Tonight’s episode was rather dull. It wasn’t until the last few moments that things really picked up when Adrienne laid her bitchiness thickly on what was a nice moment between Kim and Brandi. Not that Brandi isn’t always extremely inappropriate and rude at dinner parties, but for once I’m on her side, and surprisingly I think Kim will be too. 

The episode starts out where it left off last week, with Adrienne and Lisa meeting to hash out their differences. Lisa got exactly what she had wanted: an apology. Adrienne, on the other hand, did not get an apology, but I don’t think she or any of us could imagine Lisa actually giving one. Once she got her apology, it wouldn’t have been hard to say “I’m sorry too” just to say it, but Lisa really wasn’t sorry and luckily this meeting was still a success. Both agree to move on, and both deny being the type of woman to bash the other behind their back. Aside from mentioning the “hoofs” a few more times, I think Lisa can hopefully let it all go. Apology accepted, let’s all move on. 

 Brandi, like everyone else on television, is writing a book. You can’t be a “housewife” without one, and it’s one I would actually like to read. I’m fascinated by the Eddie Cibrian and Leanne Rimes situation, and I’d love to know the details and what Brandi has to say about her! At her photo shoot, she looked amazing. I couldn’t believe how critical she was of herself when she didn’t like a picture because of the wrinkle on her thumb. Really? Lisa was there for moral support, and as Brandi was talking about how Lisa has taken her under her wing, I was reminded of Cedric. Cedric was Lisa’s pet project: he wound up under her wing and she took care of him until he betrayed her and Ken. It seems as if Lisa picked a new sidekick to care for and spend all of her time with. 

 Kim is planning a weekend trip to Ojai, California for all the girls to spend time together. According to her, it’s a chance to put all their differences aside and reconnect. Camille is really giving the milk away for free, isn’t she? For someone who was fired from the show, she’s been in almost every episode so far. I couldn’t believe she was there, but the limo ride was spent talking about her boyfriend’s penis, so nothing new. Right at the start of the trip, the biggest issues are  the sleeping arrangements.

Some of the women will have to share rooms, and some of the rooms have twin beds. Adrienne is reminded of last year’s ski vacation when Lisa insisted on the master suite. That won’t happen again! First come, first serve. Adrienne is sure to make Lisa end up with a twin bed, and that’s exactly what happens. 

When Lisa and Brandi arrive, things are awkward when Brandi and Kim see each other. Kim looks like a deer in headlights, but she keeps her cool and they double kiss and play it off well. Lisa finds out about having to share a room with Brandi, and when she sees the twin beds she compares it to going camping. She doesn’t get as upset as Adrienne was hoping, at least not publicly.  

The dinner table, as usual, is where all the magic happens. Kim is the host, so she decides everyone can sit wherever they want. That puts her right across the table from Brandi, and that’s exactly what she didn’t want.

However, that was for the best. I have a new-found respect for Brandi because of the way she spoke to Kim and made peace. There’s no better way to strike up a conversation with someone who doesn’t like you then to compliment their kids! Great idea, Brandi. She tells Kim that she sees her kids around town, and how smart and lovely they are. Even though they obviously don’t like her, she sees what great kids they are.

Kim is touched, and then Brandi goes even further to really connect with her. She tells Kim about her own life, which consists of ending up home alone with nothing to do. Kim and Brandi at the same exact time admit to crying when the kids are gone and they’re all alone. Brandi also admits to drinking, which of course Kim used to do. She shows Kim just how much they have in common, and Kim is so touched she tears up. Brandi tells her that she may call it like she sees it, but she doesn’t judge. I loved seeing both of these women open up, and it was a great moment. That is, until Adrienne ruined everything. 

“Uh oh, somebody’s crying.” Adrienne sees Kim crying at the other end of the table, and instead of asking what’s wrong or being a little more subtle, she calls out (several times) to let everyone know. How much had they had to drink by that point? That was one of the most bitchiest, insensitive things I have witnessed in all my  “housewife” years. Brandi had every right to be pissed off, and in Brandi-fashion tells her to “shut the fuck up.”

I think Brandi was so shocked at her behavior, that’s what she blurted out. Unfortunately, this will now turn all the ladies against Brandi, rather than against Adrienne. In the last few minutes of the episode, it all happened so fast that we didn’t even get to see Kim’s reaction yet. Hopefully, she and Brandi will stick to this new-found friendship that started to develop, and I really think it will be beneficial to Kim. It was nice to see her in this episode tonight: she was level-headed and cool, and did great job as a host. If I was Kyle, I’d be very proud of her. 

 It seems that Yolanda is in for it next week at dinner, when everyone’s true colors come flying out. Major fighting ensues, and we’ll find out who attacks who. So, did Adrienne piss you off tonight, or do you think Brandi shouldn’t have told her to shut up? Let me know who’s side you’re on here