Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bring us another entertaining episode with lots of tension, and the drama mounting and set to explode. Brandi ran her mouth all last season, said mean and hurtful things to everyone, and now she’s too terrified to be in the same room as Kim and Taylor. For someone with so much to say, such a harsh personality and a mean spirited sense of humor, you’d think she could take as much as she dishes. I’m surprised to see the side of Brandi that’s too scared to be confronted by the other ladies, especially when it’s not hard to say let’s move on. 

Taylor invites Paul and Mauricio to participate in a walkathon to raise awareness for domestic violence. The catch is that they have to walk a mile in our high-heel shoes. Paul and Adrienne go shopping for heels for both Paul and Mauricio, and Paul totally cops out and buys Gene Simmons’ space boots. That’s cheating! Platform boots are not heels, and Paul had no problem walking in them. Mauricio on the other hand wore heels and was still able to run in them. It was hilarious watching them in their heels; it reminded me of the men of Atlanta doing the same thing. They, of course, are used to walking in heels so it was a little different. I was disappointed that Paul didn’t really wear heels, but it was nice to see Paul and Adrienne getting along when we all know what it ahead for them. It’s such a shame, I hate when I know something bad is going to happen, and have to spend the whole season in anticipation. I like both Adrienne and Paul and feel really bad for them.  They seem to be getting along as of this point in the show, it’s a shame that their bitter divorce is all over “TMZ.” 

After the walkathon, it’s time for Portia’s birthday party. Kyle is at home preparing as Mauricio has to fly back in time. Lisa shows up really early so she can show her face and leave before Adrienne even shows up. Kyle’s backyard is set up like a carnival, and she has tons of animals including unicorns and llamas. Lisa, for whatever reason, loves the llama and wants to make out with it. Instead, she takes it on a tour of Kyle’s house. It was pretty hilarious and anyone would freak out! The unicorns, well, the horses with cones on their head were brown. I’ve never seen a unicorn in real life, but I’d imagine if I did that it would be white.

Yolanda’s daughter is a model, and Yolanda is a full-blown stage mom. The stage moms, i.e. Teresa and Ramona in seasons past, always say they’re not stage moms. Her daughter is really beautiful, and Yolanda is overbearing telling her to diet, and telling the make-up artist how to do her make-up. Come on Yolanda, I want to like you, don’t make it hard for me. Seeing the preview for next week I’m losing hope, her dinner party looks awkward with her husband trying to force her guests to sing. 

Everyone arrives to the party, and Lisa leaves at 1:15 for her 1:20 wine tasting. Camille is there too, and her eyes are popping out of her head. Has she had any work done? Either way Brandi is the center of their attention because she is scared to see Taylor, and when Taylor finally does come she doesn’t say “hi.” Brandi says that not saying “hi” is an aggressive move, and she’s dying to leave. Kyle and Camille try so hard to get her to stay but she flees the scene and texts them goodbye. I don’t know what would have happened had she approached Taylor or Kim, but she should have tried. The problem is just going to grow and this is only the beginning, surely Brandi knows they will be filming together sooner or later. It’s going to happen, embrace it. If you’re going to say whatever is on your mind, you’re going to have to take the heat, own up to it. Brandi was cowardly. It’s a kid’s party, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  Kim showed up to the party, even if she didn’t bring her kids. Last week her excuse was that it was one day where the kids had nothing to do and she wanted to spend the day with them. Now they were too busy to show up? At least Aunt Kim came, even if she looked like she stuck her finger in a socket before she arrived. 

Well Taylor acts like an eighth grader spreading the word about Brandi’s comment last week when she told Yolanda she had slept with every man in Beverly Hills. Obviously that was a joke, and Taylor is trying to turn it into a rumor. Kyle’s smart for staying out of the drama and walking away; she’s taking the high road and keeping the peace. She fought with Camille season one and was able to make amends, she also fought with Brandi too and was able to move passed it. At least she knows how to be a bigger person and forgive and forget. 

Speaking of forgiving and forgetting, Adrienne and Lisa have yet to make up either. After sending the flowers to Lisa’s party despite the fact that she wasn’t invited, it seems that Paul is even madder than Adrienne is. Why he would get involved in housewives drama, I’ll never know. A husband getting involved (Mario) is never a good idea and he should just butt out. Lisa and Brandi both dodged the bullet of confronting their fears at Portia’s party, and that just leaves more drama for us in the weeks to come. 

Next week Yolanda invites all the ladies over, and her husband seems to have a bad attitude unless you want to join in a sing-a-long. Lisa and Adrienne finally meet to hash out their issues, and we’ll find out where that relationship is going. Overall, this is a slow beginning but an eventful one just the same. What do you think of this season so far? Do you think Brandi should just own up to her nasty mouth, or shut up instead? Let me know here.