Well here we are again. The episode jumps right in to poor Kim and her problems. Nothing with Kim is ever uncomplicated or easy to explain. Was she evicted, did she pay her rent, is the mansion haunted? We’ll never know the truth, but we always know the prices. Kim can’t complete a sentence without letting us know how much she paid, is paying, or will pay. According to NeNe, Kim didn’t have the credit score to purchase the home. According to Kim, they wanted a million dollars more than what it was worth. We’ll only be seeing her again in one more episode, so this is basically all that Kim has contributed to this season, other than her dramatic exit, however that will go down. 

Last night there was a small twitter war between NeNe and Kim. I’m so happy that NeNe does not take the high road when it comes to commenting on every single thing her former friend does. Usually when a friendship ends (in “Housewives” land I mean,) the ladies will not comment on the other to seem like the bigger person. Not NeNe! We all know that Kim is leaving “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for her on spin-off show, but did she quit or was she fired? It’s always hard to tell since “Bravo” allows the ladies to act as if they quit, even if they didn’t. Of course Kim says she quit, and of course NeNe says she was fired. NeNe tweeted: “It’s so funny how this chick wants people 2 think she quit the show! The producers no longer wanted 2 work wit u! Good bye wit the lies.” Kim responded with: “I definitely was NOT fired from RHOA. I can guarantee u that!!!” And finally NeNe tweeted: “None of the girls or producers wanted 2 work wit her! Saving face like all the other ex-housewives! U were FIRED! Good bye.” Although she’s my favorite of all, I don’t agree with NeNe, I don’t think Kim was fired. After all, she was given a spin-off show so the exit was probably planned. I’m sure the producers were tired of Kim not filming with the other ladies, so it was for the best. 

Ayden getting his haircut was so adorable, I thought it was so cute that he has his own little defense mechanism saying he’s “sleepy” when he wants to be left alone. Unfortunately, little Ayden’s second birthday party brings Dwight back onto the show as party planner. Phaedra and Dwight throw a fabulous event at the Aquarium, and only Kandi was in attendance. Kim calls with an excuse not to come, and Cynthia was out of town, but we’ll get to that later! The dolphin show seemed like it was three hours long if you’re going by Kandi’s face, she seemed pretty miserable. Even Ayden got “sleepy” which we now know is code. 

 There is so much to talk about each week when it comes to new girl Kenya. Too bad it’s all the same subject, marriage and kids. She is putting way too much pressure on this poor boyfriend of hers, and tonight she had back up. I officially do not like her Aunt; she was so out of line asking Kenya’s boyfriend so many personal questions about what else, marriage and kids. That was totally inappropriate, I understand that the clock is ticking (her biological clock I mean) but she needs to be a little more subtle before she scares this guy away. Then we see her heating up some lean cuisines and pretending she made him dinner. That would be fine if she didn’t then go into detail about how hard it was to boil the pasta, make the sauce, and how time consuming it was to cook the meal. What a psycho! 

NeNe and Cynthia meet for lunch in matching hats, and NeNe has an agenda. She’s going to drop the bomb that Phaedra accidentally butt-dialed a friend saying she didn’t give a fuck that Cynthia couldn’t make it to Ayden’s party. It’s the one down-side to Phaedra’s infamous donkey booty, a butt-dial during an inappropriate conversation. How un-lady-like of her, but what did she mean? Did she mean she didn’t give a fuck that Cynthia couldn’t come because she could care less about Cynthia? Or did she mean she didn’t give a fuck because Cynthia had a good enough excuse? It could be taken either way, and I don’t think it was meant in a mean way. Her reaction to being confronted however is much more telling. 

Cynthia catches Phaedra off guard when she confronts her, and I was waiting for Phaedra to say she was “sleepy” to avoid it. Instead she was distracted by a bug bite on her boob! What a way to change the subject, Phaedra was obviously so uncomfortable. At first she denied saying it, and once she found out it was actually on record, she didn’t have much to say at all. I think Phaedra is pretty classy, always gracious and doesn’t really engage in gossip. I don’t think it was mean-spirited; Phaedra doesn’t hold grudges and didn’t even say anything bad about Kim despite her lame excuse for not coming. Phaedra chose to avoid an argument, and Cynthia doesn’t have the ammunition to make it go any further. These two don’t have what it takes to argue with each other, so this will just turn into a major grudge that Cynthia will now hold all season long. I’m sure it will come back and bite Phaedra on her donkey booty at some point. 

 In all fairness, Cynthia has been to every one of Phaedra’s events that I can recall, and didn’t deserve that being said about her. But how was it meant? Was Phaedra being mean? Next week we have lots to look forward to! Kenya meets Phaedra’s husband and develops a major crush, Porsha finally interacts with the other ladies, and a round table argument with NeNe and Kim seated next to each other! In the end we see Kim taking off her microphone and slapping the camera away. So was she fired or did she quit? That is always the question when a “Real Housewife” exits. Let’s discuss here