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Confession: I weighed 294 lbs. in January of 2007. This is the true story of a single mom with three kids, living in a home and working 40 hours a week to find out what happens when mom takes a look at herself, and stops being polite, and starts getting real.










Umm…when I went to my DVR today to watch the “Revenge” episode, I found to my surprise that it was also the start of “The Biggest Loser, Season 14.”

“I love seeing people fat,” my youngest cheered when she saw she didn’t have to watch “Revenge” with me because “The Biggest Loser” was taping as well.

She’s back! Yep, Jillian is back. And please forgive me in advance; she’s met her match, aka me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love this show, and of course, according to the marketing team, it’s the biggest season yet!

What is the over-under on how often tomorrow night we’ll hear darling Chris on “The Bachelor” say, “Most dramatic Rose Ceremony yet?” How many episodes are taped, eight or nine? My bet is we’ll hear that phrase at least ten unique times.

Enough of that! We can talk about that tomorrow; tonight we’re talking about tackling childhood obesity. (Warning, I’m writing this as I shove Hershey Kisses in my mouth - why? Because I’m not perfect and I think it’s important for y’all to know that before I confess more.)

Good news is that Jillian is back, but sadly the bad news is that Allison Sweeny is also back. Not that she ever left. I’m so sorry, but I’m still trying to figure out that one. Not that she’s not adorable; I just don’t understand how she landed the gig in the first place.

I love the idea of having ambassadors for change. My daughter, who is sixteen, is embarrassed for them, but it’s a new season so let’s just see how it goes.

Confession: I worked for Jenny Craig so I have some inside info. Jenny Craig (hey, do you think they are going to miss the potential marketing and sales leads from that? I think NOT!), as well as other weight loss firms would send representatives to the tryouts for the show, so I feel the need to share a few things and why I personally have issues with this show.

Before I start, I want to let y’all know that my current weight loss (over 6 years) is about 125 lbs. I’m shooting for half my heaviest size, stay tuned. My average weight loss was 2 lbs. a month, do the math.

Back to the show: First is Bob.  Hey Bob, “Welcome back.”

Next comes Martina; I so love her.

Hello, did you read what I just wrote? I wrote, next comes Martina - I’m hearing crickets - Martina?

Calling Martina!

I’m just kidding.

Ugg! I literally just put a Hershey’s Kiss wrapper in mouth so I better spit it out and get back to work.

Here come the contestants.

Michel Dosey “He doesn’t look that fat,” is the quote of my youngest.

And Lisa, “See she’s not so fat either,” again quoting my youngest. My daughter is sighing loudly now.

Come on down Jackson Carter. “I like him! He has a big belly,” my daughter cooed.

Again, forgive me, because I’m quoting a sixteen year old.

“Bless you,” she just said. Initially, I tried to figure out what I missed and then I realized that our cat just sneezed so she was talking to him.

Three down, twelve to go.

They blew past the other contestants. I don’t know if that’s a hint or not. In “Reality TV World,” I don’t think anything is an accident.

Our final contestant, to quote my daughter is, “The guy with the crazy kids. Whoa, that’s awesome.” She just sighed heavily again. Yowch! Maybe we are watching two different shows.

I heard from somewhere, don’t blame yourself. I do agree. There isn’t time to blame anyone, or anything, just move forward.

Lastly there is Nathan Montgomery, “I love this song,” my daughter said. “Aw, he’s so sweet. That was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” she cooed. Guess she’s picked her favorite. I didn’t catch what he said. I feel like I’ve really missed something now. Thank goodness for Google.

The season begins with fifteen people, and three kids. Tomorrow we start.

“You’ve never seen Jillian like this...” the promo announcer promises.

Yawn. “Yeah, really?” I guess she plans to give out roses.

This is who Jillian is, no excuses, no party manners. Having worked several years in the weight loss industry, love her or hate her, I have to confess that there are many people who need someone like Jillian to succeed. I have a softer approach, but I’m certainly not the right fit for everyone and it’s because I think, these journeys to be successful need to be slower. BTW, I can assure you that the weigh-ins are NOT (N O T) true weeks. Not to discount anyone’s success.

Stay tuned.

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