Part 1

Who are you today, the pot or the kettle? Honestly Gemma, did you really just punch Tara in the stomach and send Clay down the river?

Warning, “Sons of Anarchy” contains mature content, like motorcycle gangs and dead people. Lots of dead people, but they know they are dead, and when they die, they are actually written off the show.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned

They say the first step in defeating an addiction is to admit you have a problem. And I have a problem, all I’ve ever been able to think about since the Friday after Thanksgiving is the T.V. show Sons of Anarchy.

I’m a pretty conservative person. I have cable, but it’s not a big fancy package, it’s just the basics. I knew that meant no premium channels and as much as I love Larry David, (he’s positively hysterical) I can buy a season at a time of his show on Blu-ray so it all worked out in the end.  That is until I realized that FX, the station that carries "Sons on Anarchy" isn’t part of my cable package. Seriously? I get the channel that airs “Hot in Cleveland,” but not “Sons of Anarchy?”

Back to my addiction, after spending a few weeks doing everything I could imagine to avoid paying for cable to see the latest episode, I broke down just hours ago, and ordered the station. I got a pretty good deal too. Hurrah!

I haven’t completely caught up yet so I want to start off by clearing up a few things my biggest critics (my boyfriend and adult son) have stated that I need correct from my last article.

My boyfriend gave me another four season recap while we were at dinner recently. His initial explanation of the show started a little like this:

“See him, that thing he is riding is called a motorcycle. M O T O R C Y C L E. He is in a gang. A gang is a group of people who hang out together and travel in packs. It’s a little like a family. He’s like Robin Hood.”

I’m rolling my eyes at this point. Thankfully the friends I hang out with don’t cut off people’s hands when they are “conflicted.”

Jackson ‘Jax’ – He’s conflicted. He really wants to go straight but in order to go straight, he needs to kill people. I’m still trying to catch myself up on who killed who and why. I’ll get more information soon; maybe even disclose how the killings occur, provided I can keep my eyes open.

Otto – I think the guy in the prison hospital bed is named Otto, even my boyfriend isn’t exactly sure. Otto apparently knows the way to a woman’s heart, because after a very humbling act he performed in front of Tara when he last saw her, she against her better judgment brought him a rosary.

Catch is, it’s not the little plastic rosary your Nana keeps next to your baby photo, nor is it the type of rosary with a metal cross that are a smidge bigger than a quarter and have a few pearls. This rosary was huge, huge, huge I tell you! It was much bigger than his palm.

“Is she really naïve enough to hand him this cross?” I asked my boyfriend. “Doesn’t she know he will strangle her?”

“Nah, he’s not going to kill Tara,” my boyfriend assured me. “There may be a suicide, but he’s not going to kill her.”

We were both taken by surprise because, instead he took what was behind door number three, and he killed a nurse. How? Well, I closed my eyes during this part; I believe the cross was big enough and sharp enough to stab the nurse, making Tara an accessory.

Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow - Little does Clay know, but his estranged wife plans to love on him a bit to get information to help her son. Gemma is doing this because Tara told her she’d forgive her for placing her sons in harm’s way if she did.

Gemma – Contrary to what I wrote last week, she has not dated her way through the gang. She’s actually someone everyone in the club looks up to, kind of like a mother figure, at least until recently when the power position in the gang shifted from her husband Clay to her son, Jax.

Gemma must know she’s losing ground to her Tara, because immediately after Tara forgave her, Gemma punched her in the stomach. Wow, and I thought my little old Sicilian paternal grandma was a force to be reckoned with, may she rest in peace.

Why? You ask. Why would Gemma do such a thing? Well, in her defense, she did threaten her first. She did it subtly and nicely, I dare say; if it’s possible to threaten someone nicely. And she wonders why Tara wants to take her son’s and leave Charming. Aw, who’d ever want to leave a town named Charming? – Wait, am I watching the wrong show? Funny, Tara didn’t mention specifically taking Jax with her, at least not in the last part of that scene. Interesting.

Gemma gets the upper hand back, at least for now, by leaking to the police that Tara was an accessory to Otto and that Clay was involved in some killing of some other character. Both Tara and Clay are arrested. It’s a busy day for Gemma.

More about the dead people soon, I promise. There is plenty of time, because as I mentioned earlier this isn’t a show where there will be a dream sequence and someone be returning. If they’re dead, they are dead.