The trip is over and it’s time to go back to Atlanta to harp on all the issues from said trip. Kenya and Walter’s fake relationship, as well as Kenya’s desperation for a ring are on everyone’s mind, accept for Walter.  

NeNe meets to have lunch with Kenya because she is still undecided on whether or not she likes her. So far, NeNe thinks Kenya is as phony as her romance with Walter. She brings up the topic of marriage, and Kenya explains what happened that last night in Anguilla. Walter had led her on about getting engaged (not really,) and so she got her hopes up. NeNe can see right through it, in that she knows that what Walter said probably wasn’t a promise to propose, so she tells Kenya she mistook what he meant and ran with it. NeNe thinks more than marriage Kenya wants a baby, and she’ll gladly get a turkey baster and make that happen. As NeNe says, “Walter’s not that into you.” 

Here’s more on the subject among Porsha, Cynthia, and Kandi. The ladies have gathered to eat Oreo cake and reflect on how strange Kenya is, and annoying. Well not really, but they are puzzled. They think that Walter is just telling Kenya what she wants to hear, when in reality, Kenya is just hearing what she wants to hear. Also, Porsha is eating yams in the hopes of having twins, and Kandi wants two more kids too. 

Phaedra meets with Kenya to work on the donkey booty work out video. Although they claimed to be kindred spirits in the last episode, Phaedra mustn’t forget about Kenya’s flirting problem when it comes to Apollo. She asks him if they role-play, and tells Phaedra she needs to step up her game in the bedroom. Phaedra comes to the table unprepared, she has no budget in mind, nor does she have a name for the video. Kenya finds this novice, but once she and Apollo start to argue, Kenya is insulted by their unprofessionalism. Wait, so after asking Phaedra’s husband if she dresses up like a naughty school girl, Kenya’s time is too valuable for unprofessionalism?

As Cynthia and Peter grocery shop, they talk about the blogs claiming that Phaedra and Apollo are getting divorced. This leads to Cynthia saying the only thing she does know is that Apollo frequents strip clubs. Peter goes once every six months, unbeknownst to Cynthia. He acts as if he rarely goes and when Cynthia wonders when the last time he went was, it just so happened to be two days ago. Now Cynthia wants to come along, and they decide to go with Phaedra and Apollo. Peter is so excited about Cynthia getting a lap dance, and gets really creepy in his enthusiasm. 

Kenya meets Walter to discuss Anguilla, as if they haven’t seen or spoken to each other since. What a great couple. Kenya explains that she can’t handle a man yelling at her due to her abusive past. He says he never got that dramatic, and he loves her but doesn’t want to be pressured. She throws down the deadline for engagement, six months. Walter isn’t happy about that, and says that he doesn’t love her today enough to marry her. She’s a woman of a certain age. I would feel bad for Kenya in this situation if I could, but as everyone else can see, there’s something so inauthentic about this whole thing. Maybe it’s her, or maybe it’s the relationship. She comes across so fake, and by this being her only storyline I feel like I’m watching a bad Lifetime movie every time she’s there. I’m also a little sick of this season becoming the Kenya show, sure Kim and Sheree are gone, but I didn’t ask for Kenya. 

Phaedra brings a Pastor over to bless Kandi’s new home, and for some reason she lays a ton of pressure onto Todd to propose to Kandi. Kandi doesn’t want to seem as pathetic as Kenya, and so she’s very uncomfortable. Phaedra goes on to bash her marriage and Apollo that most days she wants to kill him. Last week she said that women looking for husbands have never been married, they should thank God they’re not married to most of the men out there. This is all setting up the divorce rumors storyline. Both she and Apollo, who first were arguing, are now randomly talking shit about each other. 

At the strip club, which was filled with old ugly strippers which was super weird, Apollo goes on and on about how he lost himself when he got married. He loves strip clubs and doesn’t abide by time or the sector of time scales. He feels bitter towards Phaedra, and she’s standing right there not listening. This whole thing is very odd, why are they suddenly telling people how unhappy they are?

Everyone attends some party to get drunk and do shots, and the men are all getting along. According to Kordell, they’ve all been calling and keeping in touch since Anguilla. Walter comes and doesn’t even greet Kenya; he goes right to the guys. That makes everyone wonder if they even know each other in real life. What is going on with these two? Porsha confronts Kenya to try to put things in the past and move forward. Kenya, who is already upset about Walter blowing the fake relationship facade, isn’t having it. She tells Porsha she doesn’t want to be friends with her, she’ll be cordial but she doesn’t want to discuss anything further. Porsha’s husband tells her that’s her last attempt, and to not apologize again. If she does, he’ll be pissed. 

As Cynthia is on the verge of asking Phaedra about the divorce rumors, Apollo comes over and asks her himself. They laugh it off and start to eat each other’s faces. No, really. It was the most disgusting kissing anyone’s ever seen, and everyone was shocked that Miss Manners and class would kiss like that. Was it all for show? The ladies wonder if it was damage control due to the rumors. I think the divorce rumors are for show, and it’s all to stay relevant on the show. 

They spent the whole episode trying to make us think about these divorce rumors and to worry about their relationship. Speaking of Phaedra and Apollo, I offer congratulations on your new pregnancy. What did you think of tonight’s episode? 

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