The vacation episode has finally arrived. The women of Miami put on their platforms, packed their bags full of makeup and head wraps, and headed to Bimini, Bahamas by private plane. Elsa predicts a storm is coming, was she right?  

As the women meet at the airport, Adriana brings as much luggage as Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America” according to Marysol. She’s got dozens of outfits and a full suitcase of make-up for a weekend getaway. The one thing she didn’t pack was her passport. As soon as she decides to run home and get it, Lea immediately starts squawking about leaving without her. She seemed adamant on taking off before Adriana got back, and none of the ladies considered trying to wait for her. 

On the plane, Marysol almost threw up upon landing. Adriana did in fact miss the flight, and due to bad weather they wouldn’t put her on another flight. That would be fine had the ladies not taken her luggage with them. Considering she packed everything she owns, except for the platforms on her feet, she had to make the trip. 

The women divide into two houses that Joanna assigns based on who can stand each other and who can’t. Lisa, Karent, Joanna, and Lea end up together in one house. How did Lea end up with them? She must have been the least vocal in her loathing of Karent, because we all know she too is not a fan. 

Alexia has something on her mind; she has a secret she’s determined to reveal to everyone. What starts out as asking Lea for some private advice, turns into all the ladies huddled in the bathroom together gossiping about Karent and Rodolpho. Alexia has proof in writing that Rodolpho has a 24 year old girlfriend named Ana, and the article in her possession has a picture of them kissing. Everything starts to make sense. At the beginning of the season Karent accused Ana of texting Rodolpho, which began the rift between them. We now know that it was in fact this other woman. Deep down, it’s obvious that Alexia can’t wait to tell all and is dying to see Karent’s reaction. They’re all excited for the drama, Alexia’s merely trying to find the right way to tell her and save face. She’s polling the other ladies and trying to figure out how to reveal the information and still look good. 

Everyone’s getting along, and they all head to dinner. Lea is taking tons of shots, and I feel like I’m watching the “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Something about the anticipation of the shit hitting the fan reminds me of the “O.C” ladies and their tension filled trips. They go around the table and reveal something about themselves to bond. Joanna is working on her relationship with Romain, what else is new? Lisa feels unfulfilled after not working for four years, and Karent is so happy to be in a peaceful, serene environment with the ladies. Oh, she’s in for it!

Back at the house, Alexia so subtly brings up cheating partners. Hmm, random topic: have you ever been cheated on, show of hands? Yeah, OK Alexia we get it, you’re dropping the bomb and we want you to. You’ve sunken to that level, embrace it. She sets Karent up and asks her if someone was cheating on her, would she want to know. Of course she would, Lea squawks that she’ll bitch slap anyone that doesn’t want to know! Alexia can’t figure out how to say it without looking bad, so she takes Lisa aside (the only one who is Karent’s actual friend,) and tells her first. Alexia acts like she’s now the victim who has this information, and since Karent is bringing up cheating and wanting to know if someone is cheating, it’s so awkward if she doesn’t say anything. Lisa insists on telling her, and all the women bottleneck them like a car accident, feeding off the anticipation.

So at this point, Lisa wants to tell Karent in private, although Joanna’s OK since she’s also a true friend. Alexia storms in insisting she too be a part of the conversation since it’s her news. It’s at this point that Lisa realizes that Alexia isn’t coming from a sincere place, she’s not concerned about Karent, and she just wants to see the look on her face. Hey Lisa: 100% true, you nailed it! Alexia doesn’t care about Karent; she wants to be the bearer of bad news for someone she doesn’t like. She just wants to bring her down; her only concern is doing it with class.

Sorry Alexia, you can’t bring someone down if they won’t let you. A little delusion goes a long way. Karent doesn’t even believe it, and won’t even consider a picture to be true. As she puts it, “Elvis is alive according to the National Enquirer.” Despite the facts, Karent doesn’t believe it, but there are two possibilities here. Either Karent doesn’t want to believe it and Rodolpho is in fact cheating, or their entire relationship is fake to begin with. Everyone has questioned their relationship as even being real, and here’s some evidence that maybe it’s not. She didn’t seem surprised, although she never shows any emotion anyway. It’s possible that she knew about it, and she was just using Rodolpho as a fake boyfriend of some sort for the show. Seems far-fetched but anything is possible with this woman, this show, this franchise, this channel, you know what I mean. Next week I look forward to analyzing it a little further and trying to come to a conclusion, I may not be able to base it on facial expressions though. 

So, what did you think of our vacation episode? Is Rodolpho cheating; did Karent know? Please give me your theories here