The Queen of Hearts has struck again. Much in the same way Cora has toyed with the hearts of those she has come across, this show is toying with mine. I don’t know what to think about the storyline anymore. It’s fantastic to be sure, but could you stop confusing me about when and where events are taking place? The show has at least three storylines we’re supposed to be keeping track of: StoryBrooke now, Fairytale Land now, and Fairytale land past. I don’t know about anyone else out there but my brain has a hard time keeping all the timelines straight. Then to make matters more, uh, “exciting” we have the different personalities of the characters of then versus now. It’s frustrating to see how much a person has changed but not know the why of it. I want answers to all my questions but I’m pacified each week by being spoon fed at least one resolution. As always though, my mouth is on the floor by the end of the episode, spouting off more questions.

What a chilling end to the winter finale: Cora and Hook have made it into our world. I wonder what their strategy will be. If I were them I would lay low for a small while and acquaint myself to this new world without powerful magic. I would observe my enemies and prepare a plan for their demise. Cautious, patient, and unpredictable would be my strategy. However, I am neither Cora nor Hook, though I’d take Hook any day. This duo is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery and their methods are hard to predict. What would your strategy be? Tell me here in the forums. I have a theory about what will happen when they try to enter StoryBrooke, but as much as my heart wills it to be true, reason tells me I’m being naïve.  Because Cora and Hook are entering StoryBrooke from the harbor, they will be crossing over the line that contains the curse. We haven’t seen proof yet that the curse works either leaving town or entering town, so it is still plausible that people originally touched or affected by the curse could be cursed again. This could mean that both may forget who they are if they cross the town line. My theory has many holes to be sure, but it’s always nice to dream.

One thing that comes to mind while I’m sitting here typing this is that Belle may recognize Hook as the man who attacked her in her tower and tell Rumple about him. We all know that Rumple loves Belle, despite his greed, and will do anything to ensure that she is protected and honored. This may be the catalyst for Rumple to search StoryBrooke for a man of Hook’s description and begin what could either be a fierce battle or a possible alliance against a much greater evil named Cora. Another possibility is that Cora learns that Rumple has fallen in love with Belle and may use Belle as a way of controlling Rumple. I mean, we all know Cora has no heart, literally, and will do anything to destroy someone’s happiness if it doesn’t match her own. Speaking of Rumple, does anyone else find him more attractive after these last few episodes? I’m not sure why but I find myself looking at Rumple with compassion and an open heart. To me, it’s easy to see how Belle could have fallen in love with such a man. Something has changed within Rumple and he’s become more charming. Perhaps this is a new beginning for him. After all, Rumple was never purely evil.

In fact, I don’t believe that Hook is all bad either. He’s a man who had his love taken away from him by Rumple. Keep in mind that Rumple also had his love taken away by none other than Hook. This love lost for both men, of course, is Milah: Rumple’s wife. Two men fighting over the same woman that neither one was destined to have. One man captured her heart and the other crushed it. Hook only turned vengeful after Rumple killed Milah. Perhaps if Hook finds another love, and hopefully it’s not Belle, then I think we may see the tension between these two charming men calm down.

Don’t we all just love happy endings? Snow and Emma were able to make it safely back to StoryBrooke. Hooray! Snow woke Charming with true love’s kiss. Hooray! Everyone in town was going to dinner together. Hooray! Rumple and Regina got left behind in the dust after everything they did to try and help. Hooray? No, I didn’t think so either. Yes, Rumple and Regina have quite the history behind them and yes, they haven’t always had the best intentions. However, why on earth should that ever mean they also don’t deserve happiness? I empathize for both Regina and Rumple and I’m disappointed in Charming and all the others in StoryBrooke for not recognizing the need for compassion and sense of family and acceptance. After all those two did for Emma and Snow, I don’t think a single, proper thank you was muttered by anyone except Emma. Regina has had her heart broken too many times. She looked absolutely distraught watching Emma walk away with Henry. I think we all should prepare for the Evil Regal’s return.

I want to take this moment and say thank you to everyone who has helped edit my articles each week and to thank my readers. Without you, these articles would be and mean nothing more than organized scribbles. Your support is appreciated and I look forward to delivering you more articles when "Once Upon A Time" returns. Until then my dearies: Happy Holidays!