Tonight’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Miami” reminded me of why the Miami edition of this show is the least popular and least important. Nothing happened, and I’d much rather watch nothing happen to Ramona, Sonja, Vicki, NeNe, or Teresa. Literally: nothing happened. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to pick apart the episode for my own amusement though, there’s plenty of commentary to be had. 

 Lea is having a birthday party for her son, and for whatever reasons a few of her cast mates arrive, as well as Elaine Lancaster. Only one of the ladies (Adriana) actually had a kid to bring to the party. Elaine is pushing so hard to be a part of this show, much harder than Kim G. or even Kim D. ever did. We’ve seen her in every episode, getting as much camera time as she can suck out of this show, and she’s all over twitter promoting her appearances. As soon as the ladies are gathered they immediately start talking about Marysol and the feud between her and Elaine, once again. Everyone is against Marysol, and Lea surprisingly puts an end to the discussion since Marysol isn’t there to defend herself. 

We then see Marysol contemplating ending the fight with Elaine once and for all by having a nice sit down to clear the air. I was immediately so excited for this one, but alas the dispute was not very eventful. Elaine and her giant wig arrive at Marysol’s conference room, and the sparks don’t fly. Marysol apologizes and explains a little bit about what happened, in that she was simply trying to save Lisa money by recommending someone else’s services. Lisa, who she was trying to help, is the once speaking ill of Marysol the most by the way. She wasn’t trying to take money or a job away from Elaine. Elaine isn’t buying it and calls her a liar, demanding she admit what she’s done. Marysol is very low key in general, and no matter how hard she tried, Elaine wasn’t going to get a rise out of her. That’s really all that we got, the scene ended with no resolution, and I’m not impressed. 

Poor Lisa and her fertility issues, I feel for her so much. She’s so afraid that her marriage may be in jeopardy if she can’t conceive, and that’s really heartbreaking. It really doesn’t help when her in-laws arrive and relentlessly berate her about having grandkids. That’s so insensitive, especially when they know she had two miscarriages, they should be pushing so hard. 

Since Lisa’s issues involve fertility, so must Karent’s. It’s no surprise that Karent can’t let Lisa have the spotlight in that department, and suddenly needs to freeze embryos ASAP. Her relationship with Rodolfo is so strange, as is she, and I can’t take anything she says seriously. She’s a plastic tree, and I can’t imagine ever really caring about this woman at all.

It was so weird to find that most of the ladies happen to have their parents or in-laws in town at the same time. They all gather to have a Seder at Lisa’s house, and I really liked all the parents. Frederick, Adriana’s boyfriend (who I thought was her husband,) has his parents in from France celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. These two were precious, especially his dad. Nothing entertaining at all happens at this dinner, other than Elsa calling President Obama an animal. 

Next Adriana has the dinner party for Frederick’s parents’ 50th anniversary. Everyone comes except for Ana and Marysol, most likely because of Thomas Kramer being invited. After last week’s dinner party, I can’t believe we are seeing him again. I am still in shock that Lea, Adriana, and Joanna are accepting his behavior and actually inviting him to another event. After the episode on “Watch What Happens Live,” Lea Black defended herself by saying that since he was the host he had every right to tell the ladies to shush, and she was shocked by their behavior. Wasn’t she the one who started the argument with Marysol that got Ana banned from the table? Of course, this is the same woman who is best friends with Joe Francis, so her opinion obviously means nothing. The party is as uneventful as the entire episode, until Adriana comes out in costume and performs her dance. It reminded me of “I Love Lucy.” Oh Adriana, what goes on in your head? 

 What goes on in any of these ladies heads? I’m sticking to what I said last week; Ana is the only sane woman in Miami. Luckily they are all going on vacation next week, and lots of fighting will ensue. It will be revealed to Karent that Rodolfo is cheating, big surprise, and her reaction will finally tell us if she is a robot or a human. I need to know. 

After such a great episode last week, this one was a big disappointment. Every scene tonight could have easily been omitted from this season, and we could have skipped ahead to the vacation episodes. Those are my favorite after all, and after an episode of Karent and Rodolfo’s “fakemance” I can use a vacation myself. 

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Can we talk about how fake Karent is here please?