It doesn’t take much to have a huge blow-out on any “Real Housewives” episode. All it takes is a get-together. Dinner parties, luncheons, charity events, whatever the theme it merely takes one bad attitude or one big grudge. A little tension in the air often leads to a major confrontation, and unlike real life, the opportunity to fight is always taken on “Bravo.” 

 Tonight there were two battlefields, Lisa Pliner’s shoe fetish fashion show, and Thomas Kramer’s dinner party from hell. First, can we talk about Marysol’s friend Lauren Foster? Transgender “Vogue” model, Miami socialite, and an amazing candidate to be a future housewife. I was immediately fascinated by her and I want to know more. She had no problem getting in Elaine’s face, and she was just overall fabulousness. Finally, we meet an interesting non-cast member, although I looked her up on Twitter last night and she called this episode her “audition tape.” Maybe we’ll have our first transgender housewife in 2013; I hope we see more of Lauren. Once she called Elaine a “housewife with a wiener” I was in love. If you were too here’s her fan page on Facebook

 Elaine Lancaster in her mega-wig came with the agenda to fight with Marysol, who apparently has no backbone and can barely fight back. I didn’t realize until now that Marysol had such a problem with confrontation, not uncommon but that’s “Housewives 101.” I could understand her being so intimidated by Elaine, I haven’t seen this much make-up and jewelry on a bitchy attitude since Joan Collins was on “Dynasty.” So Marysol for whatever reason has been going around telling people not to hire Elaine Lancaster for events, I can understand Elaine being furious about that, but we don’t really know how much truth there is to that. The ladies all form their gossip circles until Marysol gets in Elaine’s peripheral vision, and then it’s on. He warns her to “take a breath” which I thought was funny, a warning to get ready to fight. He said all he had to say, and Marysol really didn’t say much, everyone seems to believe Elaine and Marysol did nothing to prove otherwise. In the end, Karent basks in the fact that for once she wasn’t the center of the drama, or was she really jealous to lose the spotlight?

 Here is a little background on Thomas Kramer. Remember the trip that ended NeNe and Kim’s friendship for good on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta?” It was Cynthia’s bachelorette trip to Florida where NeNe couldn’t take the way Kim treated her assistant Sweetie, and wasn’t having the fact that the help was being invited to participate in the trip. They stayed at Thomas Kramer’s home. He was the creepy old guy who was all over Kim, and here he is the creepy old guy that’s all over Karent. How did this guy end up on two different “housewives” franchises? What are the odds? 

 It wasn’t until now that we know that Thomas Kramer is a complete lunatic. It all starts with the dildo apron, which should have been our forewarning that this was going to be the dinner party from hell. Aside from all the fighting, on a side note, how pathetic was it to watch Karent act like it was her home? It was, especially when we previously learned that most of the other women were long term friends with Thomas and she just met him. This all proved to me what everyone has been saying, Karent clings to the rich, and she’s an opportunist. I should have finalized my opinion when they went through her “Facebook” page and every picture was of her with a celebrity. Not to mention the tweet heard ‘round the world' that lit a fire under Adrianna’s ass a few episodes ago. I can’t think of a better word to describe her than pathetic. Not to mention she didn’t even defend her good friend Joanna when Thomas began to go completely insane, implying that Romain was cheating on her. Watching Karent laugh at all of his horrible jokes, just proved what a bad friend she is, and bad friends are usually bad people. 

 The dinner starts off well enough, until Romain has to leave to attend a meeting, this is where all hell breaks loose. Maybe it’s a sensitive subject for Joanna, but I don’t blame her for getting upset, she was singled out and embarrassed. She had every right to be offended; Thomas was disrespectful and rude, too bad that was nothing compared to what happens next. 

 I have a new found respect for Ana, I always liked her anyway but tonight she sealed her fate on my list of respected women. I don’t blame Lea for defending her friend, especially when it seems that what Marysol has been doing to Elaine is true, so when they got into it, Ana was merely an innocent bystander. She jumped in at the wrong time, right when Thomas had had enough. She wasn’t even involved in the argument; she was trying to defend Marysol. Too bad Thomas has a bell and is a complete psychopath. He completely attacked Ana and shut her up. Is that any way to be a good host? The icing on the cake is when he asks who invited her, so I don’t blame her for leaving. 

 Now it’s so awkward, and I was surprised that at first everyone but Ana and Joanna were shocked enough to leave, was everyone else still under Thomas Kramer’s spell? Didn’t they see what we just saw? Everyone else was OK with what just happened, and chose to continue the evening. Joanna goes back in only because she doesn’t want to get in trouble with Romain, she doesn’t want to be accused of causing more drama. Everyone’s interviews are in defense of his behavior, and that was really surprising to me. Adrianna, really? I felt like everyone was on the wrong side here, even Lea accusing Ana of being the one to embarrass Thomas.

We haven’t even seen crazy yet, believe it or not. When Joanna comes back in and tells Thomas she was upset by what he said, she flips out and says she has her period. What are these ladies smoking that they are accepting this behavior? What is going on? Lea is defending Thomas still, and Mama Elsa tells her to simmer down. Who would ever, ever yell at Elsa? Thomas Kramer would, and he did. This is when I realized that Marysol really does steer clear of drama. Who would let someone yell at their mother like that?

So now Elsa and Marysol are banished along with Ana, while Lisa pole dances inside and everyone enjoys the rest of their evening. I’m so shocked that anyone would have stayed after any of that, this guy is insane and they are all just as crazy for tolerating him. 

 There have been plenty of dinner parties from hell, but this one is way up there with table flipping, and electronic cigarette smoking psychics. In the end, I've come to the realization that Ana is the only sane woman on this show and I probably should have already known that. Here she puts it perfectly, “As a woman you should have been offended by everything that comes out of his mouth.” Your peers may not have been Ana, but your viewers were. Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting out of there. You get my mazel, and Thomas Kramer is the jack hole of the season.

 What did you think of Thomas Kramer? Go here and cast your vote on his sanity.