. Of course that’s what she’s planning, and from the look on his face, he’s pleasantly surprised and in agreement.

Emily is greeted suddenly by Amanda. Emily tells her everything is fine, to call Mason, call off the lunch, and tell him she’s getting a restraining order, which she does in a voicemail.

Kenny is greeted by his brother on the dock and congratulated for acquiring the bar. Jack is introduced to Kenny’s brother and Kenny corrects his brother by stating that he is a partner with Jack, not the owner.

As Daniel says goodbye to Kara, Emily enters and greets them. Emily explains she has a wedding present for Conrad and Victoria. Victoria enters and accepts the wedding gift. Emily wishes her mother goodbye and Victoria walks Kara out. Daniel remarks that Kara and her family have had some rough times.

Nolan greets Aiden in Nolan’s office. Initially Nolan takes offense until he learns that Aiden wants to assist Emily. Nolan gives Aiden proof of David Clarke’s initial investment. Aiden says he’s doing this to make up to Emily for the times he hurt her in the past. Nolan threatens that if he hurts her, Nolan will make sure he will pay.

Aiden leaves and calls Daniel, telling him he has the check David Clarke initially gave to Nolan Ross.  Ashley asks Daniel about the call, and he tells her about the plan to take over the company. She wants to make sure Daniel can trust Aiden, he assures her he can. Victoria enters, Ashley excuses herself and he questions his mother, if she will stand by her man.

Amanda does greet Mason at the bar. Amanda tells Mason that Emily is obsessed with her and she needs to talk to him alone, without Jack and the baby close enough to hear.

Nolan and Emily are discussing Aiden. “This one time at Revenge Camp…” Aiden begins. He tells Emily he gave the original check to Aiden.

Conrad and Victoria are entertaining. Helen, who bailed Conrad out of jail, is introduced to Victoria as one of the biggest shareholders of the company. Emily and Nolan are watching Ashley, Daniel and Aiden with the cameras they’ve planted. They see Aiden give the check to Daniel.

Jack calls Emily. Emily congratulates him on his engagement to Amanda. He asks Emily for Mason’s number and tells her that Amanda met with him but hasn’t returned.

Mason tells Amanda that he deeply regrets the book he wrote about David Clarke’s. He asks if Emily had Frank Stevens killed. Just as Amanda is getting ready to attack Mason, Emily busts in and saves him. Amanda scampers off. Emily tells him, that Amanda is not Amanda Clarke.

Emily tells Mason he was the only person she felt she could trust initially. She lets him that he had the power to change the future. He’s sincerely sorry; you can read it in his face. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Nolan. Emily urges Nolan to stick to the plan even though there is confirmation Kara has gone rogue with Victoria’s credit card.

Conrad addresses his party guests as Daniel works the crowd, getting the major shareholders to exit during the speech.

Murphy greets Kara, offering information on Gordon Murphy. He traces her wrist as he gives her a pocket watch that belonged to Gordon. He tells her that David Clarke was a victim, and Cyrano de Emily tells him to stop. Emily tells Mason, via an ear implant, that her mother is off her meds and she’s not ready to hear the truth. Emily calls Aiden and leaves him a voicemail telling him that Kara is on her way back to Grayson manor and that she’s out for blood.

Daniel addresses the shareholders. Victoria enters as Daniel stats that the net worth of the company will triple because of the affiliation with the Nolan’s software company.

Nolan enters Mason’s home, and seeing that, he’s connected the dots.

Kara enters the Grayson home while Ashley continues the Q&A portion of the party. Conrad leaves the Q&A session to meet Victoria, but instead Kara greets him with a gun as Victoria enters the room. Kara wants a confession. Conrad says Victoria is not to blame and Victoria reaches for her purse only to find that Kara has claimed the wedding present as her own.

The agents are in Mason’s home. He’s been accused of framing Conrad for Murphy’s murder.

Emily finally reaches Aiden by phone in Grayson manor. She tells him many of the security cameras have been disabled. Aiden goes to see what’s going on.

Conrad tells Kara that it was Murphy who ultimately killed David. Kara is given both halves of the photo from the prison yard. Victoria and Conrad, true honeymooners that they are, hold hands as they are blindfolded by Kara. Aiden enters and attacks Kara from behind.

Kara and Emily are in a parked car. Aiden approaches the passenger side window and tells Kara he is an agent with the FBI. Kara’s meds are returned and she’s told if she leaves no charges will be filed. Kara tells Emily to tell Amanda she wishes she could have been a better mother.

Nolan and Padma share a quiet moment. He asks her if things change can she still see herself with him. She confirms she can.

Emily visits Mason in jail. She offers him a deal. She wants him to confess to everything her father was accused of. She says she will cooperate and tell the truth when she deems the time is right provided he rewrites his book. He accepts the deal.

As the episode closes Jack and Amanda talk of their wedding, Conrad stops Victoria from confessing until morning, and Aiden and Emily passionately kiss on the porch in the moonlight.

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