Tonight’s episode picked up right where it left off last week; Kenya was being inappropriate as usual and overly sexual. She asked the unthinkable of Phaedra, which two friends would Phaedra allow her husband to sleep with on his birthday. Phaedra is a respectable southern belle, everybody knows, so her reaction needed as few words as possible to get the point across. She shot her down by basically telling her not to go there, and Kenya assured everyone it was all in good fun. I don’t think anything Kenya does is in good fun!

 Kenya’s actions were not lost on the ladies, the flirting with Apollo, begging the owner of the house for his sperm, rubbing her bootie all over Peter. Enough is enough. Phaedra stresses that she’d be a fool to disrespect her marriage, especially when she’s already hot and bothered about the pool pushing. Kenya backs off, but all this behavior makes Miss NeNe Leakes very curious.

NeNe has been observing Kenya this whole trip, and she spent this entire episode poking at her to see if she’d blow. She didn’t miss an opportunity to question Kenya’s relationship with Walter (much like the rest of us,) and started in on her immediately. “Something doesn’t smell right” NeNe pondered to us regarding Kenya and Walter’s relationship. Something wasn’t connecting. So NeNe felt it was appropriate to ask Kenya if their relationship was even real. With all the flirting going on right in front of Walter, who wouldn’t wonder what the hell was going on? 

Porsha fills Cynthia in on Kenya’s scandalous dance moves with Peter, which apparently Cynthia didn’t see. I didn’t realize that Cynthia didn’t notice that Kenya was “putting extra sauce on her sandwich.” It makes much more sense now because she had no reaction last week, and Porsha makes it clear that she was really dropping it. If it was Porsha, she would have put a stop to the drop, and Kenya’s vile behavior just keeps getting worse. 

After the men excuse themselves to discuss the upcoming vow renewal, Walter asks Kenya if he can speak to her alone. Her first thought, he’s going to propose! As her excitement rose and he led her away, I prayed that he was going to instead break up with her. She was ready for the proposal and checking his pockets for the ring box, but unfortunately he just wanted to tell her about the ceremony for Peter and Cynthia. Oh how disappointed she is, sorry Kenya. Guess what, you’re not getting engaged! 

Next they all get massages and NeNe again asks Kenya if the relationship with Walter is real. It’s not. Kenya gets defensive and of course: doesn’t care what anyone thinks, ever. NeNe just can’t see it. OK, we all now know that the big story out there about Kenya is how Walter claims the relationship was in fact fake. I find it odd that NeNe has been hounding her this whole trip about the exact matter in the news. Maybe Kenya is just that bad of an actress, and now that NeNe is a famous actress, she can spot bad acting when she sees it. Either way, everything about Kenya is so unbelievable that I truly don’t believe it. I think she thought it would be a cute storyline for her to be on the verge of a proposal, and was one of the ways she planned to stay relevant on the show. Between her behavior and Walter’s lack of interest, it’s obvious that these two won’t be getting engaged anytime in the near future. What she thought made her adorable has made her unwatchable. 

The main event of the trip has finally arrived, and no it has nothing to do with needy Kenya. Peter is going to renew his vows in a surprise ceremony with Cynthia. They all pretend they are going to a white party to meet the Prime Minister. When they arrive on the beach, Cynthia is totally clueless as she is handed a bouquet and approaches the altar. She’s happily surprised and the ceremony was really nice. These two have finally gotten my approval as a couple, after the disaster that was their last wedding. If Phaedra is willing to call Peter an angel, well a “black angel dressed in white,” then I give them my blessing. 

That was the main event of their trip, but now on to the main event of our show. The ladies lounge around eating cold cuts and strawberries, and NeNe is again being an instigator. She marvels at the fact that Porsha and Kenya have been getting along and have seemingly put their differences aside. She innocently (yeah right) asks just what happened that caused the first argument between them. Porsha is not kind in her telling of what happened, and isn’t afraid to take a dig at Kenya every chance she gets. That doesn’t mean, however, that her telling isn’t the truth. 

As she puts it, Kenya was invited to her charity event not as an honored guest. When she acted like she was above everything and was disrespectful the entire time, that was just unacceptable. Porsha of course called her “Miss America” rather than “Miss U.S.A” which gave Kenya the opportunity to fly off the handle and be the mega-bitch she wanted to be anyway. Porsha calls her behavior unacceptable, which we now know is always going to be the case, and Kenya loses it completely. She doesn’t want to rehash what happened because it was so long ago, she’d rather scream at Porsha and call her a bitch. Porsha in turn calls her a hood rat, ghetto, a tramp, and garbage, while Kenya keeps calling her a bitch with a tramp stamp and a cheerleader. They are separated to their corners to yell in disbelief at the other. 

Things get even more heated and luckily NeNe is strong enough to control Kenya and take her down before Porsha gets punched in the face. Kenya says she may be ghetto but she’s also sophisticated. She's highly educated, 40 and fabulous, and has pedigree. Then the twirling happens. Kenya is so shocked that these ladies don’t realize how fabulous and sophisticated she is, she needs to show them. She starts twirling and calls herself “Gone With the Wind” fabulous. Now we get it. 

NeNe got exactly what she wanted, she just wanted to see what Kenya was all about. Unfortunately, no one seems to like what they see. Kenya needs to relax and stop trying so hard. Between the engagement talk, inappropriate filrting, and the fabulousness, I wonder if she has a fan out there. She’s going to need a do-over for next season, just like Camille Grammer did after season one when she was named the most hated housewife in history. Kenya seems to be taking that title, but don’t worry Kenya, your “Miss U.S.A” title trumps that. Can you stand Kenya? Let me know here