2006: Swank Party. Amanda aka Emily Thorne at the bar, drinking vodka. Aiden Mathis is tending bar and directs her to her contact.

Victoria is looking forward to Thanksgiving with her two men, just the three of them. She assures Conrad that Daniel is a good boy with his “head on straight.” Daniel enters with Victoria’s mother, Marion Harper, played by Adrienne Barbeau. So, if Victoria didn’t consider three a crowd, what will she think of this? Daniel acknowledges he did not warn his mother that grandma was coming to dinner. Her mother reminds Victoria that she was married when she met Conrad, as her mother tells her that her Maxwell, her stepfather, has passed.

Victoria has a flashback to when she was Charlotte’s age. We see that her mother’s interest in Maxwell, at least initially, was not sincere.

Emily consoles Ashley after her first time. Ashley was a call girl in her previous life and Emily offers to help. Emily gives Ashley a wad of cash.

At Jacks Bar, we find Jack announcing that he’s decided to name his boat Amanda.

Meanwhile we learn that Emily is “ready” for her “mission.”

Nolan Ross thanks his staff for coming in on Thanksgiving. He draws the number 1 and 0 on a sheet of paper and announces they are going public. The CIO, Mr. Romero, draws a “P” between the “I” and the “O” (IPO.) Nolan sends his staff home with champagne as they applaud.

Daniel and Conrad chat. Daniel tells his father he’s taking a creative writing class and is pursuing poetry. He asks for Conrad’s advice. Conrad lets him know he’s there to support him.

Emily exposes Conrad’s affair with Lydia to her contact. We are introduced to an unfound girl, named Colleen. Emily is given background details.

Victoria confronts her mother about her intentions with her new boyfriend Ben. Victoria has more flashbacks. The flashbacks reveal that her relationship with her mother’s husband Maxwell was creepy.

Emily goes back to the club to talk to Serge. She tells him that Ashley is sick, so Emily will have to meet with Ashley’s contact, Dmitri instead. Aiden looks on from behind the bar and pours more vodka. He gets a gun from the fridge and urges Emily to leave. As he pulls it on Dmitri to avenge his sister Colleen, Emily warns of a gun and stops Aiden by tackling him.

Emily defends her bold act to Dmitri by saying her father was in the service. While in Dmitri’s safe room she expresses concern because, as she explains to her contact, Aiden “risked his life” to save her, and she’s concerned over his safety.

Nolan and his right hand, Mr. Rodriquez, exchange Thanksgiving gifts as they reminisce about their first date.

Ben and Marion talk about how they met on a cruise. Once Victoria and her mother are alone, Victoria asks her mother if it was worth the 30 years she spent with Maxwell. Her mother replies, “You may think I knocked you down, but you landed on your feet.” As Conrad announces dinner is served, he acknowledges that Victoria is visibly shaken.

Jack finds his father alone in the bar, “fighting for his boys” with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Suddenly a flaming object comes through the window of the bar. Jack gets a fire extinguisher and asks his father for details.

Emily finds Aiden and cuts him free. She asks for details on who he is and why he’s there. Serge and Dmitri enter with more men. Aiden is jumped and they hold a gun on Emily.

Jack wants his father to call the cops. A stranger enters, blackmails them, and protection money is offered by Jack.

Five million in company assets is gone; Mr. Rodriquez, Marco, wants to know where it is. He walks out because Nolan will not answer.

At the dinner table, Victoria praises Daniel for pursuing his poetry. She offers to tell Ben about the last Thanksgiving she spent with her mother.

She has another flashback: her mother argues with her boyfriend. He threatens to leave -- she offers to make Victoria leave. Victoria cries from around the corner. She hears a gun shot. Victoria’s mother urges Victoria to say she fired the gun. We also learn Victoria was kicked out of her home, after she was molested by Maxwell.

Aiden holds a gun on Dmitri. Emily urges Aiden to let it go.  Dmitri taunts Aiden with memories of his sister and Aiden fires.

Nolan tells Marco that the money went to the daughter of David Clarke. Their relationship ends abruptly over David.

Marion asked her daughter Victoria, why she ran off Ben with the truth. She tells Victoria she has nowhere to go. She shows her mother out.

Conrad burns Daniel’s poetry. He tells Victoria he will pay some publishers to send him rejection letters. Conrad asks Victoria if it was worth staging the entire relationship her mother shared with Ben.

Jack’s father argues with Brian. Another man shoots Brian. The man, a big dock worker, strikes a deal with Jack’s father and admits he stole the gun he used from him.

Emily tells Aiden her father was kind, humble and strong when he asks. “He died for me.” She adds.

Aiden and Emily are in bed present day. He calls her Amanda as they kiss passionately.

Declan enters the bar and spies the new partner drinking expensive whiskey. He says it was Declan’s father’s drink.

Daniel calls Nolan’s former lover. Victoria and Conrad talk about protecting Daniel and blocking his take over.

Emily shares her carved box, containing everything about the conspiracy with Aiden. He turns her wrist and sees her tattoo.

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