Can these ladies ever get together without tearing Karent apart? Another episode ends in an explosive fight, and I’m starting to wonder whose side I want to be on. It has gotten to the point where these women need to start letting things go and be a little forgiving, or they’re going to cross over to bully territory. Or “bowlly” territory as Joanna would say. 

Joanna is involved in a volleyball tournament and she’s afraid that Romain might not show up. I can’t imagine a couple who is engaged continue to not speak for over a week, especially when they are living together and have been together for so long. Romain does end up showing up and they take a walk to the beach to work out their problems. Romain thinks that Joanna didn’t even deserve for him to show up, but he ultimately did and they hash out their issues. He doesn’t want her to drink anymore, socially or at any point that he’s around. He’s mad that she got drunk and caused all those fights at Lisa’s party, embarrassing him and more importantly, herself. She agrees that she has a problem with alcohol and that Romain is more important. We’ll see if she can give up alcohol for good, and lay off the public drama. Romain seems like he’s at his breaking point, and I’d hate to see her lose him over being a drunken drama queen.

 I felt so bad for Lisa when she confided in Karent about trying to conceive. What a heartbreaking issue, going through several miscarriages and struggling to have a family is such an emotional issue and I have respect for anyone who talks about it in public. Lisa is a sweet woman, and I’m sad for her, I don’t know how old she is but she seems fairly young and someone who wants something so bad will get it by whatever means. There are so many options; I hope that Lisa finds her way to motherhood. I also found it so strange that of all people, she specifically chose Karent to speak to because she’s the kind of friend who listens. While the other women turn the conversation onto themselves, Karent is the one to sit and listen and be there for her. That’s the exact opposite description of Karent then every other woman on the show would give. That just proves that they haven’t given Karent a chance and don’t really know her at all. 

 Ana is finally clearing out her office and leaving the practice with her ex-husband. She is devastated to not be working with and interacting with him every day. They seem to have a great friendship, and it seemed like the fear of the unknown is what got to Ana so much. Leaving a part of your life you’ve had for so long is scary, a new chapter begins and Ana doesn’t know what’s ahead. They take shots of “raccoon piss,” and Ana says goodbye to her old life. 

 Lea gets the news that her dog Leroy isn’t going to make it, and she has to rush to the hospital. She didn’t make it, Leroy died right before she got there. They have a funeral for him, and Lea cries so much that she pops a major blood vessel in her eye. I could barely look at her it was so gross. Poor Lea, time heals all wounds. I liked how her son was correcting every nice thing she tried to say about Leroy, she claimed he slept with her every night. Well no mom, sometimes he slept on the corner of the bed, or on the couch. Get your facts straight! 

Alexia’s get together to clear the air and resolve issues, didn’t go over to well. Immediately the “common denominator” Karent is attacked for that damn article. She never even gets a chance to speak before everyone, even the hostess Alexia, scream at her and warn her not to lie. They bash her about the “joker grin” and everything they’ve already said a dozen times (per episode.) They need to really move on, I agreed with them until a few episodes ago when I just got sick of hearing about it. Karent is a trouble maker, she did all the things they’re mad about, but they’re just going about it the wrong way. These women don’t know how to communicate. They need to talk and not start out by screaming because that obviously gets them nowhere every time. This is going to be one hell of a reunion; Andy’s gonna have a migraine!

 Adrianna and Joanna shake hands and make up, sort of. They’re pretty mean to each other as they agree to let it go, put their issues in the past and apologize. I can’t see that lasting, neither one seemed to be over it. I give them credit for doing that though, they could have had a huge screaming match, but I have respect for them for attempting to resolve it. 

 More dinners, more parties, more fights. Miami is on fire. What do you think of this season so far? Go here and let me know!!