I’m all warm and fuzzy seeing my Shahs getting along; it’s nice to see real friendships prosper over fabricated “BRAVO” friendships that always implode. Except for GG of course, she’s been banished from parties due to unnecessary roughness. 

GG and Omid are sort of dating, well we know now that they are, as GG was wearing an engagement ring on “Watch What Happens Live” a few weeks ago. Omid fills GG in on the party he attended the night before, in which MJ fought with Lilly and they brought GG’s name into the mix. They were mad at MJ for being friends with GG after all that she did to Reza and Asa, and GG wishes she was there to physically assault everyone. She claims that Reza and Asa have no class, and underneath all the Botox, she’s shell-shocked. 

Reza’s mom tells him to forgive MJ. She also tells him to shave his mustache, save his money, stop wearing Gucci Mucchi Shoes, and to stop expecting so much from his friends. This triggers Reza to be in the right mind to forgive MJ and attend her party. 

MJ sends out invitations for her birthday party, and in lieu of a gift, she wants her guest to instead bring an eligible bachelor. She’s never picked the right guy for herself; she’s never even been the type to throw her own party. She’s nervous to invite Reza, but with such a long history, it’s too important for him to be there. 

As Reza and Mike are at their photo shoot to promote their new real estate empire together, they receive the invites. Reza is going to go, he’s going to put their differences to the side for one night, and be there for MJ. Yes Reza, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. 

MJ calls GG to tell her about the party, and that she can’t invite her because of Reza and Asa. MJ knows that she has to show Reza and Asa that they are more important, and not inviting GG is a smart move. Not to mention GG would have ruined to party, like she always does. GG is furious and hangs up about four times. She’s disappointed in MJ and thinks she’s jeopardizing their friendship. MJ was hoping that this would make GG see how her actions have consequences, but GG instead kicks shit around in her living room and breaks stuff. This girl needs help immediately. I think MJ is being smart, she can have a great night, not have to worry about any fighting, and show her best friend how much he means to her. GG is a bomb waiting to go off, it doesn’t really matter when or about what. 

 Lilly has a long distance boyfriend Ali that she’s going to give an ultimatum to move to L.A. to be with her, or that’s it. She’s 30 years old and has never had a real relationship, although she claims that with Ali they’ve been married, together, not together, I can’t take her seriously. She’s so shiny and nothing she’s says matters yet. Hopefully in a few more episodes I’ll find something relevant about her. 

 As the guests gather at MJ’s apartment, three contestants are brought as her gifts. She likes the tall one, Drizzy who they call Drake. He promises to “make this the most memorable birthday of [her] life.” He’s so into her, I feel like she’s going to find out he’s an escort at the end of the night. 

In the party bus, Mike addresses to Reza and MJ their issues and that they have to get along. Reza assures MJ that no one can replace her, and that he always loves her. They are being mature and handling it well. Mike then announces that he wants to take them all to Mexico. Yay, a Shah’s trip! 

At dinner with more guests, the Shah’s are all having a fantastic time. I can’t get over it. Reza and Asa can both see that Drake is into MJ, and that she’s into him. The two go off on a walk to the beach, holding hands and watching the sunset. She tells him he’s so romantic, but she can’t trust him or anything he says. She finds him dead sexy for his persistence, and she’s all over him on the party bus ride home. We never learned how old he was, but considering this was MJ’s 40th birthday, she’s definitely in cougar territory. 

MJ and Reza have a meeting of the minds to work out their issues. As Reza goes through the list of wrong doings, such as her going to the spa with GG after she bashed him, MJ simply says I’m sorry. They hug, kiss, make up, and my heart melts. They’re back together! Nothing could keep these two apart, and as Reza says, he has too many great memories to let go of MJ. They’re more than friends, they’re blood. 

 I want to be more than friends with the Shahs too, but I’ll settle for watching them go on vacation next week. I can’t wait, especially when in the preview Lilly says she’s not a Cabo girl. I’m dying to see this girl not have a good time. 

 What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are they going to have to put GG in a cage, or is everyone’s safety in serious danger? Let me know here