Tonight’s episode would have been really dull if it wasn’t for the two new housewives, Kenya and Porsha. Aside from NeNe’s big adventure in the city, not much else was going on with the other veterans. This season is going to be like the last season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” it’s going to drag on until Bravo sends them on vacation to stir things up. 

 This may only be the third episode, but Gregg has been wooing NeNe and trying to win her back several times so far. Rumor has it that they currently are back together, fresh from their divorce. It wasn’t that long ago that Gregg was asking NeNe to return the $300,000 he invested in her career. I guess now that NeNe is very rich, “Trump rich,” he’s not worried about money: he just wants NeNe back. 

 Phaedra and her damn donkey bootie. Did Apollo really just get certified to be a nutritionist just so Phaedra could make her donkey bootie work out video? Of course he did, he’s just as bad as she is. When the lord was giving out booties, Phaedra says she asked for “two scoops.” I thought that was hilarious but I’m getting so tired of Phaedra’s limited topics of conversation: funerals and asses. That’s it. 

 Kenya and Porsha’s meeting about Porsha’s charity event was full of tension, because that’s just Kenya’s style. Just like she did with Cynthia, she immediately decided not to like Porsha, . Porsha is really upbeat and nice, so of course Kenya was shooting death beams with her eyes at her the whole time. I’ve never seen anyone so offended at being asked if they were married -- it was as if she asked her how much she weighed or something totally inappropriate.

I liked Porsha from the start; she’s a total valley girl whose husband spoils her beyond belief. Breakfast in bed? I hope that was just for the show. Kenya loves talking about wanting to get married and having kids. I think she just doesn’t want to do it with a younger woman, and that’s why she acted so offended. 

 With Kandi moving into a new home, and Kim about to be evicted from her own, this highlights the major difference between these two. On one hand we have Kandi, the richest and most successful woman of all, packing up her own stuff and paying $59 an hour to have it moved. She’s got her uncle and her mother taping up boxes, and she’s moving the way most of us would. Then there’s Kim, who we all know won’t lift a finger when it comes down to the actual move, who I’m sure thought twice about paying the $80,000 she was quoted for her move.

Kim is making me very aggravated lately because not an episode goes by where she’s not acting like she’s on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” She barely leaves her house or interacts with the other housewives, and according to “US Weekly,” she is about to be phased out of the show. Within a few more episodes it seems that Kim will be out and onto her spin-off “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding.” I think it’s for the best; at this point all Kim contributes are those thirty second clips in between commercials, joking with Kroy about blow jobs. She hasn’t brought much else to the show yet. 

 NeNe and Cynthia’s adventure on the subway was funny, NeNe is not meant to walk the streets of Manhattan. Being from New York, it was painful to watch NeNe slowly approaching the subway steps; she just walks way too slow to  even be in New York. I’ve never seen NeNe do anything at a fast pace, and I was praying she wouldn't get trampled. The kids that recognized her on the subway from “Glee” were acting students, so of course they love “Glee!” She was so sweet to them. I loved how she suddenly considers herself Meryl Streep giving out acting advice. 

The heart of this episode was at the charity event hosted by Porsha. It was a shame that Porsha only interacted with Kenya tonight. I can’t wait to see how the other ladies respond to her, I hope she’s not too young to mingle with the rest of the cast. This was another women-only event, and yet Kenya purposely invited Lawrence just to cause a problem.

That problem never came to a head because he showed up so late, but how extremely rude! Poor Porsha makes the same mistake I’ve been making all season, confusing “Miss America” and “Miss U.S.A.” Again, Kenya has never been so offended in her life. All of a sudden she’s too cold to even stay in the tent and has to step outside, but not without her car keys. Just like Kim last week, she was planning to flee the party.

Kenya and Kanya (not a typo) wait for Lawrence to arrive so they can leave, but not without Porsha checking on them -- leading to another bitchfest from Kenya. Instead of being gracious or even just addressing the issue like a normal person, Kenya tells Lawrence how Porsha disrespected her --  right in front of her. All Porsha can really say is that this is a charity event for kids, and it’s not that big of a deal. To Kenya, calling her “Miss America” is like calling Michelle Obama the “First Lady of Zimbabwe.”

Not really Kenya, you’re giving yourself way too much credit. Yet again Kenya gets off on the wrong foot with another housewife, and I pray for Porsha’s safety. I’m scared of Kenya and I’m just watching her on TV! 

Saved again by another event at the end of the episode: let’s hope this season picks up. I’m relieved that NeNe has been present so far. I was hoping we wouldn’t see less of her because of her new-found fame. I’m happy with the new cast members, and I know by the time they go on vacation my head will be ready to explode! What did you think of this episode, and what do you think of Porsha, let me know here