Tonight’s episode was all about Lea Black telling everyone what she really thinks, good or bad. She led the charge in making this trip to Bimini which was a chance to get to the bottom of all the issues that have been holding everyone back. Everyone may leave this trip a little closer, and with everyone together to hash it out, it may be time to put this season’s issues in the past. Not only that, but Lea is also rocking a dozen different turbans tonight, and I'm feeling it Lea; I get it. 

The morning after the big confrontation regarding Karent’s boyfriend Rodolpho having an affair, Karent is still lacking emotion. She doesn’t believe Alexia, or at least she is hiding her feeling to save face. Lea tries to get through to her, and tells her she needs to start standing up for herself. Karent admits to trying to avoid confrontation at all costs, and Lea just wants her to take a stand for once. Karent says the other ladies need to take a look at their own lives, and stay out of hers. After all, from what she’s heard Alexia’s husband is gay! Karent is really just venting and saying what she really wanted to say last night. Well, Rodolpho is never mentioned in all of this, so we still don’t know what Karent really thinks about the supposed affair, and we may never know. Was the relationship even real? I still wonder. Could this have been another case of hiring a fake boyfriend like Kenya Moore

Marysol and Alexia call Mama Elsa to tell her about the drama that’s happened so far. As Marysol said, Mama Elsa is unpredictable and you never know how she will react. They definitely didn’t get the reaction they wanted, because Mama Elsa was furious that they were gossiping in Bimini, as if Miami gossip wasn’t enough. She was disappointed in Alexia, and really schooled the ladies on this situation being none of their business. Alexia reveals that she had actually taken the high road, because she tore up the article and was about to flush it down the toilet. That makes up for everything. 

Lea and Lisa are outside and the subject of having children is brought up, of course. Lea actually has some really comforting advice for Lisa, and it was a nice scene. Lisa is so desperate to give her husband a child, as we know, and Lea tells her to keep trying and stop worrying. If it will happen, it will happen. She’s sure Lisa will eventually have kids, and she’s not doing herself any favors by putting so much pressure on the matter. Lisa’s only 29, the whole problem unfortunately stems from her husband being 45. 

The women are overdressed as they take golf carts to a dingy conch stand for some aphrodisiacs. It is there that Marysol suddenly has an epiphany to finally divorce Philippe. A wave came over her, and she became enlightened. 

Next we find out that sadly, Karent's father was rushed to the hospital due to something to do with his pacemaker. Karent is frantic and wishing she wasn’t on this trip. Everyone comforts her, and she’s so devastated that she doesn’t want to come to dinner or do anything. Her parents are her life, and she actually opens up to the ladies which was nice. All the gossip and rumors mean nothing, her family is everything. Lisa’s concerned that Alexia and the others will assume that she’s not at dinner because of what happened the night before, but Karent could care less. 

 At dinner, everyone is getting along at first. Lea announces that for her to leave her family, this trip needs to be about building relationships to make it worth her time. She wants to resolve issues, and clear some air.  Marysol makes a big mistake by commenting on how Karent needs to be able to say she’s sorry every once in a while. Umm, excuse me? No you didn’t! 

Here we go. Lea targets Marysol immediately. She just opened up a huge can of worms. Marysol is the poster-child for not apologizing. In fact, Lea points out that Marysol didn’t apologize to Elaine at their meeting. Marysol claims she did, even though she didn’t have to. Didn’t have to? Now Lea is fuming. Of course Marysol has plenty to apologize for, she just never does. Ana points out that just because Lea says it like a fact, is it? She may have the loudest voice, but as a lawyer, Ana knows that doesn’t make it true. 

The first issue: Lisa Pliner’s party and Marysol suggesting she not hire Elaine. Marysol claims that Lisa wanted to save money, and she merely told her that Elaine would charge her. Lisa Pliner has been filmed in defense of both sides of the argument, so she’s definitely the heart of this drama. 

 The second issue: At Lea’s Gala where tickets were selling for a thousand dollars, one of Marysol’s employees gave out dozens of wristbands to non-paying people, whoever they may have been, so they could be front and center to see Little Wayne. 

The third issue: Marysol’s employee shoved Lea’s donors off of the red carpet to make room for her own people, whoever they may have been. Maybe Lea’s issue should have been with this girl. Let’s get her on the show. 

 The fourth issue: Marysol’s employees harassed and stalked Pharrell, and he begged Lea to get them away from him. Marysol denies this, along with every other one of Lea’s complaints. She has no idea what she’s talking about, at all! 

Ana is torn about coming to Marysol’s defense, or letting her fight her own battle. The lawyer in her wants to step in, the mother in her wants to teach Marysol to defend herself. The lawyer wins, and Ana defends her; despite the fact that Marysol throws her under the bus among all the fighting. Ana told Lea that Marysol said Elaine was doing her dirty work, and Marysol denies saying that at all. In turn, she calls Ana a liar. Nevertheless, she still defends her and her business. 

Karent comes out in the middle of all this fighting, and lets everyone know she’ll be leaving early in the morning on the next flight out. Whoever doubted her intentions for missing dinner, now knows it was simply because of her family emergency. 

After all that fighting, Lea gets up and gives Marysol a big hug. Maybe she just needed to get it all off her chest so she could move on. Nothing was resolved, Marysol denied everything. Marysol starts crying because she misses her friendship with Lea, and hopefully they’re ready to move on. So maybe the issue is really about Marysol having terrible employees. 

Next week is the big finale.  There will be two proposals and one divorce all in one episode. The finale will not disappoint, this season is such an improvement from the last, and I can’t wait for reunion time! What did you think of the Bimini trip? Lea said all she had to say, and Marysol didn’t, so who’s side are you on? Decide here