Oh Brandi, you’re really taking it up a notch this season, thank you. Thanks for being our little truth cannon and telling it like it is. So what if you crossed a line, took it too far, and went below the belt. That’s what we love about you. Most of us are “Team Brandi” these days, and the internet is about to explode with viewers trying to figure out what “Bravo” wouldn’t let us hear. What did they edit out that was so scandalous? The rumors have been flying, but the most probable answer will be revealed below. 

Mauricio and Kyle give their daughter a car and play a prank on her about the house being egged. Mauricio makes her think it must be someone from school that doesn’t like her, and takes her outside to reveal the new car. Because their daughter was so happy, both parents were obviously expecting big hugs from her, which they didn’t get. Still, it was a cute scene, and who doesn’t love Mauricio?

Brandi and her f-bombs, she wants to put “fuck” in the title of her new book. Did she really think that would happen? The book is instead titled “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders.” Umm, great title, I’m still interested. At lunch with her book agent, Brandi tells him about no one being happy for her and that Adrienne, of course, had to reveal that she too had a book deal. Off camera he must have told her that Adrienne doesn’t have a book deal, because later when Brandi goes off on her rant about Adrienne, it’s one of her bullet points. 

At Sur, we see Lisa reprimand one of her servers, and it was definitely an introduction to “Vanderpump Rules,” Lisa’s soon to air reality show. This is what we’re in for, and I love Lisa so I’ll gladly be watching. She’s also preparing for a menu-tasting with the cast, minus Adrienne. She assures Brandi that her husband’s ex-mistress will not be working that night, so it’s safe to attend.

At the menu-tasting, Kim looks great. She really does. Not only that, Kim is early, hell, Kim showed up! Can you believe it? She’s in such a better place, not long ago Kim was never at events and if she was, she was extremely late. Days late even. This time it’s Kyle who’s late, and Kim and Brandi leave her a cute message as if she needs a tardiness intervention.  

At the table, everyone is getting along, and don’t worry there’s no fight here, just fighting words. Brandi goes off on a major tangent about Adrienne and her lies. It has gone so far beyond the “somebody’s crying” episode, that now we learn of all the behind the scenes drama. Apparently, Adrienne and Paul wanted to destroy Lisa publicly, and tried to intimidate Brandi into doing their dirty work. They tried to strong-arm her into helping them via Twitter, and when she refused, things got heated. Brandi didn’t want to make herself look like a liar, to help them. She hates liars, and Adrienne, well she’s a liar. She bashes Adrienne for so long that they had to edit into a time lapse of highlights. What seemed like forever was whittled down into a few moments of the nastiest comments made. The gist was that Adrienne is a liar and that Brandi hates her. Then, the unthinkable happened. The comment was so below the belt that it was muted; “Bravo” couldn’t even reveal it to us. The table was shocked; this was out of line. Whatever bombshell it was, Kim is pissed. Adrienne isn’t even there to defend herself, and the women all think Brandi went too far. So, what did Brandi say? 

 According to “Wet Paint,” the rudest comment ever made on Bravo doesn’t have to do with Adrienne and Paul’s divorce. No, Adrienne didn’t cheat, nor did she drive drunk or rob a bank. Throughout the episode everyone was more shocked by the fact that the private issue brought up was about Adrienne’s family. Naturally, to be that offensive you’d assume it was about her kids. Well, it was. Remember last week when Brandi polled the women about whether they had vaginal births or C-sections? What was Adrienne’s answer? Well whatever it was, it was a lie. Apparently Brandi, in trying to prove what a liar Adrienne is, revealed that Adrienne in fact used a surrogate to birth her children. Brandi had major issues with that, since she obviously lied in Ojai. 

Mauricio has just launched his own real estate company called “The Agency” and everyone is set to attend his party. Kyle must not be too bright if she allowed her husband’s clients to be at the same party as her cast mates. Everybody knows a party brings drama. Kim arrives on time again, looking amazing again. Too bad she’s about to get in trouble with her sister. You were doing so well Kim! When Kim sees Adrienne and Paul, she has to tell them about what Brandi said. She thinks they have the right to know, but wrong time, wrong place. Obviously it wasn’t a good idea to tell them at Mauricio’s party. Paul is seething, fuming, and wants to confront Brandi right away. Adrienne’s pissed too, but all she can think of is filing a lawsuit against her. 

At first, they act is if they are just going to leave and avoid the inevitable confrontation. Paul can’t take it and has to blurt out a comment within ear range of Brandi, just so he can say something. He calls her a bitch and a piece of shit. Adrienne calls her a liar, oh I’d say thirty times. In the end, Adrienne accuses Brandi of sleeping until 3 PM and leaving her kids alone all the time. As she leaves, she also accuses her of doing drugs. I don’t think Brandi does drugs, but it’s pretty ironic considering all the crystal meth accusations Brandi made about Kim last year.  

Brandi is bringing the drama; she’s the self-proclaimed truth cannon set to destroy Beverly Hills one comment at a time. Things are only going to get worse. Most of you are on Brandi’s side, but don’t you think she needs to find a better way to express herself? These women can’t handle her truth the way she serves it; she’d be much more effective if she pulled it back a bit. I would love to see her get the upper hand and take down Adrienne, but she’ll never do it with Adrienne always taking the high road. Right or wrong, Adrienne will always come out on top as long as she acts like the bigger person, and going below the belt isn’t going to help Brandi at all. Thank god she has Lisa on her side; Lisa needs to enforce some Vanderpump rules on her. 

In the end, it’s obvious that this will cause a rift between Kim and Kyle. Kim shouldn’t have told Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s work party, and Kyle takes major issue. Will the Richard’s sisters ever get along? No, because Kyle never lets anything go. Give Kim a break, she’s doing well and she did something dumb. Well, at least she looks fantastic!

One part of the episode that I didn't mention is Ken's surgery. Ken had a hip replacement and his family was frazzled and worried for him, but Ken did great and was recovering well. 

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