Tonight’s episode was action packed with lots of fighting words, confrontations, and hurt feelings. GG and MJ’s true colors are showing, and no one, especially Reza, is a fan. The aftermath of last week’s blow out between Asa and GG has put everyone against GG, and if MJ isn’t willing to switch sides, she’s about to lose all of her friends.  

At Omid’s house we have Mike, MJ, and later on GG. MJ is still defending GG and Mike is mad that she’s backing her up. MJ backtracks a little by saying she is against the violence, but Asa is mean nonetheless. When GG arrives, she has no remorse, which makes Mike, and us, even more disgusted by her. GG goes on a tirade about defending her friends, and giving anyone who makes fun of them her fist. Everything out of her mouth is nothing but pure violence, and it’s obvious that GG really needs some help. 

Reza and Asa are taking a power walk to discuss the fight, and Reza is disappointed in MJ for defending GG. He doesn’t understand why adults in their thirties can’t have conversations without a fight ensuing. Both Reza and Asa are over GG and refuse to let her ruin this summer like she did last year. 

Asa is again on the pursuit of making money. She turns to her infamous “diamond water” as a career opportunity. She meets with a company that can produce it, but learns that it would cost $100,000 just to start production. She’s discouraged, and we all know nothing will come of this. All of her endeavors are fruitless, and after the scene with her parents, I’m starting to get angry. Her parents gave up everything to make a better life for her and her brother in America, and she has done nothing with her life. Her mother works 70 hours a week as a nurse to support them all and Asa can’t just get a normal job? It makes me mad because Asa is a smart woman, a real adult, and she needs to get a job. She wants to be an artist, she wants to be creative, but she’s doing nothing and I’m getting sick of her. After seeing her mom hoping for the day Asa can take the weight off of her shoulders and contribute, I’m truly annoyed. 

 GG is called to her sister’s house by her father, and it’s obviously an intervention for this new business the two have. GG has done nothing to contribute, and her sister is sick of her. Why her sister even went into business with her I can’t figure out. She obviously knows what a lazy spoiled brat GG is, so she had to know that GG wouldn’t do anything to help. GG is out of control, and her parents are obviously to blame. GG never read her contract, doesn’t know the budget for advertising, and doesn’t even know the prices. She storms out after her sister continuously slams her for being thirty years old and in need of some growing up. After she leaves, the sister lets her dad have it as well. GG’s parents apparently pay all her bills, and buy her groceries. No wonder she thinks it’s cool to do nothing, and never learned how to work. After threatening to cut her pregnant sister’s face, as well as sue her, I cringe to think of what will come next.  

Lilly is having a photo shoot for her bikini company, and invites Reza and Asa. Lilly is so proud of her success that she calls for a celebration. She asks the two to dinner, and tells Reza to invite MJ too. She wants MJ to re-meet her so she can get a chance to know her and hopefully like her. She could tell that MJ wasn’t feeling her last time, but she knows she’s so beautiful that most women don’t like her. The haters actually turn Lilly on; she thrives on it because it lets her know how fabulous she is. She really has a “Real Housewives” mentality doesn’t she?

At the dinner, after MJ was hesitant to come, she of course shows up really late. What else is new? She sits down with a bad attitude and immediately starts questioning Lilly about all the things she read and saw about her online. She tells Lilly that she cyber-stalked her, and was offended by her pictures with her dog clinging to her naked chest. MJ thinks it’s sexualizing animals and inappropriate. Lilly of course, has that picture hanging up in her house and thinks it’s amazing. Before Lilly even started to reply to MJ’s list of offenses, MJ tells her not to get defensive. She obviously decided to go there for a confrontation, which was stupid. Lilly lets her know she shouldn’t be threatened by her friendship with Reza, she knows they’re best friends and she’s not trying to take that away. MJ is obviously jealous in every way, and this dinner was a major fail. Lilly takes everything well, she’s not offended but let’s MJ know that she knows it’s being dished that way. Reza is mortified.
Reza is “laser-focused” on his career, and we go back to his attempt to partner up with Mike. He has Mike coming in to the office for an interview, and even wants him to have MJ’s desk. MJ comes to work really late, after meeting with her “eyelash technician,” spraying her legs to hide bruises, and putting on a completely sheer dress. At first, Reza and MJ argue about her never being in the office, and how she hasn’t gone to escrow since the 90’s. MJ’s come-back is that she’s defended Reza when co-workers have asked if he’s gained weight. Big mistake!

Mike has his interview, and we all know he will get the job. MJ and Reza continue to argue, and the truth behind it all is revealed. Reza isn’t just upset about her being late for work, and being really lazy. He’s mad that she backed up GG in the fight. He’s mad that she’s even friends with GG at all. She’s showed her true colors, and Reza is hurt. We find out about another ridiculously vile thing GG has done. Apparently GG sent out a mass email saying nasty things about Reza, and that’s why he’s mad that GG hasn’t stepped back from their friendship. GG called him a “fat South Beach crack head,”  “Saddam Hussein,” and a “piece of a turd that comes out when a Jew and a Muslim have a baby.” MJ never backed him up, and as he points out, when GG went down in that fight, MJ went with her. She’s aligning herself with a piece of shit, and now she’s starting to stink.

I have always liked Reza a lot, and I can see why he would be so hurt. Something about MJ is off this season, she doesn’t seem to care about anyone at all, and she’s even more of a mean girl than usual. Something must have changed because looking at MJ, could you imagine being best friends with her? Mike gives her advice and tells her to free the baggage in her life, meaning to drop GG. That seems simple enough, but I’m sure MJ will make things much worse, unnecessarily of course.  Reza seems like a forgiving person, and it wouldn’t take much for these two to make up, but MJ needs to get it together. So do GG and Asa. The female Shahs really need a big wake up call. 

What did you think tonight, who needs a wakeup call more: GG, Asa, or MJ? You decide here