Kim’s daughter Kimberly is going to the prom. It’s a big deal because it’s Kim’s youngest daughter. When kids go off to the prom, the parents will often gather at someone’s house to take pictures and watch the kids get in their limo or party bus. I assumed that since Kim was busy making chicken salad and had mini cupcakes, she was hosting some of Kimberly’s friends and their parents. It was so confusing when only Kimberly’s “burly” boyfriend showed up and they quickly left. What was the chicken salad and mini cupcakes all about? Kim is so weird, and then she didn’t watch them off she instead peered at them from behind her blinds like a total creep! It haunts me that Kim made that chicken salad, not only because it’s so inappropriate for pre-prom festivities, but because no one was coming to her house. Kim has me way too curious already; she’s so strange I can’t take it. 

Yolanda’s house is so beautiful, she is truly filthy rich and her husband has fifty Grammy’s to prove it. Her butler Richard is actually some kind of housewife spy, and has been to at least two other events that we know of. He was at the dinner party from hell, also known as the electronic cigarette smoking psychic brawl. Apparently he was also at a party that Lisa’s friend and Yolanda’s ex-husband Mohammed hosted; so to find him yet again at another party really freaked Kyle and Lisa out. Is he stalking them or what? As the ladies arrive at Yolanda’s dinner party, the tension builds when we know that Adrienne will soon face Lisa. Well Adrienne and Paul don’t say hello to Lisa, and Lisa doesn’t say hello to them. Either way, I still think Paul is being the biggest drama queen of them all, he should really just let Lisa and Adrienne work it out, or not. I can appreciate that they kept their distance to avoid causing a scene, neither one ready to make up, both thinking the other is in the wrong. 

 When you break down the argument between Lisa and Adrienne, it’s pretty minor when it comes to “Real Housewives.” It all stems from last season’s reunion, along with supposed comments made behind each other’s back. Adrienne is livid (not as livid as Paul) that Lisa called her fabulous shoe line “Maloof’s Hoofs.” Big deal! To top that, she called their dog Jackpot, Crackpot. Those are really the reasons, and for that I cannot side with Adrienne and Paul. As for Lisa, she’s hurt by Adrienne’s accusations that Lisa sold stories to “Radar Online,” as if she would ever do that, and as if she needs the damn money. According to Adrienne and Camille, a reporter trying to get them to sell stories to the website, stated that Lisa does it all the time. Of course they would say that, they’d say anything to get you to talk to them! I believe Lisa, and I don’t think she has any reason to make money off of selling stories about her cast mates; she doesn’t seem like a spiteful person or someone trying to be in the press at all. 

Lisa is dead set on getting an apology, she brought it up a dozen times tonight, she’s owed an apology and that’s that. If Adrienne doesn’t immediately apologize upon opening her mouth, all bets are off. There’s no reason these two can’t make up, and I think they will. I am glad, however, that they waited until the cameras were rolling again to do it. Could that be a coincidence? I don’t care either way, maybe they put it off for this season, that’s fine with me. 

Back to the dinner party – why is it that rich people who host parties act so militant? I’m reminded of last week’s Thomas Kramer on “Real Housewives of Miami,” who had such high expectations for his dinner guests that he lost all control. In Beverly Hills, it’s a lot easier to keep your composure but David Foster was on the brink. You could tell he had a set of rules. If Taylor drank a little more she would have been kicked out while he furiously rang a bell at her. Rich people are terrifying and you better be on your best behavior, never ever speak up at a dinner party. Taylor drinks too much and brings up the only thing she has spoken of so far this season, Brandi’s claim that she slept with every man in Beverly Hills. What started out as an obvious joke is now a fact in Taylor’s head and she is so shocked that she’s telling the world. Yolanda was not impressed and found it inappropriate dinner conversation, but she was sitting too far away for anything to come of it. Everyone basically ignored Taylor, and so aside from making facial expressions all night, she didn’t do much else during dinner.

Among the cast were a few random musicians and an “American Idol” contestant, all planted as dinner guests to later break out in song. As the women decide to belt out “Amazing Grace,” they’re instructed to be quiet and let the professionals handle the entertainment. They’re not allowed to sing or speak. No one seems to have a problem with that, except for Taylor. She finds the barking orders ridiculous, and it was a little crazy. David Foster followed it up with a laugh, but we all know he was serious and wanted everyone to shut the hell up, those are the rules. Unfortunately, they picked all the worst songs to sing. “Oh Danny Boy” is a sad funeral song, not appropriate for a dinner party, and not something Taylor of all people wants to hear. She gets upset and although I couldn’t tell if she was crying or not, I was happy that Paul did the unthinkable and spoke up. The evening ends with “When the Saints Go Marching In” and I realized that they were probably just singing songs that they wouldn’t have to get clearance on for TV. If not, then I have no idea why they sang the worst songs with all those talented musicians there. 

Adrienne calls Lisa and invites her to finally hash it out and meet for the first time. The episode ends with the two of them coming face to face. Next week we’ll find out if they make up or if things escalate. Also, we’ll see Brandi and Kim come face to face, so things will finally get going this season. Without Brandi in tonight’s episode, nothing too inappropriate happened, so next week is sure to be full of bad behavior (like when she tells Adrienne to “shut the fuck up.”) 

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Was David Foster on the verge of pulling a Thomas Kramer, or are rich people entitled to crazy demands? Go here to discuss.