Chicago, 1931: Al Capone. Whoops! Wrong. Liquor, bad guy. Ummm, I mean tax evasion.

Long pause and we’re moving on. Nate and Kenny, remember them? Who are they you ask? Heck, I don't know. I've never mentioned them before. Ok, I admit it. I've made a mistake. Maybe it's an Al Capone thing, but proud Italian that I am, apparently I stop paying attention when it comes to liquor trafficking.

I didn't see nuthin.

Nuthin, I tell you. And I'm not even from Jersey. Hurrah!

Not to break from whom I’ve been but Jack is involved with some bad guys and he didn’t even know it. Declan seems to have had a clue. There is a christening of Carl with Emily as Godmother and Declan as Godfather. The bad guys, Kenny and Nate offer free liquor at the events reception, so really, how bad can they be? Matt is shot and he’s found by Charlotte. Maybe her character is like a blood hound, she seems to find every character that dies by the water?

Ashley – Last week we learned Ashley and Emily’s relationship began when she was a call girl. I must have slept most of this season because I didn’t catch until tonight that Ashley had a very brief affair with Conrad. Now, I’m probably a prude conservative, but I’m thinking to myself, how in the world can Ashley now be dating and living with Daniel and be okay with it? It makes me cringe just thinking about it. And admittedly, I must have slept through this season, but how did Daniel move on from Emily so fast? Welcome to the fold. More on that is coming; I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

Sweet, innocent, Ashley! Oh wait; I’ve already revealed that she isn’t who I thought she was. She is at target practice with the Graysons, (including Daniel,) Emily, Aiden and Nolan. Did I say target practice? Sorry for the slip; I forgot that the show is set in the Hamptons and not in the backwoods of Texas. They are at that event where someone yells “Pull” and then someone shoots a rifle. Victoria and Emily, along with the rest of the gang, are in costume, I mean proper attire, for the event. The name is on the tip of my tongue; I’ll have to Google it again. I called my boyfriend and left a voice mail, but he hasn’t returned my call yet. It’s called Close Point Aim (CPA,) maybe? Nonetheless, people with money in the Hamptons do it and I think I saw it in an episode of “Love Boat,” without the costumes so I hope you know what I’m talking about.

We find an actor that I don’t recall seeing before shooting/target practice/CPA as well. I recognize him as new because he was in the movie “Only You” with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. and I love that chick flick, so if he would have been in an earlier episode, I would have noticed, right? In that movie, he played a kind of romantic interest in Bonnie Hunt. His name is Joaquim de Almeida and his Revenge character’s name is Salvador Grobet. Ashley is pushed into a romantic trade with him, and Daniel catches them both wearing robes. No bueno. He kicks her out of his home and he doesn’t even know about Conrad yet, but Victoria does.

Nolan – In a move I’ve yet to understand, he has lost everything, except Padma. He’s reunited with Marco, but it’s not a pleasant reunion, and Marco questions why Nolan is allowing Amanda and Jack to live in squalor. It’s just not Nolan’s day.

Victoria and Conrad, our newlyweds – I’m wondering if that is what they are. I’m also questioning what Miss Manners would say on that one. Victoria is at the helm of sabotaging her son’s efforts to overthrow her husband in the vote of “no confidence” for control of Grayson Global.


I apologize sincerely. I blame the Italian in me but this business stuff is a snooze fest. Bars and Grayson Global control, I’m just not into the business stuff. Want my prediction? Are you still reading? Because if you are, you’re stuck with it. Emily, Nolan, and Aiden will make sure Daniel takes control and he’ll make them regret it.

Need I say, more?

Aiden – Let’s see, he has Emily in his bed; that’s a plus, but is it? Isn’t Emily really finally realizing that although she loves Jack, or so we as viewers are lead to believe, she isn’t ready for a relationship with Aiden because she is envious of the relationship she created between him and Amanda?

It’s being hinted that after the Christmas break, Daniel and Emily will (I’m saying it here first) revisit their relationship. Too bad Daniel has already screwed him, Aiden. Well, Aiden may have Emily on a thread, but despite that, his life isn’t that bad. He does have this James Bond thing going on. I’m sure after the winter break, he’ll end up on top, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ashley is involved. I’m not stating a fact, but I can see the handwriting on the wall.

Charlotte – She gave a speech at her nephew’s christening, stating that she knows Jack and Amanda are amazing parents because she knows what bad is. Yikes! Oh, you thought I said “yikes” because of what she said about Victoria and Conrad, or is that Victoria and David? No, I said “yikes” because I had to revisit the scene a dozen times to remind myself how she’s both Clay’s Aunt and Declan’s girlfriend. Ewwww!

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