Tonight’s episode was jam-packed and had a pretty significant cliffhanger. Kim walked away from brunch, and apparently the series as well. Too many excuses from Kim have Kandi, NeNe, Phaedra, and Cynthia fed up, and alas Kim has left the show. 

kandi1.jpgPhaedra and Apollo go Go-Kart racing with Kenya and Walter, getting a chance to know each other. Kenya mistook the meeting for being set up on a date with Phaedra’s husband however, and proceeded to flirt with him and his big muscles. This is foreshadowing for the rest of this season, Kenya being inappropriate, and as Phaedra says: needing attention. They are going to be working together on the infamous “Donkey Bootie Workout Video,” which is going to be hilarious. I wish it were out in time for Christmas.  

Cynthia and Peter have NeNe and Gregg over and start to plan the trip to Anguilla. Peter tells NeNe and Gregg that he’s going to surprise Cynthia with a vow renewal. NeNe can’t help but make faces and cringe every time Kim’s name is mentioned, and I could see her getting heated just mentioning inviting her on the trip. She must have grown up a little though because NeNe of season’s past would not have even considered going, but she’s now above that type of behavior. 

 Even more planning of the trip takes place, this time Cynthia meets with Kandi to discuss. Kandi used to be the peacemaker, the one that was friendly with everyone and was completely drama free. She was the nice girl. Now she has something to say about NeNe and Kim. She doesn’t even want NeNe to be invited because she thinks she’s too negative, especially if Kim were to go. Cynthia wants them to get along, Kandi doesn’t seem too interested. She hasn’t really fought with NeNe; she was always one of the few ladies NeNe could get along with. She's also onto Kim. She can see right through her excuses and deep down she must know that Kim’s not going to go on the trip. For whatever reason, she's insistent on inviting Kenya. How much did the producers pay her to force Kenya into the show? Obviously they want Kenya going on the trip, it’s a little contrived that Kandi is going to betray Cynthia and invite her. That’s what they want us to believe though, and so that’s how it will play out. 

Porsha is finally brought into the circle, in the name of charity, and meets with NeNe and Cynthia. NeNe likes her which is a good sign. NeNe proclaims herself to be a very good judge of character, hence not liking Kim, and she gets good vibes from her. Porsha fills the ladies in on her take on Kenya, after the huge fight they had over calling her “Miss America” instead of “Miss U.S.A,” and how ungracious Kenya was. Cynthia is so relieved and feels validated in hating Kenya’s guts. The best way to bond is always over hating someone else, so Cynthia and Porsha are going to get along just fine. With NeNe’s approval as well, Porsha is going to be the light to Kenya’s darkness. They definitely cast an angel and a devil this season. 

Kandi and Phaedra go shopping for frames, but not without Kandi’s “Kegel balls.” She’s wearing them an exercising her lady parts as we speak, Phaedra is intrigued and gets a pair of her own. Wow, Kandi surprises me all the time. Just when I think I know all there is to know, she inserts Kegel balls into her vagina and goes shopping. She was so proud of them too! Again, Kandi insists on inviting Kenya, she hasn’t seen the evil yet; she doesn’t know what we know. Phaedra goes from talking about penis rings to asking “What would Jesus do?” That’s our Phaedra. 

photo-copy.jpgCynthia’s brunch to once again plan this damn trip starts off with Phaedra apologizing with flowers. After the butt-dial that let Cynthia know just how little Phaedra gave a fuck about her, she had solid apology and was forgiven. Just as I suspected, if she was sincere, Phaedra meant that she was OK with Cynthia not going to her son’s first birthday. She didn’t mean that she didn’t give a fuck about her; she didn’t give a fuck about her not going. Cynthia forgives, but of course doesn’t forget. Everyone else arrives, even Kenya who invites herself on the trip since Cynthia refuses to say the words. At first Kim says she’s going. We all know she won’t. The excuses start coming out, and it’s obvious she’s just not going. By the end of her little rant, she goes from saying yes to saying definitely not, she can’t go. She’s too pregnant, isn’t allowed by her doctor to go, can’t leave the country, and is going away with Kroy at the same time. Wait, what? Did she just say she can’t go on vacation but she’s going on vacation? Just like the eviction that wasn’t an eviction, she once again makes no sense at all. She’s a walking contradiction, and should really learn how to be a better liar. Doesn’t she know that making more than one excuse is a big red flag? 

Well, Kim has made her last excuse of the season, and bowed out of her last trip. What would have been a simple excuse to not go on the couple’s trip to Anguilla, turned into a huge blow-out. Had Kim simply stuck to one excuse, in that she’s very pregnant, and not led the other ladies on, it might have gone over a lot better. Kim should have said no from the beginning, but she instead did exactly what everyone had anticipated which is even more infuriating. She started the conversation by raising her hand to confirm that she was going, and then said that leaving the country was not an option; she really pissed everyone off, especially Kandi. Kandi, finally saying what she wanted and calling Kim out, led NeNe to say what she thought too. What a throwback to see Kim and NeNe argue a little bit, it was nice. 

 In the end, Kim takes off her microphone and storms out, batting the cameras away like Lindsay Lohan on “TMZ.” Kroy appears out of nowhere, was he waiting in the car this whole time? What a good husband. This whole situation is blown out of proportion because Kim doesn’t care enough to lie well. Was it all for show? She does have her own spinoff coming up, and so I’m sure she was leaving the show anyway. Was this the last straw or did she just find an excuse to exit? Most of you agreed last week that Kim was not fired from the show, as claimed by NeNe. Did she quit? What do you think? Is Kim a bad actress or a bad liar? Let’s discuss here