My heart is heavy, as you remember; my last article was labeled “Part 1,” indicating that “Part 2” was pending. I did this because was just getting into the show, into the characters, understanding how and why Jax is thought of as someone out to do more good than bad, who the dead people are, and why they’re dead. Then it happened. I was blindsided by a teaser. A teaser, you ask? Yes, it was a teaser. I don’t think I can refer to it as a spoiler, because the episode had already aired, and I, admittedly had already watched it, with varying concentration initially. For those of you who know the episode, you probably read part one and stood on your couches, as only Tom Cruise can, screaming, “Why are you ignoring the elephant in the room?”

Well, I didn’t see it.

Today I was at a technology meeting and we were asked about our "ah ha" moment, the moment we knew Social Networking was big. Naturally, I mentioned Joker’s Updates. Someone commented that they had read my editorial (part one.) After I picked myself up off the floor, she told me she was with a Pit Bull rescue group and what she shared with me next made me physically ill.

Are you sitting down? No, really sit down for this one.

Dog Fighting

The first time I've ever been approached about my editorials and I'm asked how I intend to handle the dog fighting issue. Of course my mind is telling me, “I’m against dog fighting,” but we both know that isn’t what she was asking. What did I get myself into?

My mind is going to my happy place - a princess lunch at Ariel's Grotto. I’m taking some deep breaths. Obviously I chose to write about “Sons of Anarchy” because I wanted a challenge. Hurrah! I don't know if I'll be able to keep my eyes open, but I promise I will address the elephant in the room.

Okay, I’m back, did all y’all miss me?

Warning – Sons of Anarchy contains violent content and mature subject matter. Furthermore, I’ve only recently subscribed to a cable program that allows me access to see the episodes at home so I missed the first several minutes of this controversial episode.

Juice – I’ve lied to you. Here’s a character that lived through death. My son told me tonight that Juice tried to commit suicide but it didn’t work because the tree branch broke. So he’s alive; he’s unstable, but alive.

Jax – The journal keeping, milk drinking (from the carton,) just trying to be an average guy, has won me over. I finally get it, and hopefully if I’ve done my job correctly, you’ll get it too.

One more quick oversight that my friend shared with me is that Jax’s ex, the mother of his oldest son (aka the junkie,) makes an appearance in this episode (in the first several minutes apparently.) No wonder Gemma was so offended that Tara wanted to leave Charming with her grandsons.

My DVR started with Jax at work. Wow, he really does actually go to work! It looks more like a club house, but I’ll cut him some slack.  

Chibs is performing minor surgery. The dog Tig rescued. Jax and Tig leave to “shut it down.” Shut what down? It’s a dog fighting ring.

When they arrive in the dessert, Tig remarks that he sees no kennels and no pens. From behind them, Jax is greeted by Pope and three associates. Tig is blindsided. At Jax’s request, he surrenders his gun and jacket. Pope and his crew ask Jax to surrender his gun as well and Pope moves Tig into a warehouse.

Jax then casually walks to his bike, opens up a compartment, gets a second gun, and shoots associate number one. Next he single-handedly ambushes Pope and his remaining two associates. He gives Tig the gun (which Tig eventually recognizes as Clays) and Tig shoots Pope.

“The man who called the play that killed your best friend is gunned down by the man you hate most.” Mr. Marks said.

“I’m just a mechanic, looking out for my family” Jax replies.

This is the best ironic line in the history of TV - and I’ve only seen about 10 episodes of this series. Prior to this, in my humble opinion, the best was one of Martin Landau’s last lines in “Crimes and Misdemeanors” when he said, “I mean, if you want a happy ending, you should go see a Hollywood movie.”

They shake hands, and after Jax walks off, Mr. Marks orders Clay dead.

The Elephant in the Room - After re-watching the episode I completely know why I missed it. It’s, don’t hate me for writing this, subtle. The scenes have empty cages but I thought it was just industrial garbage. When I initially watched the dog getting stitched up, I thought it was a human stabbing, I assumed. Admittedly I didn’t see the first few minutes; I might have missed a lot.

Alex ‘Tig’ Trager - Tig is genuinely enamored with the most gorgeous, egg shell beige dog I’ve ever seen before in my life. It’s honestly a very touching scene.

Otto – He cut off his own tongue. Tara is in the clear. Hurrah! Oh wait, I already told you in part 1, Gemma spews to the cops.

Robert Munson - The guy who looks like Hagrid calls Jax out for framing Clay and for not following the straight and narrow.

Gemma – With her estranged husband behind bars she’s in the clear to run off into the sunset with her beau. “Only men need to be loved sweetheart, women need to be wanted.”