Season 2 of “Shahs of Sunset” is finally here! Last season was a big hit. This show had great ratings for “Bravo” and this first episode brought us right back to where we left off. We rejoin the cast with all the same issues, Reza is still happy go lucky and fabulous, MJ still has mommy issues, and GG is still a hot mess who can’t interact with others. Mike is still all about his career, Asa is still an “artist” and a little obnoxious, and new girl Lilly is a “Persian Barbie doll” who I’m sure will be causing lots of drama. 

1-photo.jpgAsa is moving back into her house that she was renting to generate income, and now she’s flat broke. She’s hoping her music career will take off and she’ll be able to pay her mortgage and her bills, but the $30,000 worth of gold coins she has buried in her front yard are not an option I guess. With only $500 in her bank account, should she really have gold coins buried around the house? Asa is as crazy pants as ever, and she’s wearing really crazy pants. Maybe she has been hitting the diamond water a little too hard, because she doesn’t seem to be doing much to make money. She meets with Michael Costello, the fashion designer who I loved on “Project Runway,” and is really hoping to get the job doing the music for his fashion show. Of course, demanding flying to New York business class isn’t the way to make a good impression, and Asa still doesn’t have her priorities straight.

MJ’s mom is going on a six month vacation and they are dropping off her bird, named "Bird," to MJ’s uncle’s house. Last season we saw MJ’s mom rip her apart constantly and put her down every chance she got. Nothing’s changed, and MJ is brought to tears at dinner when her mom starts in on her. Her whole family tries to tell her that her mom is just the kind of person who hates everyone, and MJ shouldn’t expect anything from her. She just wants her mom’s approval and will never get it, you’d think MJ is a teen, but she’s actually in her late thirties.  

GG, whom is responsible for most of the drama last season, has still never worked a day in her life. She did however start her own company, but that doesn’t mean she’s actually done anything. “GG’s Hair Extensions,” her new business she shares with her sister, isn’t going so well. GG is responsible for the marketing and doesn’t know how to do it. Her sister is nine month’s pregnant and doing all the work. GG is thirty years old and completely useless; she also looks exactly like what Michael Jackson wanted to look like. Last season we saw her dad threaten to cut her off and stop paying her bills, I hope this season we see that actually happen. 

2-photo-copy-3.jpgReza, the most memorable character of this show, brings Lilly onto the show and he’s in love. He’s obsessed with her, her skinniness excites him, he wants to skin her and wear her like a coat. She’s too fabulous for him to deal with, he can’t take it. She’s his client, and he’s dying to be friends. Lilly looks exactly like Cher forty years ago, and I can already tell that GG and MJ are going to be so jealous and furious when they see her.

Last season MJ was adamant on never getting married, but now she’s ready. Reza, her BFF, comes over to make a dating website profile. The hardest part is thinking of a username, and he wants to go with “Middle Eastern Big Jugs.” They settle on “Persian Cupcakes” which is somehow worse, and we learn that her favorite sport is Ping-Pong. Her criteria is so specific that Reza claims there’s only three guys that fit the description, and she’s already dated two of them. 

Asa gets the Michael Costello gig, and invites everyone to dinner to celebrate. Just like season 1, GG ruins everything! Reza brings Lilly to introduce her to his friends, and it ends up being the most embarrassing display of drunken attention seeking ridiculousness you could imagine, even if you watch “Bravo.” Asa had terrible behavior too, and started out the evening a total bitch herself. It all stems from GG’s date, who laughs too loud and rubs Asa the wrong way. She calls him out for his laughing, and he gets mad and spends the rest of the night trying to piss her off, plus he and GG are getting really drunk. Asa for whatever reason tells him she likes his big nose, and likes that he never had a nose job because his nose is so big. What? Did the host of this dinner really just do that? 

3-photo-copy-2.jpgGG and big nose are completely wasted, loud, and inappropriate. They can’t stop talking and laughing and don’t let Asa make her toast. Everyone tries to get GG to sober up, and big nose has his hands up her dress and then threatens to hit all the girls like Rick Flair. Lilly calls him out for threatening to hit women and really stands up for everyone which was surprising for someone who doesn’t know anyone at the table. Maybe I’ll like her after all; MJ on the other hand looked like she got major heartburn when she walked in the room. I sense some jealousy, especially with MJ being Reza’s best friend, and Reza being newly obsessed with Lilly. 

Next week GG and Asa are going to take off their earrings and get in a fist fight. This season is going to be action packed with lots of drama and fighting. Keep your eye on GG if you’re a “housewives” fan, and keep your eyes on Reza and Mike if you’re a “Million Dollar Listings” fan. Three cast members are real estate agents, and they’re in Beverly Hills! I’m excited for this season; let me know what you think here