Doctor Who?

Daleks, Slitheen, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels: all these aliens have a link binding them together and it goes by the name Doctor. “Doctor,” you say, “Doctor Who?” Fans of the show can reassure that as much as you learn and love about The Doctor, he still remains a mystery. The show is the first of its kind to continue to air new episodes after 50 years. Throughout those 50 incredibly exciting years, fans have learned some details about the raggedy man himself:

- The Doctor hails from a planet called Gallifrey that was destroyed in the Time War. Gallifrey was home to the race of aliens called Time Lords. Now the last of his kind, The Doctor calls Earth his home.

- Time Lords have the ability to avoid death by regeneration: a process that repairs any injury but at the cost of a new face and body.

- As a young child, Time Lords look into the Time Vortex and can see all of space and time: anything that has been, or could be, or will be. This is how The Doctor sees every moment.

- The Doctor travels through space and time in the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) that looks like a 1950’s London Police Box and also happens to be bigger on the inside.

If you think that is a lot to take in, we’ve only just begun. Most Whovians (the endearing term for fans of Who) will tell you it’s a good episode if you’re confused at the end and you have to go back and watch it again to understand what just happened in the last sixty minutes. However, perhaps one of the most commending attributes I find in Who is the lack of prejudice. There is no stereotyping, no sexism, and no racism in any way. In a multitude of ways, Doctor Who is a breath of fresh air for those who seek entertainment that is both family-friendly and witty and that has a perfect balance of moments that make you laugh and cry. Doctor Who, if you give it a well-deserved chance, will enter your heart and change your life for the better. It may sound silly to say such a thing, but believe me, once you see a few episodes, you’ll be hooked.

The Snowmen

After the bittersweet end to the Ponds, I was extremely eager to watch this Christmas Special. I was going through Who withdrawal. Seriously, I am obsessed with this show. I don’t think I’ve ever loved something as much as I love Doctor Who, but don’t tell my family I said that. When I first watched the show, it was when Christopher Eccleston filled the role of Doctor, and I remember my initial reaction was, “This is ok. It’d be better if he were more attractive. That mole is kind of distracting.” Yeah, I know.  How shallow, but I’m five feet so the shallowness appears to be deeper than it is. Stop distracting me, mole! Anyway, the more I watched, the more I began to like the show. Then along came David Tennant as The Doctor and oh my goodness did my fondness for the show grow tremendously! As the Cybermen would say, “You have been upgraded,” and yes, indeed the show was.

The departure of Tennant was honestly, the hardest I have ever cried while watching Doctor Who. (And yes, I have cried more times than I can count while watching Who, stop laughing.) Matt Smith brilliantly filled in Tennant’s shoes and has made the show his own. Kooky, whimsical, and his rather, uh, colorful wardrobe are all traits which make Matt Smith a fantastic Doctor. My Doctor: the madman with a box.

It was very easy for me to see how distressed the Doctor had become after losing Amy and Rory Pond. I wasn’t truly fond of the Ponds’ at first but after I watched the seasons with them again, I saw what the Doctor did. Amy and Rory were what we all wish to be. They were the best of humanity, loyal, and willing to always do what was needed. And they always did it together; Amy and Rory Pond: the girl who waited and the boy who lived.

The very first thing I noticed while watching this special was the new credit sequence. Credit sequences are cool but I liked the older one since it had remained the same over 50 years and held homage to the originals. One other thing I noticed right away was the glasses that the Doctor was wearing: they were Amy’s. I thought that was a very sweet touch seeing the
Doctor hold onto all that he had left of the Ponds. Something I will say is that this show does a fantastic job at making sure transitions between characters is easy to handle. I was skeptical how we would transition from two loveable companions down to just one, but I have to say Clara made me laugh several times. She seems to have my sense of humor too, which I love since I find that I can relate to her much easier than I have with other companions.

I loved the overall premise of this episode and I think it was probably my favorite out of all the other Who-liday specials. I liked that this one didn’t simply focus on good vs. bad but also on the Doctor fighting his internal conflicts. I do have one question though: what is with the new T.A.R.D.I.S.? As far as my knowledge goes, the T.A.R.D.I.S. only changes in appearance when the Doctor does. I wonder if this is supposed to hint that the Doctor is a changed man, mentally or if they simply felt that the interior needed some updating? Either way, it looks drastically different but I personally think it is very cool. I love that the upper part of the console spins when the T.A.R.D.I.S. moves! And I will never forget Clara’s classic line, “It’s smaller on the outside,” I laughed so hard at that. I swear that the writing on this show is remarkable. Always witty, funny, and just enough solemnity to keep your emotions engaged. It plays with your heartstrings like a harpist.  

Despite what he thinks, The Doctor will always need a companion. While he is all that is best in humanity, he also is all that makes us fearful and emotional. His companions help him control those dark parts of himself and return the kindness he bestows upon others. It is still

very early to tell but I like to think that Clara will be the best companion yet. She seems to have all the best traits from past companions and I hope that the upcoming season shows her strength. Clara is the first companion who we’ve seen that dies the moment we meet her. I’m still confused as to who or what she is, but I have my own theory. While way out amongst the stars, I believe it is plausible that Clara is in fact, Jenny: the Doctor’s Daughter. True it doesn’t fit all that we’ve seen but it’s nice to speculate.

Doctor Who is not for everyone, it’s true. But for those of us who tune in every week and laugh as our bumbling Doctor narrowly escapes death and saves a planet, the shows does much more than entertain us. It shows us a new way of living. If there is any one thing to take away from “The Snowmen” it is this, do not give up hope for there is always a greater tomorrow. Each day is new and alien, but don’t be like Strax and grab for grenades first. Instead, sit back and ask, WWTDD (What Would The Doctor Do?) Until next time, Geronimo!