This episode begins with NeNe doing the L.A. Pride Parade; it was really touching to see her get emotional while talking to all of her fans. Everyone was screaming her name and I was surprised at how sweet and personal she was being with everyone. I imagined NeNe would be standoffish in real life, but she was hugging and greeting everyone, even breaking down in tears due to the fact that everyone knew her name. She couldn’t believe it, and talks about how much it means to her to hear people call her name everywhere she goes. She has arrived, go NeNe! She also expresses how much she loves her gays, because they invented everything from weaves to doing nails. I’m not too sure if that’s true or she made that fact up. At the end, Gregg is waiting for her and she’s happy to have a straight man waiting for her at the end of the gay parade. I still can’t get over the fact that NeNe and Gregg are dating, whatever happened to the guy that bought her a hundred pairs of shoes?

 When Kandi and Phaedra have lunch to meet Kenya, Phaedra really liked Kenya and her bitchiness. After checking out her “big ole funky booty,” every other word of out Phaedra’s mouth was about how much she liked Kenya. Kenya told the story of last week’s “coochie crack” fiasco, and it’s obvious that she and Cynthia will not be getting along at all this season. I think Kenya is going to have a big personality and I like that she is going to be messing with Cynthia a little bit. Cynthia needs someone to go toe-to-toe with before she ends up being more boring than Sheree was. 

 If Kim says she’s homeless one more time, I’m going to snap. Rich people problems, right? She has a townhouse waiting for her that she can move into, or maybe she’ll rent a penthouse of a hotel. She has more furniture in her house than IKEA, and it’s all gold-plated. I’m so over her problems, just move already! 

 Phaedra, NeNe, and Cynthia meet up at “Body Sculpture” to work out, which was pretty hilarious. It’s all about that damn donkey booty! What is it with Phaedra and her ass? She’s obsessed! Well this is where we get Cynthia’s side of the story, and how she felt disrespected in her own business. NeNe is being pretty neutral, she says she doesn’t have time for the drama anymore; she’s suddenly a bigger person. Was Cynthia disrespected by Kenya? Absolutely, she was. Was Cynthia able to stand up for herself? Absolutely, she was not. Kenya has already established herself as the alpha-male in that relationship. We’ll have to wait and see if Cynthia can stand up to her. After a non-eventful workout, the ladies talk about NeNe’s plan to host a party for successful women to celebrate Women’s Empowerment. This is in substitution of a party to celebrate NeNe’s success with her new show. It’s for women only, and only for successful women. That makes me wonder, why invite Kim?

 Kenya’s boyfriend once asked Kandi out on a date, and when he reveals that to Kenya she gets physically ill. She’s mad because it makes her look stupid to be dating someone that was attracted to her new friend. I understand what she means; she thinks that Kandi will always have that over her head that her man tried to talk to her. Here’s a tip to avoid that becoming an issue, stay on Kandi’s good side! 

Finally at the party, the women are all in their flowing printed maxi dresses, and the pedestrian and highbrow women mingle. All of the ladies are there except for NeNe, who is having a wardrobe malfunction of some sort. Kim is dying to leave, of course, upon arrival. Sweetie brings out the worst in her, she is like the little devil on her shoulder feeding into her and making her even worse socially. As Kim tries to finally leave, here comes NeNe out of the elevator. This is the first time the two have spoken in seasons, I mean years. Without even thinking NeNe says hello before she even processes who she’s speaking to. That’s good, I’m glad NeNe did that, maybe she really is above all the drama. Kim says she’s leaving and NeNe pretty much begs her not to leave before she does some grand gesture. Kim pretends she’ll stay, and then bolts out the door, lying that she’s just going to the bathroom. I don’t know why NeNe wanted her to stay so badly, but she then asks about Kim several times. For whatever reason, NeNe really wanted Kim to stay, even though she’s the one who has always insisted they would never be friends again.

 Cynthia makes another bad speech, two for two, and Kenya all but grabs the microphone and makes her own speech. What’s with these two and their speech competition? Kenya had no right to make a speech, she wasn’t the host. Kenya also approaches NeNe and lets her know she hopes they can be friends, despite the fact that she got off on the wrong foot with Cynthia. NeNe makes her own decisions, and she’s willing to give her a chance. Cynthia throws a little shade, trying to imply that Kenya’s old. I don’t think Cynthia is any match for Kenya. She better brush up on her one-liners. With a friend as witty as Miss NeNe Leakes, Cynthia has nothing going on in that department.

 In the end, NeNe makes a speech saying “Go for yours!” The women are all empowered and the fine successful women of Atlanta have given us another great episode. What did you think; do you like Kenya so far? Should we pick sides now or should we wait a few more weeks? Let me know what you think here. Next week, I’m looking forward to NeNe riding the subway for the first time. I’m not looking forward to more time wasted on Phaedra’s donkey booty obsession. How many careers can one woman have? Now she’s making a booty workout video. Enough already, is this woman just an actress?