The downward spiral-twirl of Kenya Moore is evident in Anguilla, and tonight she went all Kelly Bensimon on this vacation. Someone’s having a meltdown, and although her intentions were to get married on Cynthia and Peter’s trip to get married, Kenya’s expectations instead left her in tears. 

After the explosive argument between Porsha and Kenya, the one where we learned that Kenya was forty and fabulous, umm I mean “Gone with the Wind” fabulous, both ladies were sure they were the bigger person. Porsha can’t stop herself from pointing out how much older Kenya is, but other than that she’s not really the mean one here. Sure she called Kenya a tramp, but it’s not her fault that Kenya was acting like one. As Porsha defends herself by putting Kenya down, Kenya defends herself by praising herself even more. She paved the way for all of these women to live and breathe; she’s a part of history. Along with Vanessa Williams, Oprah, and President Obama, Kenya is part of a long list of historic figures that opened the door for Porsha to even attempt to be relevant. Phaedra defends Kenya simply because she likes her, but NeNe thinks that the whole “Miss U.S.A,” “Miss America” nonsense is stupid. She thinks Kenya should get over it, after all, who remembers 1993? Porsha accepts the fact that Phaedra likes Kenya, because every idiot has someone behind them who thinks they’re smart. 

 Before the couples venture out, Kenya needs to dramatically gather the ladies for a private conversation. She apologizes to Porsha in the nastiest, unapologetic way, and another argument ensues. The men are getting hot and annoyed waiting in the bus, and Peter tries to break them up and gets kicked out. Kenya is just attempting to get more attention in this, and no one falls for her fake sincerity. Porsha doesn’t apologize in return, and Kenya’s “mean raisin face” isn’t helping.  

At the beach, Kenya has another Kelly Bensimon moment when she pulls out the Vanessa Williams book for Cynthia. In the beginning of the season, when Cynthia was still mad at Kenya about the “coochie crack” comments, she made a comment about Vanessa Williams and not knowing when she was crowned. Was it before Kenya? Cynthia wondered. Kenya did not like that considering she’s a lot younger, and so she took this opportunity to act like it was a big deal that Cynthia didn’t know enough history since she didn’t know anything about Vanessa Williams. So at lunch she pulls out the book. She’s great friends with Vanessa Williams and had her sign a copy of her book for Cynthia. She presents it as a major insult, and everyone knows how stupid and hostile it is. Cynthia is not going to get into an argument about it, and lets Kenya know she’s being fake and weird, she’ll take the book because she loves book. End of conversation, moving on. This was a great reaction and I really like Cynthia this season, she’s not taking Kenya’s shit and she’s actually pretty funny about it. 

 Next, Cynthia tries to have a real conversation with Kenya privately. She tells her that she was upset about the way she acted at the Bailey Institute during the open call, because she was disrespectful to her place of business, and embarrassed a lot of the models. Kenya can’t even defend herself and nothing she says makes sense. She says she would never embarrass anyone because she’s been there as a model and an actress. Well, she did that’s the point. She embarrassed all those girls. That’s why Cynthia is mad. Then Kenya goes into a story about her pageant days and how she used to dress inappropriately, until a judge pulled her aside and gave her advice. Because of that, she would never embarrass someone. So making fun of all the models didn’t happen? Cynthia is as confused as us, and changes her argument into simply saying she disrespected her in her own environment, and should have done things the way she wanted her to. So now, instead of Kenya not embarrassing people, she did embarrass people because it’s her choice to act how she wants. So she’s just argumentative and makes even less sense. Finally, Kenya can’t take it anymore and starts rolling around in the sand, much like a Kelly Bensimon move, and the conversation ends. Porsha watches on and is happy that she’s not the crazy one. 

At dinner, Peter makes a toast to all the couples and it’s obvious he bonded with all the men and really likes everyone. As he gets to know Kenya and Walter, he admits to not believing they were a couple, but now he likes Walter so he takes it back. The topic turns to engagements, and of course, Kenya still thinks she may get engaged or married on this trip, and it’s their last night. Three days ago, she said she wanted to elope and this would be the perfect place. Walter said, we’ll see. That’s it. Now, she’s upset that Walter promised they’d elope on the trip and didn’t. Each couple goes around the table talking about their own engagements, and Porsha takes the opportunity to say she wouldn’t want to be the kind of person that had to pressure someone. Now Kenya realizes that she’s embarrassing herself, and that everyone is on to her and her pathetic pressuring of the marriage subject. What she thought made her so adorable, is making her look really bad, and Walter isn’t helping either. He makes it pretty clear that it’s not happening, and Kenya loses her appetite. She gets up and leaves, he follows and quickly gets frustrated and walks away from her. She goes to cry in the forest, and Phaedra goes to comfort her. Phaedra feels bad because she thinks Kenya just wants attention, but tries to get it in the wrong way. That’s exactly right. Both Phaedra and Apollo give Kenya a pep talk, and everyone is pretty sure that these two will not be getting married. 

That’s the Anguilla trip, and Kenya made it more exhausting than it had to be. Between the excessive arguing, attention seeking, inappropriate flirting, tears, twirls, and longing for marriage, this trip was almost ruined. Luckily, most of these women are too mature to let Miss Congeniality ruin their good time. Back to Atlanta for the next set of problems, I’m sure Kenya will be a big part of those. 

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