Some finales are anticipated all season long, some have huge drama, some have major cliffhangers, and some tie up all the loose ends and wrap everything up with hope for the future. The final episode of the second season of “The Real Housewives of Miami” was the latter, all was settled and everyone closed a chapter in their lives and moved on to the next. After a great season, this episode was pretty boring, and I’m disappointed in how contrived it turned out to be. I accept the fact that every finale ends with a party, but the fact that everyone made their major life changes in a montage was a little too amateur even for the youngest “housewives” franchise. 

The trip to Bimini was concluded with a spiritual ceremony suggested by Marysol called a healing hole. All the ladies were to make wishes and hopes for the future and throw flowers into the ocean to shed themselves of the past. Adriana has hope for the future, and wants to free herself from the traumas of her past to move forward with Frederic. Lisa wishes the best for Karent’s father and wishes to finally be able to start a family. Marysol wants to remove negativity from her life and move on from her divorce from Philippe. Ana prays for her daughters and Robert, and wants to move on from her divorce as well. Joanna wants to work things out with Romain and put their problems in the past. Lea’s wish is for everyone else, and not herself. She just wants everyone to be happy. Everyone feels more connected and the healing hole seems to have an effect on everyone, and sets the tone for the rest of the finale. 

Adriana and her son play the piano at a recital and there’s really no explanation to what they are doing there at all. They walk in, play the piano, and leave. Adriana is wearing a ball gown and completely overdressed. Outside, she and Frederic tell Alex that they are going to get married, finally. Meanwhile, Joanna comes home to flowers and candles, and Romain is waiting for her with a diamond necklace. He re-proposes and wants to set the wedding date for the spring. At the same time, Ana is signing her divorce papers with Robert, and as she is emotional, he doesn’t understand what the big deal is. They’re marriage was over two years ago, and he thinks it should be easy. Maybe he was just trying to make light of it, but in the end Ana will be OK. She’s worried about her daughters, but deep down I think she just doesn’t want to lose Robert as someone in her life, not as her husband. 

Marysol and Philippe are moving forward with their divorce, and now this is getting old. Two engagements, two divorces, are enough already. I find it a little strange that all four women return from their girl’s weekend to major life changes in what seems to be the same day. Were they contractually obligated to either get married or divorced by the season finale? Maybe it’s the dramatic soap opera music playing in the background that’s throwing me off, but this episode is starting to make me question how real this entire show is. It’s surreal, this episode. 

Marysol and Mama Elsa meet for lunch wearing the same leopard print outfits, and Marysol tells Elsa about the divorce. They also call Philippe and invite him to her ten year anniversary party for her business. Oh, so that’s the end of the season wrap up party for tonight. 

Now we get back to a normal episode, and it starts with Lisa taking Daysy to get her surgery. Lisa watches as the fat gets sucked out of her. That wasn’t so bad, even though she compares it to clam chowder, but once they start the breast lift she begins to get sick. Daysy is high on morphine and really out of it afterwards. When they go home, Lisa vows to take care of Daysy, and then take her shopping. Lisa and Lenny then go over the plans for their dream home on Star Island, and as usual, all Lisa can talk about is the baby room. I really hope Lisa has a baby; it’s every other word out of her mouth. I’d love for her to have a family, and I love to not hear about it anymore, next season at least. 

Karent is taking care of her dad, and luckily he’s doing well and out of the hospital. She tells her mom about the Rodolfo drama, and now it turns out that the whole mistress dilemma was all for publicity. The article, the pictures, they were all publicity stunts for his television show. Karent doesn’t have time to focus on him while she has to focus on her dad, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t believe his story. Her mom puts it best, and I’ll remember this one, "don’t believe any man after they’ve done wrong." I love it. She’s such a wise woman, with such a dumb daughter. Maybe Karent is just naive, I don’t get it. She’s beautiful, she’s a doctor, and she’s now on a show, so what’s with the low self-esteem? We later see her talking to Rodolfo on Skype, and everything was back to normal. She believes him, forgives him, and loves him. That’s her choice, but I really don’t know what her problem is. 

At the party, Joanna expresses concern about Rodolfo to Karent, but she just smiles it all away. It’s their problem if they don’t like it, she and Rodolfo love each other and she doesn’t care. In the end of course, we find out that they have broken up via the end caption that summarizes what the ladies are currently up to. So all of this was for nothing, and we had to listen to all of Karent’s bullshit and she broke up with him anyway. What a waste. What a surprise at the party to find Elaine Lancaster performing after attacking Marysol all season long. I was waiting for Marysol to announce that she hired him as an apology for making him lose a job, but there was no explanation. Of course this was his last chance for camera time. 

As Marysol hoped that she and Lea could be close again, Lea plans to never let her back into her life other than in social settings. That’s sad, and luckily I can’t even believe anything anyone is saying anymore. We also learn that Joanna and Romain took a break from their relationship, but I’m pretty sure they are currently together. Lea is writing a tell-all book, Lisa is building baby rooms in her mansion, Adriana is planning her spring wedding (when does filming for season 3 begin I wonder,) Ana is doing her ex-husband’s laundry, and I’m officially over this season.  

I need to do my own healing hole after that. One flower in the ocean for Karent’s insecurity, one for Lisa’s incessant baby talk, one for Lea’s high pitched squawking, one for Marysol’s poorly run business, and one for Joanna and Romain’s failing relationship. Here’s another petal for Elaine Lancaster’s lame drag show too. 

Tonight may have been a big disappointment, but every finale leads to a two or three part reunion. I’ll be looking forward to that. In the meantime, what did you think of tonight’s episode? There’s not too much to say but I do have one question: do you believe Rodolfo’s excuse? Was his make out session with a co-star just for publicity? Tell us what you think here