Oy, Faye is right. Faye really let Brandi have it tonight, and it was obviously for two reasons. The first, she’s still upset about the things Brandi said about Kim being a “meth head,” and two, she wants to be on the show. OK, maybe the third reason is the fact that she’s been friends with Adrienne for over twenty years, but I’m sure it’s mostly about being on the show. We now know where everyone stands, and Brandi only has Lisa on her side, as expected. Who’s side are you on? I’ve been “team Brandi” all season long, and Adrienne has gotten on my nerves lately, especially with her feud with Lisa. I can’t however say that I think Brandi was right in this, she had no right to publicize someone’s personal life. She needs to learn a lesson from this experience, her mouth is a dangerous weapon and she has to think before she speaks. Some of the things Faye said were absolutely true, even though she needs to mind her own business as well. I love the drama, I do, but I never want to see someone get hurt, especially someone’s family. 

The aftermath of the argument at Mauricio’s party turns the happy event to the likes of a wake. Kyle is furious at Kim for telling Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said, and Kim implies that if Kyle was a true friend she would have already told her. Maybe it was the wrong time and wrong place, but Kim felt bad that everybody knew but them. Of all Kim’s offenses over the years, this is nothing. Mauricio is mad that the party is ruined, but rather than blame Paul and Adrienne for causing the scene, he blames Brandi for saying what she said. Camille defends Adrienne by telling Brandi that Adrienne not only defended her last season after her fight with the Richard’s sisters, but also never said a bad word about her to Camille’s knowledge. Taylor, of course, finds a way to compare the entire situation to her own, how someone revealed something personal, much like Camille revealed that Taylor’s husband abused her. As Camille says, “big difference.” Everyone knew Taylor’s situation, no one knew about Adrienne’s. The best part of the entire episode was Camille's dramatic head turn after she said "big difference" regarding Taylor. 

As Kyle prepares for her dinner party, in which she already invited both Brandi and Adrienne, Mauricio doesn’t want Brandi to come. He knows they have too much class to un-invite someone, but he’s sick of Brandi’s mouth. So is Faye. Kyle then meets with Faye, who has plenty to say about Brandi, and she’s just getting started. Faye is very protective over Kyle and Kim, and she never got over the fight they had last season. She thinks Brandi randomly tears people apart, and her words can cut deep. She’s right, although I hate to admit it. 

 Lisa has Brandi coming over for her side of the story, and before she arrives the waitress that slept with her husband randomly shows up. She wants to have a sit down with Brandi, but Lisa won’t allow it. That’s just foreshadowing, we all know it will now happen this season. Brandi tells Lisa her side, and she’s on the verge of tears but so cryptic about the things Adrienne did to provoke her. It all goes back to things they tried to do with Lisa, at the reunion and supposedly in the press. At the reunion Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to “Radar Online,” but now it seems that Adrienne may be doing just that, according to Brandi. After the accusations Adrienne made at Mauricio’s party, those supposed lies are now in print on that website. Brandi is sure tha Adrienne must have told them those lies, that she does drugs and doesn’t take care of her kids, but it could easily be anyone at the party that heard her say those things. Who wants to make some money and sell a story to a magazine or a gossip website, a millionaire, or maybe a waiter at the party? If you follow this show at all online, you also know that Adrienne’s chef Bernie is always commenting on stories and has been accused of selling stories online as well. I seriously doubt that Adrienne would do that, not that she would stop somebody else from doing it. After what Brandi said about her, truly all bets are off. 

At the dinner party, Brandi arrives in another fur vest, and is met by Kyle, Camille, Taylor, Lisa, Kyle’s friend Marissa, and Faye. Brandi is way too tall for this party, she’s over a foot taller than everyone and it totally throws me off. As they sit to eat, we learn that Yolanda is at Donna Summer’s funeral, Kim is in Vegas for her son’s birthday, and Adrienne decided not to come for obvious reasons. Kyle is hurt that Kim didn’t invite her to Las Vegas, and didn’t even tell her about it. 

Brandi says that she wouldn’t have come knowing that they would probably rather have Adrienne there. Marissa asks what happened between them. Brandi omits the worst part, but says that Adrienne lies, she said she had a book deal when she doesn’t. Kyle says actually she does. Brandi thinks she must have bought a book deal after the announcement about Brandi’s book in Ojai. No she didn’t! 

Faye thinks that was an “over the top comment.” She wants to know what Adrienne did to her, and Brandi doesn’t want to get into it. It’s no one’s business, but Faye thinks she’s somehow involved now, so it is her business. Why is she so interested? Lisa thinks it’s none of Faye’s business as well, but they all let Faye go off on Brandi. They tell her to send flowers or call, fix it in some way. Brandi isn’t going to do that, so Faye thinks she’s not sorry. She says she has been hurt in her life so she’s hurting others, her words are vicious and she attacks people for attention. Brandi says that Faye is doing what she’s doing right now: for attention. As Lisa tries to defend Brandi a little bit, Kyle gets into it with Lisa. She says that Lisa may hate Adrienne, but that doesn’t mean she should be on Brandi’s side. Lisa says she had her issue with Adrienne, but she doesn’t hate her. Fingers get put in people’s faces, and even though Marissa admits to agreeing with Brandi, in that it’s no one’s business, Faye is on a mission to take her down. She really let her have it, but Brandi excuses herself and leaves. Brandi took the argument well, she didn’t blow up and she kept calm. 

 These are the consequences you face when you make such a bold comment about someone. The backlash is severe in Beverly Hills, but Brandi deserves it, even if you are not on “team Adrienne.” Despite the pleasure I get in Brandi’s below the belt boldness, I can’t justify her actions last week. I don’t doubt that anything she has been saying is true, but saying things for the shock value isn’t cool either. 

Are you still “team Brandi,” or have you jumped ship?  Let me know here