More of Kenya Moore’s fake relationship drama, as well as a farewell to our “Real Housewives” BFF as she departs for the Hollywood Hills in pursuit of fame and more fortune. Kandi showed up in almost every scene tonight, and the men continued to bond over getting completely obliterated over shots. 

NeNe’s a proud new “glam-mother” and her granddaughter is adorable. As usual, whenever one of NeNe’s sons is on the show, she and Gregg are having a "Huxtable Life-Lesson" moment. They want Bryson to keep a job, wear his seat belt, keep the music low, and provide for his daughter. He better not plan to have more kids until he’s married. NeNe didn’t even know about her granddaughter until she ran into the mother out shopping, when she was six months pregnant. Nothing Bryson does surprises me anymore, he always takes the disappointing your parents route. 

Kandi and Todd are settled into their new home, and he and Riley have been getting along and they’re all living the perfect life together. Riley usually doesn’t get along with Kandi’s love interests, but she’s warmed up to Todd, and it’s obvious that these two will be engaged or married shortly. 

Kenya meets her aunt, who is as annoying as she is, to talk about Walter and their lack of shower sex. She says the relationship is getting weirder by the moment, and she realized things were going downhill when he stepped in the shower with her to actually shower. The aunt is in shock that this man could do such a thing, and she doesn’t doubt Kenya’s womanly intuition. Kenya loves her aunt and her advice so much because her aunt is one of the few people that can stand Kenya. 

Porsha and Kandi go furniture shopping together, and Porsha reveals her usual method for shopping: buy whatever you want and don’t look at the receipt, just sign it. Kandi is frugal and she likes to “ball on a budget.” The subject of Kenya comes up and Porsha thinks she’s evil (she is,) and Kandi is concerned that these two have to get along for the sake of the group. In real life, two people that don’t get along will most likely not be forced to spend time together, but this is a cast, not a group of friends. 

NeNe and Cynthia take Bri'Asia baby clothes shopping, and NeNe is excited to buy all pink princess dresses she can find. She’s longing for the day that she can drive down the highway with her glam-daughter and get down to some music, and of course she’ll be dressed to kill. These are the dreams of a glam-mother, not a grandmother. Boop!

Kenya is doing a photo shoot were she’s boxing, and every time she’s on screen I’m starting to get more and more annoyed. She wonders why Walter doesn’t want her when “so many men wanna look at this hot ass,” and I know why. Walter, unlike the “other men” actually knows that Kenya’s personality sucks. Kandi stops by, and brings Kenya a vibrator, which she will soon need on a regular basis. Kenya bitches about Walter some more, and Kandi ponders why they don’t break up, it’s time. 

NeNe and Gregg are getting ready to pack up and move to Hollywood for NeNe’s new role on “The New Normal.” She needs Gregg to help out with her son and make sure he has a tutor, etc. He thinks they’ll hang out in the park, but NeNe is worried about coyotes. As NeNe packs, she pulls out an “I’m Very Rich” tote bag, and a “Bloop Bloop” t-shirt. I guess she’s been keeping all her “Watch What Happens Live” swag that Andy Cohen hot glued together for her.

Cynthia is throwing a cocktail party to say farewell to NeNe, and all the couples arrive sans Walter. It is here in Cynthia’s kitchen that Kenya drops the bomb, claiming that everyday someone mistakes her for Beyoncé. Each woman has her own private moment after this statement; some more shocked than others, but each reacting in a “yeah right” way. Porsha is most jarred by this, and says that people actually do mistake her for Solange, Beyoncé’s sister. She, unlike Kenya, actually does look like Solange Knowles. So that would make them sisters, right? Porsha is quick to dismiss it, she says “don’t even” and that she’d emancipate herself. Cynthia wonders why Kenya, who looks like Beyoncé, can’t get Walter to put a ring on it. Good question. They all toast to NeNe and she is touched that everyone is able to put their differences aside with her to celebrate her success.

Kenya and Walter stage a fishing outing, and Walter doesn’t want to get his Gucci shoes dirty, so Kenya says he’s not really a man. He’s not man enough for her at least. She brings up the proposal, and Walter makes clear that she’s the one who mentioned getting engaged, not him. She’s done nothing but put pressure on him, and there’s obviously something missing in their relationship. When she points out that he must not be attracted to her if he could stand to see her naked in the shower and not make a move, he wonders why it’s up to him to make a move in the first place. Walter is basically mocking Kenya and making it pretty obvious that he’s over her and doesn’t take her seriously. He did however, do the same thing last week and I thought they were pretty much broken up after that. Whether the relationship was real or fake, at this point it’s safe to say it’s over. 

 Yes, Kenya is getting to me. How about you? I’d rather be watching Kim eating pizza and nine months pregnant right now. Show me more Porsha, I’ll take whatever I can get, just please, enough with Kenya and Walter. What do you think? Is Beyoncé, I mean Kenya ever going to get Walter to put a ring on it? The answer may be no, but let’s complain here