It seems that poor MJ and GG are both about to join the NFL. “No friends left” club that is. Hey, I didn’t make that up. There’s a new girl in town, and she’s got her heart set on Reza, and whether you’re pushing forty or in the eighth grade, some jealousy is going to occur. Is Lilly a sweet innocent Barbie doll who doesn’t want to come between MJ and Reza, but just so happens to be pushing Reza to choose her over MJ? Is Asa’s growing best friend status with Reza purely natural, or is hurting MJ in the process a major plus? Everyone’s intentions need to be made clear; the Shah’s are killing me with these hurt feelings, ending friendships, and excluding of others. Can’t they all just get along? This is why I never moved to L.A! I didn’t make that one up either. 

So MJ went ahead and subtly called Reza fat during their argument. Reza is on the verge of throwing away a 25 year friendship based on many things, but deep down it’s especially because of that. MJ isn’t coming into the office anymore, she can’t be around the negativity and so she’s going to build a desk and work from home. Reza’s got plenty of friends to give him advice on crew neck or V-neck shirts, and he hasn’t even met Lilly’s sister Yassamin yet. Yassamin is Lilly’s identical older sister, who looks much younger. She’s a tiger, and Lilly is going to use her for protection against Omid in case he threatens to go Rick Flare on her again. Yassamin’s hair isn’t as big as Lilly’s, and she’s a lot less Cher-looking, but I’m sure they’re exactly alike. Reza is going to love her too, she’s skinny and Persian. 

Mike visits GG to have a heart to heart with her about her violent behavior. She guzzles wine during her own intervention, and loses all track of the conversation that she makes no sense. First she says that Asa hit her twice, and Mike is surprised that Asa would hit her. Well, that’s not what GG said at all. She said that she hit Asa twice. Oh, OK that makes more sense, but Mike didn’t realize GG actually did hit Asa. That’s not what GG said either; she said Asa pushed her hands twice, she never said she hit her, what the hell is Mike talking about? GG is completely incoherent and I don’t even know why Mike is bothering at this point. He lays it out for her, no one wants to be around her, she’s scaring people, and pretty soon he won’t be friends with her either. This is all pointless because of how much she’s been drinking, but hopefully she’s at home watching tonight’s episode to get the advice. 

Asa reveals her long term boyfriend, and it’s Jermaine Jackson Jr. Who knew? She makes him a four course vegan dinner every night, and they’re really in love. He kind of talks like he’s speaking with a fake breathy accent, but seems nice. Asa says that Persians look at them with disgust; they look at her like she’s a whore for dating him. I wonder who these Persians are that are watching and judging them? Who is she talking about? 

MJ attempts to build her own desk and completely fails. I can’t believe her of all people would even try to open the box. I’m not saying I could build a desk, but I’m smart enough not to try. She basically destroys it and gives up, and then she gets ready for her big night out and puts on her red dress. She’s going to a party to see her cousin, who’s not her cousin, and of course Reza and all the Shahs will be there. She’s going with her guard up. 

Before this party, Lilly and Reza are going to look at some homes for Lilly. I don’t think Lilly is buying a home, I think it’s an excuse to put these two together and bring her on the show. It’s hard to tell with her personality and voice, but she seems really insincere anytime they’re talking about real estate. Before they go, they talk about MJ missing from her desk, and Lilly is not shy to make it apparent that she hates her. They joke about her turning forty, and that Reza should get her a therapy session while Lilly will get her some diet pills. That’s really mature, Shahs. 

At the party, we learn that Asa’s big fashion show fell through. Now she has no source of income for the month, and she’s freaking out. I was really looking forward to seeing her fly business class to New York and totally bomb at fashion week. When MJ arrives she notices how evil Reza looks and like he’s about to stir up some shit. She greets him and everyone anyway, and when she meets Lilly’s sister, she makes the comment from hell. 

Lilly introduces MJ to her sister Yassamin and she notices how pretty her dress is. She, for whatever reason, decides to tell Lilly she should have worn that dress. It was basically her way of saying I hate you, and Lilly takes the opportunity to say, “You shouldn’t have worn that dress.” Nice comeback, and yes Lilly is right, the dress is way too small. That, however, is the way MJ dresses and I accept it. MJ shrugs it off, and everything would have been find if Reza didn’t want to be even more passive aggressive than MJ is. These two really are meant for each other. 

Reza makes a toast to his favorite person Lilly. He then wants to toast his top three favorite people, Mike, Asa, and Omid. Well, gee, that’s not directed at your best friend of 25 years at all, is it Reza? MJ simply walks out of the restaurant and that’s that. Sammi from season one is there, and he’s the only person bold enough to say something and defend MJ. Everyone is quick to point out her faults; both Asa and Lilly jump on Sammi about the GG fight and everything else they hate about MJ. In the end, it’s obvious that these new friendships are coming between Reza and MJ and they need to be more mature.  

What’s going on with these guys? They’re so passive aggressive (not GG she’s just aggressive) that instead of big fights we see small comments that cut like a knife. One little dress remark and my heart is broken. One presumably innocent toast and I’m dead on the floor. The Shahs need to kiss and make up, never trust the new girl, her intentions are always ill. Stick with what you know Reza, give MJ another chance.  

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